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You Are Mine and I Am YoursGet QuotesThis is: AreYou are burning inside andWant to send him or her a “You are mine” message? IAm Yours quotes but don’t know what to say?

Today, you are mine quotes, IAm yours quotes, you’re mine messages IAm YoursSMS: You are mine and IAm YoursYou are my poem and IAm yours quotes that will help you find the right words for you.

You Are MineGet Quotes

Every time ITake a look at you. IFor a second, stop breathing. I still can’t believe you are mine.

All my joy! andHappiness be yours, all my world is yours andYou are mine.

The love IYou are so strong that you have to offer, I can’t hide it. Let me show you my love. YouThey are mine to love.

Even when I’m not there, no one understands me as well as you. I don’t say a word. II am dying for you. YouThese are mine and II love you so much.

YouThey are mine to love. YouYou stole my heart long ago andIt was a beautiful place to plant love.

Darling, I will always love you. IYou will be loved andAlways respect yourself

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You Are Mine and I Am YoursGet Quotes

When ITell you that I am mine and I am yours II’m not only saying that I am reminding you, IYou have my complete heart.

You Are Mine and I Am Yours Quotes

Put your hand in mine andMine is yours, it’s where IWant to be? You can be mine and I am yours, my love.

YouYou are the most beautiful girl on the planet. IWant to learn more? I am yours andYou are my forever.

You and me, darling, let’s have fun andEnjoy your life together, for you are mine and I am yours.

ILove is what you want andBecause you are mine, I will treasure you throughout my entire life. and I am yours, my love.

I can’t wait any longer; IYou will always be my friend. Will you marry me YouThese are mine and II am yours to love.

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I Am YoursGet quotes

Darling, I love you so much. andOnly love. IYou are mine forever. IWe love you.

Even if ITake a look everywhere IYou are the only person I’ll ever feel that way, sweetheart. I am yours.

IYou make your eyes shine! ILook at you. You make my heart brighten, I am yours, my love.

When you’re sad andIf you feel lonely or when things seem impossible, don’t hesitate to call me. I am yours, my love.

YouAre the most beautiful person in all of the universe I don’t know what IWithout you, we would be lost. ILove you and I am yours.

You Are Mine I Am YoursGet Quotes

YouWhat are you looking for? IThere will always be something you need in your life. YouThese are mine IYou are mine forever.

II can assure you that you are mine IAm yours, wherever IGo, you will always remain in my heart.

The stars and the moon andYour beauty will never be eclipsed by the sun. IYou are mine, thank you very much I am yours.

YouThese are mine I am yours, and our life is getting better andEvery day is better

It is amazing how life works when we are together. YouThese are mine I am yours.

YouThese are mine I am yours, my love. How II would love to have your arms around me.

Darling, tell me what you think IYou are so deserving of your love. IWant to make sure IDo what you love, because it is mine II am yours to love.

You Are Mine Get Quotes

Sweetheart you are my love andOnly mine forever.

You are my only love as long you are mine.

There’s no need to search anymore IYou are a treasure. YouThey are mine.

YouAll that is needed IHave ever wished for. I can’t believe you are mine. IWe love you.

Good morning sweetheart. You are my heartbeat and II am happy that you are mine.

When ITake a look at yourself. I am amazed. Your beauty is not the only reason I am amazed, but because it was my dream come true. YouI love you! and cherish.

I Am YoursSMS

YouYou are the most precious thing in my life. I am glad I am yours.

IYou are mine until the end of all time IWhat did you find? Ihe was searching for all those years.

You’re exactly what IHave always longed to be there. I am yours, my love.

My heart is full of your love andYou have to throw away the keys IYou can keep it. I love you dearly.

I am yours, my love, II wish you could be right there with me to cuddle all night. IWe love you.

You Are Mine and I Am YoursPoem

YouAre God’s gifts? YouYou are the one I long for. YouThese are mine and I am yoursWe are all one

This love is special It will never end It is meant for you to be as mine and I am yours

We were brought together by fate YouThey are my happiness and joy II will always love you from the bottom of my heart.

YouThese are mine and I am yours IGive me your heart and Soul, it is yours YouYou are the one who has the keys

With you II am at peace YouThese are my guidelines andProtector ILearn more I am yours andI am yours I love you my dear

You You are in me Poem

Don’t worry, no matter how far you are. IGo YouAre in me

YouAre in my thoughts YouAre in my dreams YouYou are my heart Youyou are very special to me

A promise IHave made Since I met you II have changed my life. YouAre the ones ILong for

How IWish you could be here to share your thoughts II want to give you my heart To cherish you andLove you

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Q: What are some romantic you are mine quotes?

A: Some examples of romantic you are mine quotes are: “You are mine and only mine, all rights reserved.”, “You are my favorite place to go when my mind searches for peace.”, and “You are mine, I am yours. Let’s not fuck around.”.

Q: What are some funny you are mine quotes?

A: Some examples of funny you are mine quotes are: “You are mine. I don’t share.”, “You are mine. Now shut up and kiss me.”, and “You are mine. No refunds.”.

Q: What are some inspirational you are mine quotes?

A: Some examples of inspirational you are mine quotes are: “You are mine and I am yours. And nothing and no one can change that.”, “You are mine, and I will always protect you, love you, and care for you.”, and “You are mine, and I am grateful for this miracle every day.”.

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