How Digital Dating Tech Can Benefit Plus-Size Women

Digital dating has blown up to become the most convenient way for people to date. Thanks to its innovative technology, people can now date precisely who they prefer regarding age, gender, body size, and other interests. Well, this has been a plus for plus-size women, who have long been subjected to rejection and body shaming. Digital dating is changing the narrative. Society’s unrealistic beauty standards and stereotypes are falling, and plus-size women are finding love.

Here’s how digital dating technology is benefitting plus-size women.

  • Online Communication and Self-Esteem

In-person interaction can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially after incidents of bullying, shaming, or rejection. You may want to date but lack the confidence for small talk and socializing. However, digital dating technology has been a game-changer for plus-size babes affected by poor communication stemming from low self-esteem. Digital dating platforms use texting features to replace the daunting face-to-face interactions, so people can comfortably communicate.

Digital dating also boosts curvy women’s self-esteem because prospective matches initiate online communication despite the women’s body size. Therefore, women avoid the agony of thinking they may not be loved for their body size, which often lowers their self-esteem.

  • Finding Like-Minded People

Opposites don’t always attract. Sometimes we are more attracted to people who share our preferences, morals, and interests. For example, it is obvious that dating someone who does not prefer and respect BBW would be a disaster. You need to find a supportive person who will accept and appreciate you.

Digital dating tech has developed a host of exclusive plus-size dating websites that help curvy babes find partners in love with their kind. With this development, it is not unlikely to find mutual respect and support for plus-size people. Plus-size women are more likely to find men who genuinely love them rather than fetishize them for superficial relationships. Therefore, women have found a safe environment to look for true love with digital dating technology.

  • Privacy 

Plus-size women are often insecure about being out there. However, digital dating sites have this taken care of by enhancing their privacy policies. Here are some ways plus-size women are benefitting from this technology:

  • Sensitive and private information is secured through encryption, making it difficult to steal your information. 
  • Due to the stigma plump women face, data such as photographs are shared according to the preferences of the user. For example, if you’re not comfortable with specific people viewing your photos for fear of rejection or stalking, you are allowed to control who can view them. 
  • Digital dating sites now have features such as block and report that help plus-size women do away with bullies, stalkers, and body shamers.
  • You can use pseudonyms to conceal your real identity from people who may use them for malicious reasons.
  • Perfect Photos

Photos play an essential role in online dating. You are more likely to find a match using photos of yourself on your profile. However, finding the best photos to use may be hectic, and whether you use the best camera and get your angles right, you may need a little editing. Digital dating technology provides just that. Plus-size women benefit from photo editing features such as color adjusting, in-built filters, and resizing to enhance their photos and highlight their best features.

Some dating sites also offer advice to their users on how to get a quality photo for their profile. For example, use well-lit, clear, and lively full-body photos, which is what most sites recommend. You can also look around the dating site to see what’s working for other plus-size women.


While plus-size women have faced body-shaming and negative stereotypes in their quest to find love, society is slowly embracing and empowering them. Digital dating has played a major role in normalizing dating plus-size women, which has been very positive.

The emerging shift in societal beauty standards has encouraged even more dating sites to create an inclusive and supportive environment for plus-size women. Curvy babes are increasingly getting positive recognition and celebration with terms like “big, beautiful women” used to refer to them. Also, there are currently beauty pageants like Miss Voluptuous Pageant, exclusive for plus-size women.

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