Zeropay buy now pay later app review: 0% Interest and no late fees


The introduction of the buy now pay later concept in the finance industry is a revolutionary moment in the industry. Zeropay is India’s first OTT offering buy now pay later service. 

Zeropay provides small loans for basic needs and wants with the advantage of charging no interest and convenient EMI plans. Zeropay offers an easy and fast onboarding process and KYC verification procedure. 

Zeropay supports the loan request by verifying your credit profile. This article will provide you with an application overview. 

Benefits of Zeropay 

Zeropay is a beneficial addition to the series of applications you have downloaded on your phone. Zeropay offers an elevated user experience, making it easy for them to operate. Listed below are the benefits this application offers to its user: 

1. Increase the power of affordability: 

Zeropay offers small loans to the users enabling them to afford things and experiences out of their budget limit. Zeropay unlocks the never-experienced sphere of life by increasing the affordability power of the consumers, providing them with the gateway of an unrestricted territory due to budgetary issues. 

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2. Keeping your purchasing power intact 

Zeropay contributes to maintaining the purchasing power of the consumers. With providing the users with the capital to spend on things and services which are not within your affordability boundary. 

3. Diminishes the gap between wants and needs

Zeropay, by providing buy now pay later services allows users to experience things that were on the list of necessary goods. In early times, people use to spend on things that were necessary to lead a life, but BNPL allows them to enjoy investing in small and not so necessary desires of life.  

4. Suitable EMI plans

Zeropay offers consumers the convenient EMI plans to repay their loans without facing a burden on their financial sphere of life. The repayment of loans are taken in three easy installments (34%-33%-33%). 

5. Zero Interest 

Zeropay doesn’t charge any interest on the loaned amount. Zeropay acts as a saving account that provides you with the money to spend on the things and experiences of your choice. There is no hidden cost to use this service being totally transparent with the consumers. 


Zeropay is a transforming application offering no. of assistance contributing to making your life at ease. These services have a sheer share of your daily life but a bigger impact as a whole. Listing below various services offered by zeropay. 

1. Mobile Recharge 

Cellphones have elevated as an important device supporting our day to day communication be it personal or professional. Zeropay allows users to opt for recharge now pay later service to recharge your cell phone when you face a crunch on your budget. 

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2. Bill Payment

Zeropay provides loans for bill payments as well. It allows users to pay their due bills now and repay later. Eliminating the risk of late bill payment. 

3. Booking Hotel 

Zeropay allows users to book hotels online with their book now and pay later service. Zeropay aims to offer a relaxing stay with a hotel book now and pay later. 

4. Booking Flight Tickets

Zeropay offers a fly now pay later service enabling users to book all their flight tickets at 0% interest and no late fees. Zeropay contributes to making your travel stories comforting and stress-free. 

5. Food

Treating yourself with your favourite meals is a form of self-care. Zeropay offers to eat now pay later service escalating your self-care sessions. 

6. Jewellery 

Zeropay ornaments you with the service of buy now pay later. Investing in a jewellery piece or buying it for yourself, zeropay always got your back. 

7. Shopping

Be it an outfit for new years, your birthday or any other occasion, Zeropay presents you with the service of shop now pay later. 


Zeropay is an innovative and revolutionary application in finance technology. Zeropay is a doorway to enjoying and prioritising your unimportant yet important desires of life. 


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