What Laptop Do You Need for Successful Blogging?

Best Laptops For Bloggers

Does the blogger need a special laptop? We dare say yes. At least when this blogger wants to arm their creative thinking with the whole spectrum of available options. And we’re not just talking about changing the old device with out-of-order keys and a bit sluggish work philosophy for a new one.

Now, blogging is far more than simply posting texts. There are plenty of great blogging platforms with much more features. But posting texts itself may require the usage of several programs, instruments, or websites. You will surely need to access them on the go as well. So, a blogger laptop should be capable of high performance anyway. Since we have met here in this blog, chances you are searching for such a gadget that will fit your creative plans.

Being bloggers ourselves, we have examined a couple of upstart devices to find the #1 solution for this purpose. As a result, we are ready to present you with the top efficient blogger laptops to buy in 2022. Want to know which one will suit you the best? Then, read this blog up to the end and find out which new opportunities each of these devices will give you. Here is baseus power bank.

What Makes a Laptop Great for Blogging?

When going to purchase a laptop for blogging, you definitely should know which features it must have. Some of them will be indispensable for your high productivity while others are no more than trendy frills. Let’s overlook the most important characteristics the blogger should pay close attention to.

#1 Battery

There’s no worse disaster for a blogger than that with their laptop shut down just in the course of the creative process. Since today, this process may include writing posts en route, making podcasts, video production, etc., your losses may be irreparable when something goes wrong with your gadget’s battery.

So, the laptop you need by all means has a powerful battery – long-lasting and quickly rechargeable. How many hours does the blogger need? Of course, the more the better. Take an 8-hour-work capacity as the minimum you can do with. However, there are laptops with higher battery performance. The only drawback of them is they cost a pretty penny. So, not a bad solution for any blogger will be a laptop with several hours of continuous running plus a power bank just to be safe.

#2 Storage

One more aspect with which the blogger cannot tolerate any fails is the laptop storage. Your laptop may store data with the help of an HDD or SSD. The HDD, or hard disk drive, represents an electro-mechanical unit used for data storage and retrieval. It is cheaper but it is prone to data losses.

A quicker and more powerful storage device is SSD or a solid-state drive. Having one on your laptop, you may expect it to load lightning-fast and have no problems with data integrity. This variant is more expensive; however, this is the case when it’s worth it. Thus, 500 SSD storage will be optimal for blogging; however, a terabyte of memory or more makes sense for those who prefer having at hand a lot of data.

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#3 Processor & RAM

All commands you give to your device are run by the processor, or a central processing unit usually called CPU. To execute several tasks in line and do it fast enough, the processor should not only be powerful itself but also should have enough RAM. This is a short-term memory storage device, that is, it is necessary for any command execution as well as for installing and running different software.

Make A Laptop Great for Blogging

When you mainly work with textual articles, most laptops on sale will suit you. 8Gb RAM will be quite enough. However, your blogging activities may include creating and editing various types of content. You will want to use a quick and multifunctional browser and several handy instruments for working with audio and video files.

Thus, vloggers who create videos for TikTok, Youtube, and all types of social networks usually use video converters, a nice example of which you will find here. But to utilize software like this without the risk of your laptop getting stuck, you have to choose a device with a minimum of 16Gb RAM. As for CPU, the best blogger’s solutions will include the laptops with multi-core Intel i5, i7, i9 (the higher the better) or AMD Ryzen 5, 7, or 9.

#4 Dimensions

The size of the laptop screen is a question of preference. We all might want it to be big; however, we should consider how it will affect the weight and portability of our future devices. When blogging comes along with traveling for you, your laptop should be light and easily transported in the first place. So, a device with a 15-inch screen that weighs no more than 4 pounds seems to be a perfect match for any blogger.

TOP 10 Blogger Laptops 2022

#5 Keyboard

Do not underestimate this element of your laptop-to-be since you will use it constantly no matter which content type you produce. Gadgets with an uncomfortable keyboard are bad options for bloggers as well as for any other users. So, be sure to try how it works on your laptop before buying it.

Any laptop – for a blogger or just anyone – has to be visually pleasing. However, the five options described above are the essential elements you should check while choosing an ideal laptop for blogging.

TOP 10 Blogger Laptops 2022

Now, when you know what counts when shopping around for a proper device for online blogging, it’s time to review the best laptops you can purchase now and raise your blogs’ level to a new level.

10. Asus VivoBook 15

CPU 2.1GHz Intel Core i3-1005G1 Battery Life up to 8 hours
RAM 8Gb Weight 3.75 pounds
Storage 128Gb SSD Display 15.6″ Full HD Nano Edge Bezel (1920×1080)
Price $440

We start our overview of the best laptops for blogging with Asus VivoBook 15 – a laptop that costs each dollar spent on it. It complies with the minimum processor/RAM requirements and will outperform any HDD-storage device. You can seamlessly run even heavy enough programs on this Vivo-series device.

Its drawbacks include not that vivid graphics and S-mode Windows OS. That is, you won’t be able to use any software absent in the Windows Store. This mode can be easily reverted to Windows 10 proper for free, but the reverse operation will be impossible.

The laptop has Windows Hello and a fingerprint scanner. Its ErgoLift keyboard will be comfortable for any blogger. So, Asus VivoBook 15 deserves your attention by all means, and you can choose it for blogging when looking for an efficient device under 500 bucks.

9. HP Envy 17t

CPU 2.8GHz Intel Core i7-1165G7 Battery Life up to 9 hours
RAM 32Gb Weight 6.02 pounds
Storage 1Tb SSD Display 17.3″ Full HD (3840×2160)
Price $1,384.87

HP Envy 17t will attract those bloggers who appreciate big screens. Here, you can expect a much higher level of graphics and enjoy high-resolution photos and rich-color videos. Of course, this is not the best option for on-the-run bloggers since its weight is 6 pounds. However, this multifunctional gadget can ensure superb blogging for you.

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The 32Gb RAM and one terabyte of SSD memory are two factors that can be decisive for your final choice. You will have up to 9 hours of highly productive work on this laptop equipped with Windows 10 Pro and having lots of useful features like four speakers, etc.

Its only problems are the weight and possible overheat when loaded with too many operations. The price is not that moderate but remember the high-performance characteristics of this laptop and its big high-quality screen. When you do not travel much, HP Envy 17t is the exact model to enjoy blogging on a huge screen.

8. Microsoft Surface Pro X

CPU Qualcomm ARM Battery life up to 12 hours
RAM 8Gb Weight 1.70 pounds
Storage 256Gb SSD Display 13″ Full HD
Price $899.99

This laptop has enough capacity to work up to 12 hours without recharging. Here, you won’t encounter any problem with overheating no matter how many programs you run at once. You will enjoy the rapidness of your browser launched on this laptop.

Microsoft Surface Pro X can be used in several modes. This 13-inch device weighs 1.7 pounds and is 7.3 millimeters in width. It is supplied with an excellent alternative to WiFi – a feature of LTE Advanced Pro Connection.

There’s no stylus. You will have to use soft that comports with the 32-bit Windows OS. But this device’s advantages surely outweigh the disadvantages. So, when traveling a lot and searching for a truly reliable device for blogging activities, choose Microsoft Surface Pro X.

7. Google Pixel Book Go

CPU 1.3GHz Intel Core i5-8220Y Battery life up to 12 hours
RAM 8-16Gb Weight 2.30 pounds
Storage 128-256Gb eMMC SSD Display 13.3″ Full HD (1920×1080)
Price $803.97

Among other Chromebooks, Google Pixel Book Go is one of the cheapest solutions with a big set of handy options. It’s powerful enough to ensure your failproof work during 12 hours. The device is light and slim so you can easily carry it with you.

One of the biggest benefits of this laptop is its high-quality keyboard. You can literally enjoy typing on it. There are newer models in this range; however, they will be more expensive. So, Google Pixel Book is a great choice for those looking for a balance between high performance and budget affordability.

6. Acer Chromebook R11

CPU 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N3160 Battery life up to 10 hours
RAM 4Gb Weight 2.8 pounds
Storage 32Gb eMMC SSD Display 11.6″ Full HD
Price $279.99

This is the cheapest option on our list. With the price in mind, you can expect quite a nice productivity from this laptop thanks to the usage of the Chrome operating system. Do not worry about the absence of the upstart hardware on this gadget. Since there are no heavy components on it, Acer Chromebook R11 can run for 10 hours without recharging.

We did not like its touchpad much but its keyboard is handy enough for writing long blogs. The device is easily portable – it weighs less than 3 pounds and is slim enough to travel with it over all distances. This is the best option to start as a  blogger. So, when planning excellent blogging for an indeed moderate budget, then buy an Acer Chromebook R11.

5. Asus ZenBook 13 Ultra Slim

CPU Intel Core i5-8265U Battery life up to 16 hours
RAM 8Gb Weight 2.50 pounds
Storage 1Tb SSD Display 13.3″
Price $1,099

With great performance metrics and lots of handy features, this laptop deserves its price. Any blogger will enjoy its lightness and perfect portability. Having 1 terabyte of memory, you can store piles of photos and videos. It does not have problems with overheating thanks to its optimized design.

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The greatest thing about this laptop might be its camera. Your photos will be of high quality in terms of lightness, color composition, exposure, etc. Moreover, the laptop’s audio system scores 10 out of 10. The keyboard could be more comfortable on this laptop. However, this is probably the best solution for vlogging, podcasts, webinars, and such likes.

4. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5

CPU 2.2GHz AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Battery life up to 12 hours
RAM 8Gb Weight 3.3 pounds
Storage 256Gb SSD Display 15.6″ Full HD IPS (1920×1080)
Price $683.99

This is a transformer laptop with capacities suitable for all types of blogging. Light enough, equipped with a powerful processor, and able to operate for up to 12, Lenovo IdeaPad ranks among the best laptops for bloggers and other specialists working with all types of content.

It has a Fingerprint sensor, a webcam privacy shutter, and other useful features for secure working. The device’s more than reasonable price includes a stylus. It could recharge faster and have a more advanced device. But for this price, you won’t find many laptops with the same level of performance as the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 has.

3. Acer Swift 3

CPU 2GHz AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Battery life up to 11.5 hours
RAM 8Gb Weight 2.6 pounds
Storage 512Gb SSD Display 14″ Full HD IPS (1920×1080)
Price $655.25

This laptop is an excellent choice for any blogging activity. Its new-generation processor is powerful and consumes less power. It weighs less than the previous model and has almost the same battery life options.

The laptop’s display is top-quality thanks to the LED Backlight technology applied to it. You will love the easy-to-use keyboard with the Backlit feature. Thus, you will be able to type in darkness. Its strong points include the Fingerprint scanner, WiFi 6, and other amazing features. While its battery could be in service for longer, we still consider the Acer Swift 3 one of the best solutions for bloggers.

2. MacBook Air M1

CPU 8-core Apple M1 chip Battery life up to 18 hours
RAM 8Gb Weight 2.8 pounds
Storage 256Gb SSD Display 13.3″ Full HD
Price $999

This is the best Apple laptop capable of high performance for up to 18 hours. It is light. It loads fast. It isn’t prone to overheating. And all this you can get for quite a moderate price when comparing it with other Apple products of this type.

The laptop’s webcam is not perfect, but its keyboard works perfectly. You can type, create and edit videos, run podcasts, and many other things on this superb device. It is ready to execute several tasks at once. So, when searching for the best Apple solution for blogging, choose Macbook Air M1.

1. LG Gram 14

CPU 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-10210U Battery life up to 22.5 hours
RAM 8Gb Weight 2.2 pounds
Storage 512Gb SSD Display 14″ Full HD IPS (1920×1080)
Price $869.99

This laptop represents a perfect combination of options necessary for blogging in general. One of its strongest features is the battery life. The brand vendor claims it will function for about 23 hours without recharging. In practice, you can expect highly productive work from this laptop for at least 15-18 hours.

The device has a top-quality display as well as excellent audio characteristics. It allows lightning-fast browsing and whatever operations with photos and videos. It is capable of multitasking. The LG Gram 14 is light and slim – and this is one more factor in favor of buying this laptop when you plan seamless blogging combined with traveling.

Best Laptops for Blogging: Final Thoughts

The above list contains options for any budget. When selecting the most suitable model for you, remember this device is not to buy for a week. It will be your partner for several years, so do not chase low-cost solutions. Instead, try to find the optimal price-to-quality ratio. This will ensure exciting and profit-bringing blogging for you.

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