Top 70 When Life Gets Hard Quotes To Keep You Going

It can be very difficult to cope with difficult times without the right motivation.

Some inspirational quotes may not work for everyone. YouIt is up to you to discover the ones that will work for you during your tough times.

Life is not easy. There will be heartbreaks, hard times, and difficult times. HardIt doesn’t matter if the times are for one week, one month or one year. But famous quotes about life can make the difficult times bearable and inspire you to persevere. Here are some inspirational quotes that will help you get through difficult times.

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Best Motivational Quotes

Meaningful quotes are always appreciated through hard times.

Quotes Inspirational quotes that encourage you, and quotes to help you get through difficult times. You can check out the complete list.

1. “Most important things in the world were accomplished by people who persevered even when it seemed impossible.”

—Dale Carnegie.

2.WhenDon’t be afraid to confront obstacles. Face them, confront them, and you’ll soon see them disappear before your eyes.

― D r Reopen, ‘Words to inspire the winner in YOU’ 2013.

3. “Keel if it gets too difficult to stand.”

-Gordon B. Hinckley.

4.YouOne decision away from a whole new life

-Mel Robbins The 5 Second Rule. 2017.

5.WhenWhen you emerge from the storm, you will not be the same person you were when you walked in. This storm is about that.

-Haruki Murakami, Kafka On The Shore (2002.

6. “Don’t let your life discourage you. Everyone who has gotten to where they are now started where he was.”

—Richard L. Evans.

7.LifeThere are two ways to test someone’s will: having nothing happen or having everything happen at once.

― Paulo Coelho, ‘The Winner Stands Alone,’ 2008.

8. “Tough times do not last, but people who are tough can!

Robert H. Schuller. “Tough times do not last but people who are tough can!”1993.

9. “Our greatest glory does not consist in never falling but in rising each time we fall.”


10. “So rock bottom became the solid foundation upon which I rebuilt my entire life.”

-J. K. Rowling. ‘Very Good Lives. The Fringe Benefits Of Failure and the Importance Imagination.’

11. “The ultimate measure for a man’s character is not his position in times of convenience and comfort, but how he responds to challenges and controversy.”

—Martin Luther King, Jr, Strength to Love, 1963.

12. Brick walls exist for a reason. They allow us to show the world how much we want.

-Randy Pausch. Last Lecture 2008.

13. “Challenges make life interesting, and they are what make life meaningful.

-Joshua J. Marine.

14.LifeIt’s not about waiting until the storm passes, but rather learning how to dance in rain.

Vivian Greene

15. “Every adversity or failure, every heartache is a seed for a better outcome.”

Napoleon Hill.

16. “But I know that it is only when it gets dark enough that you can see the stars.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

17.LifeThese challenges are not meant to paralyze; they are supposed to help to discover who you really are.

—Bernice Johnson Reagon.

18.WhenIf everything seems to be against you, don’t forget that the plane takes off against the wind, and not with it.

-Henry Ford.

19. The greater the difficulty, so the more glory it brings to the task. Skilled pilots have a reputation for being able to weather storms and tempests.

– Epicetus.

20. “Get out of your head, and into your life. “Fight, Grind, Repeat”

-Bobby Bones: ‘Fail until YouAvoid it, 2018

21. “If there are no obstacles to a path, it is likely that it will lead you nowhere.”

Frank A. Clark.

22.YouIt’s inevitable that you will go through hard times. I tell you, “Nothing happens to me, it happens for me.” You can see the positives in everything.

Joel Osteen.

23. “Have a vision, trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid of failing.”

― Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘Total Recall: My Unbelievably True LifeStory, 2012.

Inspirational Life QuotesPop Culture

Inspirational quotes are often shared by our favorite musicians and actors. Some of these quotes help us to fight difficult times.

24. “Just because someone stumbles, or loses their way, does not mean that they’re lost forever.”

-Professor X. X-Men: Days of Future Past.

25. “We cannot reverse the decisions that we have made.” Only we can affect the decisions made from here.

-Nick Rice. “Law Abiding Citizen” 2009.

26. “Yes, the past can hurt. You can learn from it or run away from it.

– Rafiki, ‘The Lion King.’ 1994.

27. “Promise me you’ll always remember: You”You are more brave than you believe, stronger than you appear, and smarter that you think.”

– A.A. Milne. Christopher Robin (2018).

28. “If you don’t like your destiny, don’t accept it. Instead, be bold and change your destiny the way that you want.

– Naruto Uzumaki, ‘Naruto,’ 2002-2007.

29. It gets easier. Each day it gets easier. It’s not easy, but you have to do it every single day.

-Jogging Babyoon, ‘Bojack Horseman.’ 2014-2020

30. “Sometimes, it’s the people no one imagines doing the things no one can.

-Alan Turing. “The Imitation Game,” 2015.

31.YouYou can’t skip to the end of your life.

— Lily Aldrin, ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ 2005-2014.

32. “There is no lemon so bitter that it can’t be made into something resembling lemonade.”

-Dr. K. “This is Us,” 2016-present.

33. “But if it’s not done, you won’t know.”

You are what you deserve.

You will find your way home with the help of lights

Get your bones ablaze

I’ll fix you.”

-Coldplay and ‘Fix You’2005.

34 “No one is going to hit as hard as you, but it’s not how hard you can hit. It’s what you can take and how fast you can go. It’s the amount you can take and how far you will go to keep moving forward. This is how you win.

-Rocky Balboa, ‘Rocky Balboa,’ 2006.

Uplifting Quotes

You can find inspirational quotes to help you through difficult times or quotes about life that will give you strength and courage. Here are some inspirational quotes that will help you get through difficult times.

35 “In the middle a difficulty lies possibility.”

-Albert Einstein.

36. “The secret to life is to fall seven times, and get up eight times.”

― Paulo Coelho, ‘The Alchemist,’ 1988.

37. “The elevator to success has been thrown out of order. YouYou’ll need to take one step at a while up the stairs.

Joe Girard.

38. “Hope is important, because it can make the current moment easier to bear. If we believe in tomorrow’s betterment, we can endure hardships today.

Thich Nhat Hanh.

39. “If you are a fighter…You are gonna lose some fights…But what did you learn?”

– Andy Frisella, ‘Losses Vs. Failures. 13 December 2020

40 “Night is always darker than dawn, and life is the exact same. The hard times will pass, and everything will get better. The sun will shine brighter than ever.

— Ernest Hemingway.

41. “It is not that I am so smart. It is just that I stick with problems longer.”

-Albert Einstein.

42YouStart with darkness to move through. But sometimes, the darkness moves through.

– Dean Young, ‘Skid,’ 2002.

43 “Stand up for your needs and overcome any obstacles that may arise. A successful person does not have to be able to solve all problems immediately. He must be able to identify and resolve difficulties as they arise.

― David J. Schwartz, ‘The Magic of Thinking Big,’ 1959.

44 “Show me someone who’s done something valuable, and I will show you someone who has overcome adversity.”

– Lou Holtz.

45 “Don’t lose heart in your pain. One day, your pain will be your cure.”


46 “Be miserable. Motivate yourself. You can do whatever you want.

Wayne Dyer.

47 “If you want to do something that requires willpower—like going for a run after work—you have to conserve your willpower muscle during the day,”

― Charles Duhigg, ‘The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life”And Business,” 2012.

48 “All things are hard before they become easy.”

-Thomas Fuller.

49.WhenDo not be discouraged if you find yourself in a down swing. You will see the swing change and things will improve. There are great times ahead.

-Bob Proctor.

50 “If insecure, guess what?” The rest is, too. Do not underestimate the competition. YouYou are more than you think.

– Tim Ferris – Why Bigger Goals = Less Competition. (Plus: Major Media Opp. 19 June 2008.

51LifeIt’s tough, darling, but it’s also hard, just like you.”

– Stephanie Bennett.

52 “I will be a lover of the light, it shows my the way. But I will still endure the darkness to see the stars.”

Og Mandino.

53. “It is in our darkest hours that the true strength of the brilliant, unfading light within us can be discovered.”

― Doe Zantamata.

54 “But hard times can also be good. True happiness can only be achieved if there is also sadness. It’s all about balance. Balance.”

― Gabrielle Williams, ‘Beatle Meets Destiny,’ 2009.

55 “Imagine how happy you’d be if all you had was taken away and everything got back.”

Frances Rodman.

56 “If it’s not as you imagined it would be, then you consider it a failure.” How about the range of colors that lie between?

― Sara Evans, ‘Softly and Tenderly,’ 2010.

Never give up Quotes

Inspirational sayings work really well.

To help you remember that you can’t give up even when things get difficult, we have collected a collection of quotes. This list of motivational quotes for life is hard will help you get through tough times.

57 “Don’t let mental blocks control you. You can set yourself free. Face your fears and transform mental blocks into building blocks.

― Dr Roopleen, ‘Words to inspire the winner in YOU’ 2013.

58You”You can’t beat the person who doesn’t give up.”

―Babe Ruth.

59. “The majority are willing to give up on their goals and lose sight of the end goal at any sign of misfortune or opposition. Only a few people persist despite all obstacles until they reach their goal. These are the Edisons, Carnegies and Rockefellers.

-Napoleon Hill. ‘Napoleon Hill’s How to Think And Grow Rich.’ 2013.

60 “Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it’s the quiet voice at night whispering, “I will Try Again Tomorrow.”

― Mary Anne Radmacher.

61 “Seven times down, eight time up like the Daruma doll”

– Chris Bradford. ‘Young Samurai, The Way Of The Warrior’ 2008.

62YouDo the best you can for as long and as possible. When you are unable to do so, do the next best thing. YouKeep going, but don’t lose heart.”

―Chuck Yeager.

63. “I’ve heard that there are many kinds of troubles. Some come from far ahead, while others come from below. But I have a big bat. You can see that I am all set. “Now my troubles will have trouble with me!”

― Dr. Seuss.

64 “Character is what you do on the third or fourth attempts.”

—James Michener.

65Keep Going

The best moments in your life often come out of the most difficult times. KeepKeep going. In the end, tough situations can make you stronger.

― Roy T. Bennett, ‘The Light in the Heart: Inspirational Thoughts for Living Your Best Life2020.

66 “Don’t give up. That is our greatest weakness.” It is important to keep trying, even if it doesn’t work the first time.

―Thomas Edison.

67. “Successful men, women, and children keep moving. They make mistakes but they never give up.

-Conrad Hilton

68 “Stand up against an obstacle. It will eventually fall if you just stand up to it. YouIt will be overcome. You won’t cause it to fall, but it will break something else.

― Norman Vincent Peale, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking,’ 2007.

69 “Never give up. While today is difficult, tomorrow will be even more difficult, the day after tomorrow will be bright and sunny.”

-Jack Ma.”

70. Never lose heart, for this is the time and place that the tides will turn.”

―Harriet Beecher Stowe, Old Town Folks, 1869.

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