90+ Funny Get Well Soon Messages, Wishes and Quotes

Funny Get Well SoonMessagesEncourage your friends and family to cheer you up andSending funny messages of well wishes to your loved ones will make them feel better. You can make your loved one feel even better by sending them funny get well soon messages. andThat could bring a smile to their faces. With your caring thoughts, you can lift up the spirits of family, friends, colleagues, or loved ones. andHeartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery. Check out our humorous get well soon messages for ideas on how to make a funny get well card. Be careful when sharing humorous get well soon messages with others. andThat could be appropriate for the relationship you have with your partner.

Funny Get Well SoonMessages

Don’t worry, you’ll get well soon. You’ll soon be tired of viruses.

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You should be able to enjoy the attention of everyone towards you. GetYou’ll hear from me soon, because I also need your attention.

GetGet well soon andPlease come back. We all want to find out how hospital food tastes.


Your doctor told me that I was not allowed to eat the chocolates I bought. Do you think I should get better quickly or eat all of them?

One thing you know more than anyone is how to get sick. I’m just kidding. Get better soon.

If I wish you to get well soon, then I think it wouldn’t be soon enough. That’s why I’m praying for you to get well now!

I think you are enjoying this ‘falling ill’ situation too much. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Your mom informed me that you were sick. So I made you a cupcake to help you get better. But, I ate it, so get well.

Act Now andAlthough I still believed you were strong, now I see that you’re human. GetWhen possible, eat well

I told your mom that I’m praying for your quick recovery. Get well soon and make my prayers true, otherwise, I’ll stop doing so.

In the event that I wish you to get well soon, then I think it wouldn’t be soon enough. That is the reason I’m appealing to God for you to get well now!

Because I know you’re nervous, I am writing these lines to encourage you. Get well quickly andGet well soon.


I sent you a card of well-being. and then I realized that I don’t know what to say besides get well. So, get well!

Here are my Get Well Wishes to You. You are too blue for me, so I’m going to kick the bug. andGet well quickly

“Laughter offers you the quickest recoveries of all” – the kind of joke they tell you when you’re lying on a hospital bed with a zombie’s face. GetGet well soon!

Funny Get Well SoonMessages For Her

GetBetter now, or I may just replace you by someone healthier who will send me cute messages every morning.

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Although I was aware that you were lazy, lying in a hospital bed for so many days is quite extreme. GetGet well soon.

Even though I miss you, it is boring to me. Please get well soon andReturn.

While it’s okay to remain away from the hospital, staying in bed in a hospital is not. GetWe will be seeing you soon, love.

GetSo we can go out for our next date at a fancy restaurant instead of a hospital cafeteria.

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Funny Get Well SoonMessages for him

I understand that you would like some extra attention. But honey, this isn’t the right way. Please be well.

What’s the virus doing with you? You can’t tell that virus you’re gone forever. GetGet well soon.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages For Him

Even viruses can’t resist someone charming like you. We wish you a speedy recovery.

All you needed was a HUGacetamol andGet well with KISSpirin You’re sick because you love me.

You do not have the right to be sick. You are my hero. You are supposed be strong.

You could’ve just told me you wanted me to bring you some flowers. You didn’t have to get sick.

GetLove, I’ll see you soon. I can’t stand that you have to eat bland food all day.

Funny Get Well SoonMessages for Friends

GetWe will be back soon so you don’t feel bad.

No, I don’t miss you, but instead, I’m curious how the hospital food taste like so get well andCome back soon.

I grabbed some strawberries from your mother as soon as she informed me that you were ill. They were delicious, and I felt better.

I heard that nurses in hospitals are very hot. You might not want to get better too fast if it’s true.

For someone who doesn’t know how to do things right, you really know how to get sick well.

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Funny Get Well Soon Messages

So you have been complaining about not being able to get off work.

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Funny Get Well SoonMessages to Brother

I love you, brother. But until you get better, let’s maintain social distancing.

I am constantly distracted by your presence on my sick bed. GetYou will be there very soon, I promise.

My first job after I become healthy is to buy me food at my favorite restaurant.

Get well quickly, or I will smash your other leg.

If I tell you to ‘get well soon’ that means you need to get better right away.

Funny Get Well SoonMessages for Sister

Make fun of the virus. It might be scared off by your horrible humor, sister. GetGet well soon.

What is the cure for disease? Disease? GetWe wish you a happy and healthy new year, my dear sister. We love you.


It’s a nice feeling to have food delivered to your bed. andAll right, but you must also get well quickly.

I wish you a speedy recovery so that you don’t get any more special treatment. I’m jealous of you.

Funny Get WellMessages for Girlfriend

Only love can heal everything. So dear, I’m sending my heartfelt love for you. Accept it andIt will be in your heart. You’ll surely get well soon!

There are so many different ways to lose weight and fluffy, lying in a hospital bed isn’t just one of them. Get well soon, andIt is time to get out of it.

I know I’m not an exciting, fabulous boyfriend, but at least I’m more interesting than some white bedsheets andThere are some bland hospital foods. GetGet well soon!

Not because you are ill, but because you can’t use makeup now. Just kidding! GetGet well soon!

People who are sick must be kept in isolation. It is forbidden to kiss your boyfriend.

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Your nurse who looked after you yesterday was truly beautiful. I wish she had a beautiful heart. She will get you back on track quickly!

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Funny Get WellMessage to Boyfriend

I see you’re getting lots of attention. Just so you know, I’m also getting some unexpected attention from some unexpected people. Get well soon before it’s too late!

I heard there were some hot nurses at the hospital. Is that the reason why you’re not getting well? You know what’s going to happen if it’s true!

Funny Get Well Message for Boyfriend

I wish I could be the hospital bed that you are currently lying on. I would get rid of the sickness from you andThen, kick me out of here!

It has been so long since I’ve missed you that it is getting a little boring. Please be well andPlease come back soon!

GetWell soon, or someone else takes over the responsibility of bringing me chocolate andEvery day, a text from you will wake me up.

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Funny Get Well SoonNotes for a Colleague

I knew that you were looking for time off, but this one seems so long. Dear, please get your lazy side! andPlease come back to me!

As long as you are not done with your work, nothing can stop you. GetWell soon. Everyone is eager for your return!

You have been sick since childhood. It was all I knew. You’re admitted to the hospital for the wrong reasons pal. Just kidding! GetGet well soon!

You’ve had a very long vacation. GetNow is the time! andPlease come back. Let’s hope you don’t feel sick again after seeing the amount of work piled up for you here!

The boss won’t let you die until you finish his job. Come back! andIt is important to finish it if your goal is to be able to rest in peace. GetGet well soon!

Funny Get Well SoonMessages to Colleague

Enjoy the royal treatment, because my favorite colleague deserves it all. GetBut, it will be soon.

GetBetter soon, Mr. (name). Sickness is nothing but a shackle that binds you. andYou’re strong enough to take it out.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Colleague

I believed you were invincible. However, this illness proved me wrong. It is possible, however, to overcome it. Be better soon, dear colleague.

We have a big presentation in a week. I wish you speedy recovery. Because I don’t want to work alone.

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I envy your ability to get paid and still relax in the name of the disease. Kidding. GetGet well soon.

Funny Get Well SoonMessages to Boss

The leader is leaving the herd. GetGet well soon and come back, boss.

It’s pretty quiet in the office for a few days. Boss, we miss you shouting at us. GetGet well soon.

Don’t worry we are counting your sick leave. Rules are rules andYou believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to work? GetGet well soon.

Things are getting a bit out of control, but we’re trying to stay together until our boss arrives. GetGet well soon!

GetGet well soon and don’t worry, I’m bossing around the office. We are hoping to get promoted as soon as we arrive.

Funny Get Well SoonAfter Surgery Messages

To keep my anxiety under control, I drank four beer while you were operating. I hope you will be able to join me at the bar soon.

Your surgery has been taken away from the limelight andThat was my plan for the day. Now, get back to work. and meet me soon.

Can you not live a minute without people’s attention? But you will survive the surgery. I can’t wait to see you stand on your own feet.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages After Surgery

I believe you have lost your cape. andThis is the reason you became ill. We are happy to share the good news about your successful surgery. GetYou will be well, dear.

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Like acing the life, you have aced the surgery too—much love to you dear. Enjoy a quick recovery.

Funny Get Well Soon Wishes

Hoping for your complete recovery, because I don’t want to come to the hospital for a second time!

For your quick recovery, petition God. Show signs of improvement soon or I’ll break your legs once more. You are just kidding, my dear. Get well soon.

Your doctor has advised you to eat a moderate diet. I will now eat all the fruits. andCakes that you’ve brought to your table.

You have the opportunity to make a lot of money at work, take a vacation, or get your beauty rest by falling ill. andMost importantly, to help our poor doctors.

I’m really very sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well andTrust me, I feel bored because we were supposed go-to on the trip. GetGet well soon!

Congratulations! Recognize the occasion. Relax. What’s more, returned soon so that we likewise get the chance to fall ill.

It would be better for me to die than you by the horrible sickness. Smile. This is great for your health.

You have been officially diagnosed with cancer! Enjoy your holidays. Relax a lot. Keep going so you don’t get sick.

Your helplessness in lying down on your back makes you vulnerable to anything I would do to you. Are you ready to go? GetGet well soon!

I wish you a quick recovery, as there is a huge match next week. I guess you also don’t want to miss it too.

Funny Get Well Soon Quotes

Congratulations, you are finally able to get well. Enjoy the royal treatment. Lucky you!

I’ll choose to be sick every single day, even if all the doctors are as hot and as good as yours.

Please speedily recover as I can’t go back to the hospital again. I hate that place.

You are as strong as your willpower and no sickness can stop you. Get better soon.

Funny Get Well Soon Quotes

We need to hear the truth. Do you think this sickness gives you the chance to have long vacations? Kidding, I do hope that you get well soon.

There is enough money for the poor hospital chap! GetSoon.

GetWell, it’s time to devour all the chocolates your friends brought you during their visit. Are you okay?

I used to believe you were invincible. Now I see that you are human. GetSo get it done as soon as you can.

We wish you speedy recovery as we have a big match in a week. You would, I think, also want to avoid it.

Everybody tells you that you can get better. But no one can tell you how. The secret to my success is sleep. andSleep andYou can sleep more.

Even Superman can have a weakness. Even though you may feel weak at the moment, remember that you will rise again. Keep your peace until then.

I can’t believe that you fell andYour ankle was broken. Don’t let those crutches make you lazy! It’s still your responsibility to clean your bedroom. Get better soon!

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Do you want to bring a smile to the faces of your family and friends? andThese funny wishes of well-being are for your dear ones andYou have messages for me. These messages can be uplifting for those suffering from illness. Becoming sick andIt can be extremely frustrating to be bedridden. This is when people require emotional support from loved ones. They desire to be cheered up and supported by the people around them. FunnyGet-well messages can be a great way to lift someone’s spirits during difficult times.

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