Which Social Networks and Platforms Themselves Pay Users to Create Content?

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Many creatives and people interested in technology nowadays can turn their hobbies into online earnings.

Making money online, when it comes to creating content, isn’t just about collaborating with brands or launching sponsored campaigns. Today, many don’t know that some social networks independently reward content creators and support their work and efforts with certain financial incentives. And we don’t mean just multimedia-related content creators but also those behind niches, such as online casinos (e.g. Ethereum casino sites), who can make use of social media by forming community groups where players can communicate and participate.

What social networks and platforms are we talking about?


Snapchat is also known to pay a million dollars a day for content created on the platform. Snapchat users can send their best snaps (photo or video) to Spotlight, a fun platform that shares the same content around the world. Submitted content is shared and moderated if it’s created according to Snapchat policies. For the user, this means that their content can be found by other users when searching or as part of the “Story” feature on the profile.

In the event that your content goes viral, the app will notify you and you’ll receive a Spotlight payout. The official Snapchat website in the section dedicated to customer support (“Snapchat Support”) states that there’s a possibility of multiple payments and that they are currently available in a certain number of selected countries. Since the release of Snapchat, this option has, in addition to the US, covered countries such as India, Mexico, and Brazil.

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The motto of TikTok is how content creators express themselves, entertain, and inspire others, so such individuals are rewarded by the social network for their work and effort. In order to participate in this offer, you must meet special demographic requirements and publish original video content according to TikTok rules. Additional prerequisites are a minimum of 10,000 authentic followers and 100,000 views of your videos in the last 30 days.

If you match these criteria and live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, or Italy, you have the option to log in via the “Creator tools” option in your user profile settings. Potentially paid funds are calculated by taking into account various elements such as the number of reviews or engagements.

TikTok users who earn these funds from the so-called “Creator Fund” have a separate interface that shows the available funds that are paid out according to the desired payment method.


Official data from the YouTube blog state that the so-called “YouTube Shorts Fund” has over $ 100 million in distribution between 2021 and 2022. YouTube Shorts are brief video snippets in a vertical form created with a smartphone and published immediately through the YouTube app, with users earning money if they do so. Specifically, this is a monthly reward for those users who get the most views, and you need to check YouTube’s policies before attempting to record similar content. Creators also have the opportunity to make money on YouTube when it comes to longer format videos.

YouTube earnings are affected by the number of subscribers and the views. As a user, when you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views in the last year, it’s estimated that you could start generating revenue.

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Users can purchase badges while broadcasting live videos to help you earn money as an Instagram content provider. This allows viewers to participate in the live broadcast while also showing their support.

In terms of profits, Instagram has long been recognized for affiliate marketing and sponsored posts, but badges provide revenues that are completely based on content. For the duration of the video, badges appear next to a username, allowing viewers to contribute at any time. When one of them purchases the badge, they will be recognized in the comments section and will have access to additional features.


Twitter’s “Tip Jar” is a way to receive and demonstrate a financial form of support. It’s about how Android and iPhone users can send and receive donations. This feature is currently available to many users, and this includes creators, journalists, professionals, and nonprofits.

The Tip Jar feature is only available to users in English, but will surely include other languages in the future. To see that a user has enabled this feature, you need to pay attention to the Tip Jar icon next to the “Follow” button on the account. Clicking on the user icon redirects to the payment method selection interface. Receiving and sending money is therefore very easy, and the same activities are also enabled for Bitcoin.


Clubhouse makes payments to customers through the “Creator First” program. All users can send payments to other users and the platform itself will send the full amount, without taking a certain commission.

Within the Clubhouse, making payments is therefore very easy, and new payment options are expected in the near future that would reward creators for content and creative ideas.

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Facebook helps content creators make better money by offering tools and support to build communities more successfully. There are several ways to make money on Facebook: from streaming ads and branded content to fan and group subscriptions.

Monetization is available on Facebook for users who have the so-called Business Page and must edit their content according to the rules of the social network. Earnings are often determined by advertising, video views, and subscription funding.

Facebook’s future plans to enable monetization are tied to the “Story” feature, which would apply to ads that include stickers, and the creators would then receive a certain commission from the earnings.


Pinterest’s “Creator Fund” is limited to a small number of creators from certain communities in the United States. This support includes consultation on strategy creation, advertising budget, and compensation for content creation.

This fund as a whole helps a small number of creators from various industries on Pinterest and applications are currently closed for it, but they are coming in cycles and will be available again soon.

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