Why a Dedicated Server is Essential for Competitive Hotel Chains

Competitive hotel chains in today’s market understand the importance of speed, convenience, and a positive digital experience when attracting and retaining customers. A fully functional and reliable website is essential for communicating with guests, booking quickly, and building customer loyalty by offering special deals and discounts. However, managing and operating a global network of hotels and sites can be complex and require high processing power to maintain. This is why competitive hotel franchises should consider the benefits of a dedicated server hosting solution to save money on IT and boost their bottom line. Here’s a quick look at how a dedicated server can benefit hotel chains.

Global Customer Base

Dedicated servers are the only option for hotel chains that need to service customers worldwide. A shared hosting solution cannot provide enough security, bandwidth, speed, and other features necessary for a successful global business.

A dedicated server can be managed remotely by your in-house technical staff; however, maintaining your on-premise server can be expensive and complex. Instead, you can benefit from dedicated hosting services from a reliable server host like Liquid Web. The IT professionals at Liquid Web will house, host, and manage your dedicated server to ensure 24/7 security, speed, and uptime for your global business.

With a dedicated server host like Liquid Web, there is no compromise regarding performance: dedicated servers offer superior performance compared to shared hosting solutions because they have more CPU power and memory and use faster hard drives than their shared counterparts. They also do not share resources with other users meaning they will experience much less downtime due to resource exhaustion or network latency when processing large amounts of traffic at peak times.

Online Booking Systems

Online booking systems are essential for hotel chains, allowing customers to book rooms anywhere and anytime. These systems also enable customers to browse the hotel’s inventory, compare prices and amenities, check availability, and make reservations. Online booking systems must provide a consistent experience across all devices—including smartphones and tablets—so users can easily access information on their phones, desktops, and laptops. A dedicated server can offer your company all the processing power and server staging space it needs to design, test, and launch a new booking system or improve your current one. As your hotel chain grows and expands, you may introduce new software or functionalities to your sites that assist customers or staff with workflows, bookings, services, and data sharing. With a dedicated server, your network can quickly expand its digital resources or processing power to support your growing and evolving digital infrastructure.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer service is essential to the success of your hotel chain. If a guest has a problem with their room or needs to check out early, you want them to have easy access to someone who can help them.

Dedicated servers are ideal for hotel chains because they can be managed remotely and provide better uptime than other servers. This allows your team of customer service professionals to more quickly and efficiently respond to guest requests or communications. 24/7 support is essential to any successful hotel chain, and continuity of service can make or break your brand. With a dedicated server, you can improve customer service and online customer experience with a fast and secure digital network.

Dedicated Servers Offer Functionality for Hotel Chains

Hospitality is a competitive industry, and hotel chains need to be able to compete effectively with one another. To do that, they need a solid IT infrastructure to handle all the work they throw at it. A dedicated server is essential for any hospitality business that wants to stay ahead in this competitive market and find new opportunities to improve service or the customer experience.

The bottom line is that a dedicated server can be the most effective way to run your hotel chain and improve customer service. A dedicated server is a cost-effective way to enhance your digital infrastructure and bring new functionality to your site. Consider the advantages of a dedicated server hosting solution today. 

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