What Is Link Juice

Everyone wants to know how much weight each link transfers and dissipates and get as much link juice in seo as possible. In addition, while we’re trying to guess the proportion, some rules appear like that the weight is divided in a ratio of 5:1 or each outbound link takes away 10-15% of the donor’s weight.

Let’s figure out what is link juice and how to get from links as much as you can.

Let’s start with the fact that the page does not have an exact weight, if not talk about the size of the downloaded resources. There is comparative significance, and weight is only its visual representation. Of course, search engines calculate the importance of a page, but not like some proportion, but taking into account hundreds of factors, repeatedly refining the result.

Shall we try to figure it out? Let’s together with https://prposting.com/ start with the basics:

  • Why do outbound links take away weight? Because any link seems to say don’t linger here, look here.
  • Why do external links add authority? Because the linking page seems to highly recommend this one.

What is the difference between dofollow and nofollow?

The fact is that the search robot will follow the first link, but not the second one if it is well brought up. The nofollow attribute is like a no-move sign, and dofollow is the default permission. Previously, at the sight of nofollow, Googlebot obediently turned away, but since 2020, it received the right to ignore the ban and visit the page.

Significance and weight are not conveyed blindly. If the bot does not check what is on the link, then it will not be able to assess whether the user is being sent to a worthy resource. However, since bots were allowed to ignore nofollow, the situation is not so simple.

They can, but it is not guaranteed. There is a hope that the search engine is technically capable of counting backlinks with nofollows as an upvote when ranking. Especially if they are hosted on trust sites.

No. The most prominent link on the page (the one most likely to be clicked) is the most powerful link. Further, their order is descending.

It would seem that everything is simple and you can get your link juice with numerous dofollow links. However, outgoing links can add importance, while incoming links can tarnish your reputation. The latter includes links from untrusted resources, which are about to be (or already) sanctioned by search engines. If there are many toxic external links, it is better to reject them and look for a balance.

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