Which Apple Device Is Best For A College Student

Nowadays, books are not the only essential things you can find in a college student’s school bag. With the rapid advancement in technology and the numerous innovations of tech companies such as Apple, students now shift to using various devices for studying. 

The versatility and portability of these devices attract college students to purchase them. You can use them for writing notes, researching, doing homework, watching lectures, attending meetings, and much more. 

This article will discuss some Apple devices that are best for those studying at a university, especially for college students. 


In addition to being more portable than a computer, an iPad’s large screen makes it easier to do a lot of tasks simultaneously. The iPad comes in different variants: iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. Owning an iPad has many advantages and is an extreme help, especially for students. 

1. Reading E-books

Regularly buying books from a bookshop can occasionally be both cumbersome and expensive. Today’s iPads include an e-reader with them. Unlike a book and a smartphone, an iPad’s huge screen provides a significantly better reading experience. 

iPads, with their sizable screens, are great alternatives for reading books. Although iPads can open e-books out of the box, thousands of applications are now available on the internet that you can install to read e-books. These applications usually come with a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the settings to your liking. 

Also, with an iPad, you can bring your e-books wherever you go and read them whenever you want. Users can zoom in or out of a page for better readability and open multiple e-books simultaneously. An iPad can remove the burden on students of bringing multiple printed books to school and become an all-in-one reader. 

2. Writing Notes

For students, writing notes is important. With a digital pen, students can write their notes on the iPad, digitally replacing paper. Like e-book readers, multiple applications on the internet let you take notes wherever you go. 

Also, with an iPad, you can easily erase or remove errors in your writing. Note-taking on an iPad allows students to edit without worrying about wasting ink and paper.  

3. Creating Digital Art

In recent years, there has been a drastic increase in the number of artists shifting to digital art. With an iPad and a digital pen, students may easily learn how to create artwork digitally. There are a lot of apps available where students can draw, sketch, or even paint through an iPad. 


The iPhone has been around for ages and has dominated the smartphone market ever since. For students, having an iPhone alongside other Apple products is highly beneficial since they can easily create an “Apple Ecosystem.” Generally, it is where they can access all of their files, have the same applications across devices, and much more. 

1. Top-of-the-Line Performance

One of the selling points of iPhones is their specs. iPhones are always expected to provide the best performance to users and give them just what they paid for. You can buy a secondhand iPhone and expect it to perform well and meet your expectations. With this, companies such as Mobile Monster, who look for quality secondhand phones to be traded or sold to other entities, look into buying iPhones. 

2. High-Quality Camera

The most important part of a smartphone that students probably look for is the camera. Undeniably, iPhones have one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. Their cameras provide users with consistent quality, whether through photos or videos. 

3. Ease of Use

iPhones are renowned for being user-friendly. Their usability results from their straightforward operating system: all programs are opened from the main screen. Additionally, the operating system continues to function the same way you want it, even if you replace your phone with the most recent model, and using it is simple.


Today, a laptop is practically a requirement for any college student. A laptop offers essential tools for students constantly on the move, from enrolling in courses to connecting with peers and instructors to downloading notes and taking examinations.

Of course, Apple has its version of laptops with the MacBook. The MacBook comes in two variants, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. Both variants are great options for college students.

1. Lightweight and Portable

With their portability and sleek design, MacBooks are one of the most preferred choices for laptops among college students. You can easily put a MacBook inside a school bag without worrying about any other accessories and peripherals besides its charger. But you may not even need the charger for a day’s use of a fully charged MacBook.

2. Great Battery Life

MacBooks are known for their long battery life, which makes them suitable for college students. You can bring it everywhere without worrying about running out of juice and even have some more battery left at the end of the day. 

3. Versatile and Powerful

MacBooks are packed with a powerful CPU that is updated every time a new model is released, enabling users to do more than just normal tasks. Students interested in video and photo editing may find the MacBook to help with its smooth performance greatly. Light document editing and researching are also a breeze when using the laptop. 

4. Connectivity and Support

Having a MacBook is highly beneficial if you own other Apple devices, such as an iPhone or an iPad. You can plug your Apple device into the MacBook and have it updated or add files and apps to the device itself. 

Also, you can wirelessly transfer files, photos, or videos from a different Apple device to your MacBook through AirDrop. In fact, AirDrop has been extensively updated and refined to provide users with visibly fast transfers. 


Nowadays, students no longer rely only on books. They can choose from various Apple devices to make tasks such as researching, doing projects, and many other things easier. You can purchase an iPad for reading and notes, an iPhone for pictures, or a MacBook for heavy tasks, but of course, you can always choose to buy all three. 

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