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BodyEverybody has to deal with body-shaming at some point in their lives. What is body-shaming exactly?

Healthline explains that body-shaming is “criticism and harassment of overweight people about weight or eating habits to make it feel shameful,” with the intention to “motivate people eat less, exercise more and lose weight.”

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Is this a negative way to build self-esteem? Kris Gunnars, a Healthline writer, agrees that fat-shaming can make things worse.

He stated, “Some people believe that making overweight people ashamed of their weight and eating habits can motivate them to become healthier.” But scientific evidence shows that this is not the case.

It’s true. It’s common for people to take the wrong approach when it comes time to discuss their weight. It is often difficult for family members, doctors, or complete strangers to approach the topic of your weight. They can quickly cut you down.

BodyShaming can lead to a loss of motivation, depression, eating disorders and weight gain. It can also increase your risk of developing certain chronic diseases like hypertension.

AsIf I am overweight, it is almost every day that I remind myself that I need not eat this, that I need exercise, that I need lose weight, that I need make my body beautiful. It is a drain on my mental health as well as my self-esteem. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t eat, and other times I feel guilty about eating.

It is important to me that I eat. However, body-shaming from myself and others since my birth has made eating simple a chore that makes me feel terrible about it.

Recently, however, I realized that I must love myself for who and what I am. I shouldn’t be embarrassed of who I am, or allow negative thoughts to come through.

You are not the only one going through this.

All people experience body-shaming, celebrities included. What can make you stand apart is your refusal to let others or the devil sit on your shoulders and make you unhappy. Here are some celebrity quotes about body shame, self-image and confidence that will help you love your body.

1. Women must be kind to one another.

Celebrity quotes about body shaming self image

“My greatest hope is for young women to be kind to ourselves and to be kind to each other. ToStop shameful comments about yourself and others: “Too fat, too skinny”, “too short”, “too tall”, or “too many” are all excuses. It’s easy to feel like we all have too much of something. This is the beauty of life. Our bodies change. Our minds change. Our hearts are changed.” —Emma Stone

2. Each woman has the right to feel sexy.

“I can look and feel sexy. I am allowed to be in love. All of those things are mine, and yours. —Mary Lambert

3. Everyone has their body problems.

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Celebrity quotes about body shaming self image

“I have body problems, but everyone does.” When you come to the realization that everybody does that — even the people that I consider flawless — then you can start to live with the way you are.” —Taylor Swift

4. It is easy to have unrealistic expectations about your body image.

“Girls see enough in this body that they can’t copy, that we won’t be able to attain… these unrealistic goals.” It’s better for you to be strong and healthy. —Jennifer Lawrence

5. Acceptance is key.

Celebrity quotes about body shaming self image

“I know everyone wants what isn’t there. “But at the end, what you have in your heart is far more important than what’s outside.” —Selena Gomez

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6. Beauty is impossible if one doesn’t love themselves.

“Beauty can be a foe. We want to be happy all of our lives. It’s a struggle that cannot be won. There is no definition of beauty. You can only feel beauty from the inside, without compromising your physical attributes. —Miley Cyrus

7. You should be happy with how you look, and not try to fit into a mold.

Celebrity quotes about body shaming self image

“I don’t care about how I look, and I believe women should be content with their appearance. They shouldn’t try to conform to any type of stereotype. Be happy and healthy, hopefully. —Rebel Wilson

8. 8.

“It takes me a while to accept that I don’t look like everyone else, so it can take a while for me to feel okay with this. ToBe different. However, it is good to be different. —Serena Williams

9. The society is the one that must make changes.

Celebrity quotes about body shaming self image

“ToYou are beautiful and you don’t look fat to all the girls. It’s the society that is ugly. —Marilyn Monroe

10. LoveYou are the sum of all your imperfections.

“I’m able to accept that what I considered weaknesses or flaws was only me. They are my favorite.” —Sandra Bullock

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11. Everybody has bumps and lumps. It is part of being human.

Celebrity quotes about body shaming self image

“Who cares about the lumps on my legs?” I am guilty of having legs made up of fat and muscle. They can get bumpy if you sit. —Kristen Bell

12. You are the only person who can make decisions regarding your body.

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“It is my life and it is my body, and only I can decide what I am going to do with it.” —Zareen Khan

13. Don’t be afraid to pursue your goals and don’t let insecurity hold you back.

Celebrity quotes about body shaming self image

“Don’t waste your time worrying about your skin and your weight. You can do what you love, and the world will follow you. —Meryl Streep

14. Do not let your mental health get compromised.

“I don’t want to sacrifice my mental well-being to have the perfect body.” —Demi Lovato

15. It is important to love yourself and take care of your body.

Celebrity quotes about body shaming self image

“You can’t tell people to hate their bodies if you don’t encourage them to take care of it.” —Laci Green

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16. Accept yourself as you are.

“You just have to have fun with yourself. I mean, I can identify when I’m having an unhealthy day or when I’ve gained weight. All bodies are acceptable to me.” —Rihanna

17. YourChildren look at you and will have the same thoughts as you. Therefore, you should be body positive.

Celebrity quotes about body shaming self image

“I stand infront of the mirror, and I say to Mia [my daughter]”We’re so lucky we have a shape.” “We’re so fortunate that we’re curvy. —Kate Winslet

18. Be true to yourself.

“I believe it’s important for women who are like me to… [that they]Find yourself, and you will find that they are beautiful and worthy of your love and attention. —Mindy Kaling

19. You should be proud of who and what you are.

Celebrity quotes about body shaming self image

“I’ve never wanted the look of models on magazines covers. I represent the majority, and I’m proud of it.” —Adele

20. Beauty is reflected from the inside.

“True beauty is in the soul of a woman.” It’s the love and caring she gives to others, the passion she has for her family. —Audrey Hepburn

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