How to Save Profile Pictures of Your Friends on WhatsApp

Do you have ever wished for something? toSave a profile photo you saw on GB WhatsApp What?  Below is a brief guide. toDownload any profile images you find onService available at any time ofWhat type ofYou can use the device.

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Good morning, everyone! Frankie is back. Today, I want to to talk toYou can learn another cool trick that I discovered. Save WhatsApp profile pictures ofContacts.

There are many things you may want. toSave a profile photo on WhatsAppYou can. This could be your lover, someone who stalks you, or someone that you would like to have. toShare it with someone else. Perhaps they have a beautiful picture.

It doesn’t matter what reason you have, the process is easy. toYou can achieve.

The only problem is the price. of storage available onYour phone. Cloud storage is now a necessity. ofThis is also a problem.

In the following paragraphs, I will describe my goals. toWe will demonstrate how to download WhatsAppYou can upload profile photos directly to the app from your Android, iPhone, or computer. This includes services such as WhatsAppWeb, the official client of Windows and macOS.

So let’s take a look at how toSave contact photos without wasting time.

How toGet a ProfilePhoto on WhatsApp

Before we move on to how toYou can accomplish this task. I will provide some additional information to help you.

First, let me inform you that I am at the moment ofWriting There are no features within. WhatsAppThat allows you to to download someone else’s profile photo. This is not an inventory function that the service provides.

You can also tap to avoid the problem on a user’s profile photo, or choosing the information section ofTake a photo of the profile that interests you.

Let’s see how toDownload this document WhatsApp profile photo ofRefer a friend ofThe contacts in your contact list. This process is explained below for Android devices, iPhones and PCs.

Savings WhatsApp Profile Pictures on Android

Do this onAndroid devices: Launching Android must be your first step WhatsAppTap onThe profile picture ofContact you want toDownload the image at.

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Next, you’ll Take a photoBy simultaneously pressing the key combination.

Here’s how it looks onAn Android

  1. Launch WhatsApp onTap the button on your device. Chat tab onThe top left
  2. Click onUse the cloud icon at the lower right corner to scroll through your contact list onKeep scrolling down until you see your profile photo toSave.
  3. App onThe Profile picture thumbnailTalk to the person responsible for tapping onThe picture toIt will be displayed full-screen. Or, you can tap to access the window that contains your contact list. onThe name ofYou wish to choose the profile photo of the person you want toSave. Tap again onYou will see their name at top. toView it full-screen.
  4. You don’t need to be a pro at saving pictures. toYou can now take a screen shot. Press either Power + HomeOr power + volume downsimultaneously. These changes are based onThe model and the brand ofYour phone. The sound of a shutter, like a camera, is used to mark the screenshot. A flash effect will then be displayed. onThe screen will temporarily go black toYou should indicate that the photo has been taken before a preview appears.

After you take the picture, you can choose to make it public. ofYou can also crop it to remove any other aspects ofBeyond the image you want, the screen toSave. This makes the download look professional.

You can save money WhatsApp ProfileTake a picture on an iPhone

You will need the exact same type of iPhone to do this. ofInstructions that I gave in the Android chapter.

After launch WhatsAppYou will still need to choose the profile photo you are most interested in. to Take the screenshotUse a key combination that is specifically designed for this purpose.

Let’s see how that works onAn iPhone

  1. Open up your browser WhatsApp onTap on your phone to activate it on ChatYou will find it at the bottom. Tap the pencil in the top right corner (or one). ofThe chats were opened), and then you can choose the one that has caught your attention.
  2. Next, tap the profile that is associated with the image you wish to upload. toDownload. Download the Get in touchScreen that appears, tap on the user’s profile picture.
  3. This profile picture can be saved by you toTake a screenshot You can press the following button if you own an iPhone X or later. Volume up + side button onYou will always have the right edge.

After taking the photo, you can tap on the thumbnail that appears in the lower right corner ofYour screen toModify the image as needed. You can crop the image toYou should only display the profile picture and not other less desirable portions ofThe screen.

You have now the option ofYour image can be saved to either the Photos AppOr Files appYou are done. You are done.

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Download a WhatsAppPicture onComputer or Mac

If you would like toThis can be done from your PC. toAccess WhatsAppThrough the brower client WhatsAppWeb. Next, you’ll open the chat ofThe person who has the profile picture you like and wish to be friends with toDownload.

Let’s take a look at what toDo it from a computer:

  1. You must first access the internet. WhatsAppThrough the WhatsAppWeb client for Windows and macOS If you haven’t done so already, connect your Web Account toYou can scan the QR code on your phone to activate it onThe screen. This article can help you if you need assistance. WhatsAppFor PC toFind out more.
  2. You will require toSelect the pencil Oder thecloud onClick the top left. Click the Name ofThe contact who has the photo that you are looking for toYou can download their names and then choose them from the screen that appears.
  3. When a container appears onTo the right, click on the photo for your profile. toFull-screen

Now you’ll want toTake a picture ofThis is the same way you would do it with a phone. This is how you do it:

Windows– Open the Capture toolPress Win+Shift+S onYour keyboard. Select New, and then hold down the left mouse key toChoose the appropriate portion ofThe screen that you want tocapture It would be the parameters in this instance. ofThe picture. Let go of your hold onUse the button to your left toTake the screen shot. Click the floppy disk icon toSave the image.

macOSMacs will require users toPush a sequence ofYou can also use the buttons. Press cmd+shift+4Now, hold down the left mouse key and choose the portion. ofCapture the screen. Press the button toTake the photo ofSave the screen toDesignated folders or the desktop.


We are now at the end ofThe guide is available here. I trust that you have found the information useful. Unfortunately, the development team has been removed. of WhatsAppYou have determined that a feature that allows you to toDirectly saving a profile photo was not a good idea so it was scrapped. Now you have a better idea ofHow toYou can still reach this goal.

You are looking for toHere are some additional interesting and innovative tricks that you might be interested in. WhatsApp?

A whole article was dedicated to this topic. toMore than 40 tricks to help you. WhatsApp. This is not a complete set. ofThere are many tricks and skills that you can find online. Take a look and discover what you can.

If you have any concerns, questions or doubts, please don’t hesitate to ask. ofPlease leave a comment so I can assist you. I’ll be certain toGet back to me as soon as possible.


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