Will VR replace PCs?

With the introduction and rumors of the metaverse being introduced later next year in 2023, the world as we know it looks like it is going to change in a big way. The Meta Quest 2 is celebrting its initial successes as a dedicated console but this hasn’t prevented Mark Zuckerberg from looking to the future. Virtual reality is standing at the forefront of everything we know now, especially with the recent release of the Meta Quest Pro. This new virtual reality headset will feature a range of apps, content, and more with the potential to make PCs and laptops as we know them obsolete. But will they be completely replaced? 

One of the main catalysts for augmented and virtual reality headsets being justified in the future is the strong investments that have taken place. This is one of the main reasons we are likely to see the introduction into our working lives.


Replacing current technology

If the development of virtual reality and augmented reality is set to replace the traditional work devices we use at home or in the office, we are likely to see a technological revolution as strong as the concept of the personal computer and the smartphone. Meta is on the way to stepping out of the technological constructs that have been set by Apple and Google ecosystems to once again play a more prominent role. 

Hardware and software – Working in virtual reality

The working day is set to change with the potential of virtual and augmented reality sitting center stage. This technological advancement has been on the cards for some time coming as no surprise to a lot of people. The vision of Meta and the head of research comes down to a man known as Michael Abrash who has been talking for many years about a virtual office being the end goal for augmented and virtual reality.

The initial steps have started to take place to allow virtual reality to enter the working life of the 9-5er. Codename Infinite Office has been developed with features to work with the Meta Quest 2 for a considerable duration now. It has the intention of improving productivity in the workplace by using virtual reality.

The latest step in this type of working scenario is likely to be more hardware. The newest release for Meta is their virtual/augmented reality headset known as Meta Quest Pro (previously codenamed Project Cambria). This project is the beginning of a long line of products filled with a range of new technologies directed at enthusiasts and professionals. The Pro isn’t being marketed as a virtual reality console like the Meta Quest 2 but as a general-purpose device suited for many more applications. At a steep $1,499, the Pro is much more expensive than dedicated VR gaming consoles due to its enhanced range of applications and attributes. Think of it as more like a high-end computer than a games console. 

Meta Quest Pro – Meta’s new virtual reality goggles

The long-awaited Meta Quest Pro was finally announced by Mark Zuckerberg at Meta Connect on October 11, 2022, and launched in 22 countries worldwide on October 25. Aside from the headset, your eye-watering $1,499.00 investment gets you two Touch Pro controllers and stylus tips, a charging dock, protective cover, partial light blockers, wrist straps, and charging cables and adapters. 

At a previous Meta earnings call, Zuckerberg had emphasized the capabilities of Meta Quest Pro’s new hardware, which is more focused on work applications, with the hope that it will eventually replace laptops and workspaces. The new color passthrough mode, which connects the virtual and physical worlds seamlessly, was highlighted in this context.

Now that the Pro has been available for almost a month, it’s very apparent from the early reviews, and also from the way that the Pro is promoted on Meta’s own website, that productivity, collaboration, co-working, creativity, and mixed reality are the elements that Meta wants to focus on with its shiny, new premium headset, rather than just being a gaming or entertainment device. Whether or not it succeeds remains to be seen. 

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