36 Physical Therapy Quotes To Keep Your Spirits High

PhysicalTherapy isn’t just a field, it’s a broad area that includes specialized areas that are diverse in nature.

These specialties include neurology, endocrinology and sports medicine, musculoskeletal, orthos, cardiopulmonary, neurology. PhysicalTherapy has advanced a lot with the development of fields such as Neurological rehabilitation.

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Galen and Hippocrates were among the first to adopt and practice techniques like massage, manual therapy, and hydrotherapy. They began treating people in 460 BCE. Because of events on a global scale, modern physical therapy has thrived since its inception in the 19th Century. There are many new fields in Physiotherapy. However, the American Board of Physiotherapy is the most recognized. Physical therapy, specialties include the following 10 fields of Cardiovascular and pulmonary, Clinical electrophysiology, Geriatric, Wound Management, Neurology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Sports, Women’s health and Oncology.

PhysicalEven though some medical procedures may not be as flashy, therapy has been effective in improving function and pain outcomes. ToYou can see this effect in the 2012 systematic review by the journal of sport physical therapy. It found evidence that spinal manipulation by physical therapists is a safe option to improve the outcomes of back pain patients. While the rest of the world stayed home due to the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, physical therapists embraced telehealth technology to maintain contact with their patients. This is a promising trend because it makes physical therapy more accessible to patients in remote areas, where there are no physical therapy departments or general doctors.

As healthcare in the world improves, the definition of wellness will change from being free of disease to one that allows a person to be active and healthy over their entire lives. Physical therapy and its widespread acceptance will be crucial to provide humanity with major lifestyle improvements.

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Here are some inspirational quotes and sayings for physical therapy. Also, you may find motivational and funny quotes for physical therapy.

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Physical TherapyMotivational Quotes

Positive physical therapy quotes are inspiring to read.

This collection of quotes about physical therapy can give you hope. These were also spoken by PTs (personal training) who strived to be famous in the worlds of physical therapy.

1. “I joined Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) as a tipping point in my career. I joined an organization that included 100 other entrepreneurs who all made $1 million. There aren’t any healthcare workers there. It was amazing to learn so much about the work we did. We needed to run a business. Prior to that, we weren’t running a business. From then on, it was running a company. It’s how I got where I am. That includes the patient experience, front-desk training, and realizing that we, as PTs behind our names are not the most valuable people. We’re all part of a group.

Jerry Durham.

2. “That which improves performance, prevents injury.”

Larry Hamilton.

3. “I chose PT because it allowed me to combine my passion for science and biomechanics while being on the frontlines in patient care.”

– Ben Fung.

4.”When things don’t resolve with reasonable intervention, one should think of two things: Either the injury was severe, or the diagnosis is incorrect.”

– The Gait Guys.

5.”Human anatomy results from function”

Serge Gracovetsky.

6.”It’s my hope that I can help women better understand their bodies, and empower them as strong advocates for their own healthcare.

– Dr. Ann Wendal.

7.”Strength training means co-ordination training against resistance.”

-Frans Boss.

8.”Athletes (/patients) who understand the ‘why’ are more likely to buy into your ‘how’.”


9.”Clinicians must refer to S&C coaches more to avoid rehab purgatory. Trainers must be cautious about using too many PRI, DNS and FMS correctives, foam rolling or protracted mobs. Load is the greatest corrective!

Physical Therapy quotes are fun to read.

Famous Physical Therapy Quotes

These classic quotes in physical therapy are sure to work.

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10.”It’s not the load that breaks an individual down. It’s the load they are not prepared for.”

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– Tim Gabbett.

11.Lifting weights can be dangerous. Try being weak. Being weak can be dangerous.

– Bret Contreras.

12.”It’s not just what pain is. It’s what it means to that person.”

– Sarah Haag.

13.”The notion of ‘bad’ movement patterns is a danger to the spontaneity of our existence.”

Louis Gifford.

14.”Movement Principles produce movement techniques”

. – Ido Portal.

15. As long as pain persists, the relationship between pain and tissue state becomes less important.

Lorimer Moseley.

Inspirational Physical Therapy Quotes

These inspiring quotes can help you stay positive and focused during physical therapy.

16.”Everybody is unique.” Each rehabilitation should be unique.

-Joerg Teichmann.

17.”PTs often deal with human movement. However, we are skeptical that efforts to create an organized human movement system can be meaningfully applied to education, research and advocacy.

– Kyle Ridgeway.

18.It’s not costly to be physically healthy! Injured is not an option. So prevent injuries!”

-Joerg Teichmann.

19.”As you recognize dysfunctional movement patterns, it is important to understand that these patterns were learned and reinforced. Or they wouldn’t exist.”

Grey Cook

20. “I am proud that we made the degree a doctorate. Still work to do, but I don’t think the reasons people gripe about the DPT are the reasons they’re unhappy. Create a network. Your professional network will help you to advocate for others. Always get smarter.”

Tweet by Eric Robertson, 21 March 2021

21.We don’t need perfect conditions to start. Let’s make the perfect conditions for a healthy body condition.

-Joerg Teichmann.

22.”Health is your greatest strength.”

Lailah Gifty

23.”Effective reassurance can be a bloody good pain killer.”

Louis Gifford.

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24.”A physical therapist does amazing stretching with me.

-Brian O’Driscoll.

Celebrities Who Are Advocates Physical Therapy

Here are some famous quotes on physical therapy.

25.”I cannot do more than describe and recommend the Alexander treatment as an extremely complex form of rehabilitation, or rather, of re-deployment of the entire muscular apparatus and many other organs. Many types of physiotherapy that are currently in widespread use seem surprisingly limited and restrictive in their effects – sometimes even harmful to other parts of the body.

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-Nikolaas Tinbergen

26.”I believe men and women are equal. However, I also think they are different. I think it’s normal and not a bad thing that we always have more women in physiotherapy or housework.

-Tony Abbott.

27.”I had a bad lower back for a few years. I needed a lot more physiotherapy to treat it. It was hard to understand why I had to do so much stomach work.

-Hugh Jackman.

28.”I enjoy going to the gym everyday because I go to physiotherapy every day.”

-Daniel Craig.

29.”I have always been interested in psychology and physiotherapy.”

Bob paisley

Inspiring Physical Therapy QuotesBy The Famous PhysicalAdam Levine, Therapist

Your physical therapist will help you regain your physical capabilities, and give you the confidence to make further progress.

30.”Even the physical therapist, who until that day has been seen as an unwelcome tormentor, is pulled into the picture.”

― Adele Levine.

31.”Having a limp is okay, probably cool, if you are a desk jockey working from home, but poor publicity if you are a physical therapist.”

― Adele Levine

32.“No class in physical therapy school prepared me to counsel a patient dealing with a life-changing injury.”

― Adele Levine

33.”Whenever I saw a person I couldn’t place, I quickly looked at their legs – as if that would help me identify them.”

― Adele Levine

34.“One patient got up and used his wound care supplies to tape his hospital door shut.”

― Adele Levine

35PhysicalTherapy is known for its high burnout rate. It is exhausting to spend long hours in one-on-one therapy.

-Adele Levine

36.”While we universally love our patients, there’s always one rotten apple in the bunch who just breaks you down.

-Adele Levine.

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