Which DevOps Certification is the best?

Which DevOps Certification is the best?

The global pandemic has undoubtedly changed the education and business world landscape. It has introduced humankind to a new era of rapid digitization. Now, every business enterprise relies on remote working, which has resulted in a significant increase in the utilization of Artificial Intelligence. Even the businesses that were reluctant, had no choice but to implement AI to make remote work easy and efficient. 

This new digital transformation era has also brought some new skylines for DevOps. With more businesses relying on professionals with DevOps training, plenty of people are considering expanding their careers in the DevOps sector with a certification by hand. However, the question remains, “which DevOps certification is best in 2022?”

In reality, DevOps training can be a tricky sector and make you feel confused with so many options for getting a certification. You can choose from different DevOps tools to unique cloud vendors to get your training and certification. However, the question is which certification will yield the highest returns. 

To eliminate all your confusion and make things easy, we present a comprehensive list of the best DevOps certification to apply for in 2022. So, check them all. 

1. Caltech Post Graduate Program In DevOps

Simplilearn delivers this excellent program from Caltech. It is ideal for individuals currently working as IT managers, architects, system administrators, cloud & deployment engineers, software developers, and other roles. 

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You can apply for this program if you’ve got a bachelor’s degree in any field with 50% or above marks. No matter if you don’t have any work experience or come from a non-programming background, you can still apply, and that’s the beauty of this program. It entitles everyone to progress in the DevOps field. 

This program is offered by Caltech, a leading institute of science and engineering globally recognized for its innovations and 38 Nobel Prizes. This program enables you to undergo industry-specific training from top DevOps experts. 

In this 9-month-long program, you’ll go through a process of experiential learning by doing 20+ hands-on projects and sandboxed lab capstone projects for the ultimate validation of your skills. Plus, you’ll enjoy resume assistance, career mentorship, and access to recruitment drives with Simplilearn. 

2. Docker Certified Associate Certification 

This certification program ensures to sharpen your skills and expertise as a Docker associate or practitioner. You may have already heard about Docker, a crucial DevOps tool. 

Once you complete the Docker Associate Certification, you will become capable of getting hold of Docker and its importance in the DevOps operation lifecycle. 

The course will help you learn how to create containers, volumes, images, swarms, and networks while understanding client-server authentication. 

A Software Engineer, Developer, System Administrator, or Technical Lead can apply for this certification program. This certification will seem easy if you have an in-depth knowledge of Linux. 

If you go to job portals like Naukri.com, you can find more than 21000 job openings alone for the role of Docker Certified Associates. As per PayScale, a Docker Certified Associate gets an average salary of $97,658 annually. 

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3. Certified Kubernetes Administrator 

It is a non-proprietary container-orchestration tool initially developed by Google and now operated by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It ensures complete automation of computer application scaling, deployment, and management. 

It is undoubtedly the most popular container-orchestration system available in the world. The Kubernetes certification program lets you explore all the domains comprising application installment, lifecycle management, networking, scheduling, configuration and validation, cluster maintenance, and security, storage, core concepts, and troubleshooting with projects that’ll make you all set for DevOps. 

This certification is ideal for those with work experience as Kubernetes software developers, cluster administrators, system administrators, software engineers, cloud administrators, Linux administrators, cloud professionals, principal software engineers, technical leads, or cloud professionals. 

As per LinkedIn, being certified as Kubernetes Associate gives you exposure to more than 8000 DevOps opportunities. 

4. Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer 

This course primarily focuses on firsthand experience with DevOps tools and technologies while imparting knowledge and insight into DevOps processes. Microsoft certified DevOps professionals make sure they can combine staff, processes, tools, and technologies to consistently deliver best-in-class products and services to meet business objectives and end-user needs. 

This role-based training and certification program focuses on resembling the Azure DevOps engineer role and finally shows that you have enough skills, knowledge, and expertise to work and meet the capacity of the end-user. 

With the Microsoft certified Azure DevOps certification, you’ll learn how to use Microsoft Azure to achieve a DevOps environment. If you’re an Agile practitioner with ample knowledge of Azure, Azure Developer, or Azure Administrator, this certification course is the right pathway for your career.  

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5. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

This certification is primarily developed for and focused on individuals performing a DevOps engineer role with at least two years of experience operating and managing AWS programs and environments. This certification will validate your capability to execute, manage, and control consistent delivery systems and modus operandi on AWS. It also validates your ability to:

  • Automate security controls
  • Compliance validation
  • Governance processes
  • Define and deploy metrics, monitoring, and logging systems
  • Implement highly scalable and self-healing systems on AWS
  • Design, develop, manage, and keep up with tools for automating operational procedures

This certification will be a cakewalk once you gain experience developing code in a minimum of one high-level programming language. The career prospect after this AWS DevOps certification will become huge. There are over 10000 open job positions for AWS-certified DevOps, and their salary goes around $150,000 per year.

Conclusion: Which DevOps Certification to choose? 

From this comprehensive list of the top DevOps certification, it’s best to go with the Caltech Post Graduate Program In DevOps, powered by Simplilearn, for your brighter future. Here are the key pointers to why this DevOps certification is the best among all: 

  • Get up to 25 CEUs (continuing education units)
  • Enjoy membership in the CTME Circle network
  • Access To Program Performance Report 
  • Get Caltech CTME Post Graduate Certificate

Not only does it allow everyone to learn DevOps, but it also offers excellent online training facilities from one of the industry-pioneering institutions – Caltech. So, get started today!

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