What is a time tracking App, and how do I choose it?

time tracking App

A time tracking App is essential for today’s business, especially when working remotely. Its primary function is to provide employees with a system to record the start and end of their working day so that HR can have visibility of hours worked and overtime.

There are many different apps on the market. However, the most powerful are specific software that allows employees to record their working hours anywhere, and the information reaches the human resources department in real-time.

Is it mandatory to have a time and attendance app?

The obligation to keep a register of working time has existed since May 2019. Since then, Spanish companies must keep a record of all their workers’ exact hours of entry and exit.

The law on the recording of working time is included in the workers’ statute, specifically in article 34.9, which explains that “the company must guarantee the daily recording of the working day, which must include the time-specific start and end of each worker’s working hour, without prejudice to the flexible working hours laid out here.”

In addition, the law also states that it is mandatory:

  • Keep records of working hours for at least four years.
  • Facilitate its access and consultation for employees and unions.
  • Communicate to the blocks the overtime worked each month.

However, the legal text does not mention the need to use one or the other system. Therefore, the company is free to choose the scoring method that suits it best. Although there are many options in the market, as mentioned above, the best option is to use time and attendance software which can also be used from a mobile phone. There is also various human resources management software on the market that integrates this functionality.

It is important to have an up-to-date and reliable time tracking app such as Apploye, as fines for exceeding time and attendance are the order of the day and can range from 626 to 6,250 euros depending on the offense. In fact, in the first six months of the law, 20% of the companies inspected did not comply with any of the mandated regulations, as we have already seen in the article on time control inspections of our blog.

Features of a time and attendance application

Apple time tracking App eves employees, managers, and, of course, the human resources team, so it must incorporate features to meet the needs of each of them.

Point and go

The main functionality of the apploye time tracking App is to clock employees in and out. Therefore, the process should be simple so that the user experience is pleasant and, at the same time, to ensure that all employees meet this obligation. It is also important that the software allows the clocking-in system to be configured so that, for example, work-from-home workers will be able to clock in and out from their homes.

Reports and summaries

Keeping track of the hours logged and the number of overtime hours worked is one of the responsibilities of the HR team. Therefore, the chosen software should contain automatic real-time reports to visualize key data. This will save the HR department much time per review day and ensure overtime is included in the monthly payroll.

Salary calculation

Another of the most incredible features of an Apple time tracking app is calculating salaries automatically. The human resources department will only have to enter the hourly rate of each employee and, based on the overtime worked by each employee, and it will calculate what they must be paid next month.

Mobile App

Being able to access the timesheet from the mobile phone, both for employees and for HR managers is a great advantage. Workers can enter their working hours wherever they are, managers can approve records, and HR can verify that everything is correct.

Time tracking via smartphone

You and your employees record all work and project times with the mobile smartphone app anytime and anywhere, to the minute. The synchronization is automatic. View your time entries, edit incorrect entries and add forgotten times! Test our time tracking mobile and without obligation.

What can a mobile time tracking app do?

With the Apploye Time Tracking app, you have everything you need for mobile time tracking. You can also create new customers or projects outside of the office, start your activities directly and record working times exactly whether company or freelancer. Apploye records every working day precisely, defined according to your specifications.

For iOS and Android

Apploye time tracking app is available for Apploye customers for Android and iOS smartphones. It automatically synchronizes all working hours with the account. The mobile time recording with the cell phone is ideal for on the go.


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