What is the biggest Casino in Australia

Casino in Australia

Australia is the world’s largest gambling nation and the sixth-largest country overall. A large proportion of the adult Australian populace are gamblers. On this basis, it is not surprising that some of the biggest casinos one would ever see are located there. The single license policy, where only one casino is operated in a state, is widely practised in Australia. However, this does not stop them from having some of the biggest and best casinos worldwide. Some of them are highlighted below.  

  • Melbourne Crown Casino 

Undoubtedly, the Melbourne Crown is one of Australia’s jewels regarding casino life. It’s Australia’s largest casino complex and the most expansive casino in the Southern Hemisphere. Located on the Yarra River in the middle of Melbourne city, it covers 510,000 sq. m in area. The casino building was completed in 1997 and has numerous bars, three luxury hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. It also has a number of remarkable high-end retail outlets and shops for reputable brands. These include Bvlgari, Prada, Hugo Boss, Harrods, and Louis Vuitton.  

Aside from Heston Blumenthal’s impressive dining options, guests here can enjoy the Japanese restaurant Nobu Matsuhisa’s dining. The casino also has a 2,200-capacity ballroom that hosts some of the most high-status events in Melbourne. This comprises the TV Week Logie Awards and the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix Ball.

This massive complex would reach a height of 90 stories if one Queens Bridge were added, making it Australia’s highest structure. Dice, wheel, and card games are among the top table games available at this casino. There are 2,500 authorized gaming machines and 3,500 poker machines at Melbourne Crown. It draws a lot of poker players and is home to the biggest poker tournament in the Southern Hemisphere, the Aussie Millions.       

500 tables are available for classic games like blackjack, craps, and roulette. While these capture the biggest physical casino in Australia, the online variant is also worth mentioning. It is very valuable as it has a wider collection of games and requires less stress to play. You can check https://www.olympia.casino/ to explore one of the best online casino sites. It is not only fast and secure but also accommodates various payment options, including cryptocurrencies.

  • Star Casino, Sidney 

The location of this casino is in Pyrmont’s downtown. From there, you can see Darling Harbour. It is a sizable complex with luxurious hotels, nightclubs, dining options, a swimming pool, numerous bars, and a gym. High-end retail establishments are also located within the property. There are two distinct floors in it. On the first level, there are three distinct gaming-specific zones on the main or general floor. Private and VIP gaming is only available on the second floor, located on the third level.

Poker tables, a space for electronic gaming, and table game spaces may all be found in the main casino. There are several table games available here, including baccarat, blackjack, craps, sic bo, roulette, and pai gow.

  • Crown Casino, Perth

This location was originally known as Burswood Island Casino. It is one of the biggest gaming establishments in Australia and is located on the Swan River. This sizable entertainment complex has many bars, two ballrooms, a theater, a nightclub, three hotels, and a convention center. It has a spa and some recreational features, and it has been enlarged to make room for more entertainment options, gaming options, and a six-star luxury hotel.

It has up to 350 gaming tables and a license for 2,000 electronic gaming machines. They offer popular and conventional games. They have a bar with the biggest sports screen in Australia and have live entertainment at the bars. They also have 12 poker tables and a private baccarat room.

Final Thoughts

These casinos are not only the biggest in Australia but also offer some of the best gaming, leisure, and entertainment services. They offer an array of traditional and electronic games, which helps to get the ultimate fun. They also offer some of the best VIP and private gaming experiences. If you are a gambling lover, you should definitely check them out.   


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