60 Kiss quotes and romantic sayings about true love for him and her

best short kiss quotes romantic love cards for him and her

We have 60Kiss quotes and romantic sayings about true love for him and herSend a beautiful card to the most special person in your life. To say thank you, send a special card to someone in your life. himhttp://www.amazon.com/herHow long do you want to live? forThey will kiss their lips.

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Kiss quotes and romantic sayings

when i kiss you quotes with romantic photos

I can almost taste your soul when I kiss you.

The sound of a kiss romantic quotes and inspirational sayings

Although the sound of a kiss may not be as loud as a cannon’s, its echo lasts much longer.

the kiss of love best romantic quotes and cards

It’s your chance! andReturn it: The kiss of love.

stolen kiss sayings and romantic quotes for him and her

A legal kiss will never be as good as a stolen kiss.

Stolen kisses quotes short romantic sayings with images

Always sweetest are stolen kisses

Stealing a kiss short love quotes and romantic cards

A partner in crime is required to steal a kiss from someone.

short romantic quotes about love and kiss with images

Sometimes, kissing can feel like healing when you are with the right person.

short quotes about love romantic kiss sayings from the heart

If eyes are the window to the soul, you can only give a glance and a kiss.

short kiss quotes with images inspirational sayings

A kiss is not the exact autograph of a kiss loveWhat is the best way to get started?

short inpirational and romantic quotes with images

A kiss is a rosy dot over the ‘i’ of loving.

romantic quotes love sayings and cards for couples boyfriend girlfriend

The most wonderful feeling in the universe was when we touched our lips under the moonlight.

romantic quotes for him or her about love and kiss

A kiss can be either a comma or a question mark. That’s basic spelling that every woman ought to know.

romantic quotes about love and kiss for him and her

A smile is a nice reminder that two heads are more important than one.

romantic love cards with photos short inspirational sayings for him and her

Two mouths meeting in a hug is the most expressive silence.

romantic first kiss quotes and inspirational love sayings for girlfriend or boyfriend

The first kiss with a new partner loveThe best victory is always the greatest.

romantic cards for couples kissing you quotes for girfriend boyfriend

When I’m kissing you, it feels like kissing heaven.

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love quotes romantic sayings for him and her with images

A woman should be touched as lightly as possible by a man. herLips as light as a feather as if nothing had ever touched them.

love quotes for girlfriend boyfriend lovers kiss sayings

The very act of kissing is immortal. It travels from one lip to the other, century to century and from age to age. Men andWomen love these kisses and they are often shared with others. and then die in turn.

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love quotes and romantic sayings about love and kiss for him and her

Every kiss we shared is a treasure for me. I keep them all in my heart to look at.

love passion kiss quotes and romantic sayings

It is the passion expressed in a kiss which gives it its sweetness. It’s the affection that makes it sanctify.

love kiss romantic feelings cards for him and her

Nothing can compare to the feeling you get from kissing your partner. love.

love cards with photos for him and her

I promise we could print a whole edition if I kiss your lips and get your permission.

Life love kiss quotes with images romantic text messages

Life, the gift nature gives, Love, is the gift of love. KissThe gift of love,

Kiss true love and feelings romantic cards with images

Kissing is one way to show someone how much you care love him.

romantic cards for girlfriend boyfriend kiss quotes and sayings about love and life

A kiss is a beautiful trick used by nature to stop the flow of speech when it becomes redundant.

Kiss me quotes with romantic photos love sayings

KissPlease send me andYou will be able to see how important I really am.

kiss love tenderness quotes and sayings

A kiss is a secret whispered to the mouth, not the ear. Kisses are the messengers. love and tenderness.

kissing you quotes romantic quotes lovers quotes

There is no way to know if I will ever stop kissing you if I do.

Kissing you quotes best short romantic sayings

You could be the one who makes me forget everything about my own self by just kissing you.

kissing you love feelings quotes short romantic sayings

I’m going to kiss you now, and I don’t know if I’ll ever stop.

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Kissing quotes inspirational romantic short love sayings

Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other.

Kissing love quotes short romantic sayings love cards with photos

Kissing is like sipping salty water. You can drink. andYour thirst increases.

kiss heart love and tears quotes with images

A kiss makes the heart happy again andThe years are gone.

Kisses love feelings tears quotes romantic cards

Kisses are like tears, the only real ones are the ones you can’t hold back.

Kiss and love sayings romantic quotes and cards with photos

KissThis is: loveLips.

kiss and love romantic sayings and quotes from the heart

A man can give all he has, even his worldly possessions. andHis entire heart was just for a kiss from his beloved’s perfect lips.

kiss and love quotes romantic sayings and cards with photos

Kisses that are accompanied by tears are the best.

Kiss and love cards romantic sayings for him and her

Kissing is like drinking tea from a strainer. You can’t get enough

kiss and hug quotes short romantic sayings about love

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A hug without a kiss can be likened to a flower without its scent.

kiss and best feeling romantic love quotes crush quotes

Kissing someone is the best feeling in this world for the first time when you’ve really wanted to kiss them forA long time.

inspiring love quotes for him or her sayings about kiss

A kiss completes the ceremony loveIt is between two people. It is just like the finishing dot on the ‘I’ of the word ‘loving’. This secret is only known to the lovers. It’s heard through their mouths rather than their ears.

inspirational kiss quotes best short sayings with romantic photos

In one kiss, you know all I haven’t said.

Happiness love and kiss quotes and romantic sayings with images for him and her

Happiness feels like a kiss. It’s best to give it to another person.

Happiness love and kiss short romantic quotes

Happiness is like a hug. To enjoy happiness, you must share it.

first kiss romantic cards love sayings with photos

I dream of a thousand kisses after you have given me your first kiss at night.

first kiss romantic cards and quotes inspirational sayings

We are all mortal up to the moment we have our first kiss andThe second glass of wine.

first kiss and love quotes crush sayings with photos

You were my first kiss andI hope you are my only one. I want to be there for you all your life.

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cute romantic quotes from the heart love sayings with photos

Never forget this: A good kiss will always be remembered andAfter many kisses, a miss is a miss.

crush quotes first kiss romantic cards with text

Sometimes the first kiss can be just as scary as the last.


Never allow a fool to kiss you or let a kiss fool your heart.

cool kiss quotes romantic sayings about love with images

A kiss never tasted is eternal andNever wasted.

best short quotes kiss seals two souls for a moment in time

A kiss is the final seal between two souls forA moment in time

best short kiss sayings romantic love quotes

The kiss is neither returned nor exchanged, because it’s free.

best romantic quotes short inspirational lovers sayings

As soon as lovers’ lips touch, their souls touch each other at the same time.

best love quotes short sayings about kisses

If you are feeling the pain, a kiss may bring you back to your smile.

best love quotes for him and her each kiss a heart quake

Each kiss a heart-quake…

best love quotes and romantic cards for boyfriend or girlfriend

Do not kiss another person. forEnjoy it, but do it for the purpose of doing something.

a mans kiss short romantic quotes for him

A man’s kiss is his signature.

adorable quotes romantic sayings about love and kisses

Your kisses bring thunder to my soul.

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