WhatsApp Status Maker: The Realization of Your Ideas by Vista Create

Many people are used to using Whatsapp to communicate with colleagues, relatives and friends. Status is a great feature that allows you to communicate different information (text, multimedia, etc.) to all contacts at once. This approach is somewhat reminiscent of Instagram Stories.  

Well, if you want to see other users’ statuses from your phonebook – welcome to the corresponding section. There you’ll find pictures of your contacts and their public messages. Stories not viewed will be circled in green. However, if you don’t want to miss anything, hurry up. These kinds of messages are only stored for 24 hours.

But how do you create an interesting and creative status? You can learn about that from a first-rate WhatsApp status maker.

What is Status in WhatsApp?  

The creators of the messenger “Whatsapp” have added a new function Status to the application. In fact, it replaces the usual text statuses: instead of them, users can now publish short stories from photos and videos, which will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.  

How to Make Up Your Statuses on WhatsApp

So, let’s figure out how to aesthetically shape your status idea:


  1. Activate your free VistaCreate account.

With a VistaCreate account, all your designs are saved in one place in the app and online. Edit anywhere, anytime.


  1. Choose any Whatsapp status template you want.

With so many examples to choose from, you can find a ready-made template that speaks to you.


  1. Customize your Whatsapp design.

Easily and quickly customize your design with the status creator. Show off your unique style.


  1. Share your free Whatsapp status download.

It’s time to get your posts out there! Upload your creation and share it on WhatsApp.


After that, expect feedback from your friends!

Speed of Making Statuses in WhatsApp

Using ready-made templates from Vista Create can take less than a minute. Editable layouts make quick design and uploading a reality. You can also take your time and make a special DIY design.

You’ll also find lots of objects, including illustrations, icons, stickers, and shapes of all styles. You can crop and resize them to fit your vision.

Templates and Images in WhatsApp

If you’re on the lookout for a particular kind of image you can’t make with your phone, browse our extensive image library . Each one is thoroughly vetted by the Vista Create team before it hits the library, so you can be sure you’re dealing with stunning images. They’ll help your design look its best.

Status Privacy in WhatsApp

To see the privacy options for a Whatsapp status, all you have to do is click on the three-point menu on the Status tab and select Status Privacy. 

The second option is to blacklist the names of specific people to prevent them from seeing your status. Just select their name, and that’s it.


If you share your status, its content will be published to other apps. When you share your status to other apps, WhatsApp does not share your account information with Facebook or other apps.

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