What characteristics of a dedicated server are important?

Do you need to rent a server(s)?

Renting a server(s) is an incredible opportunity these days. So, renting a server (s) will allow you, without significant investment, to get access to computing power and resources. You save a lot of money, but you have expensive and high-quality equipment at your disposal.

How to start renting a server(s)?

Renting a dedicated server(s) begins https://deltahost.com/dedicated.html , of course, with the choice of a company providing such services. The variety of companies on the market leads to a kind of stupor, and this is where the problems begin.

Knowing your budget, the cost of rent as a decisive factor, the choice will allow you to narrow your search. But cost alone should not be the key determinant.

The server is a complex technical device, and its operation cannot be described by one parameter, which means that the technical criterion will be complex. Therefore, renting a server(s) may require certain knowledge from you.

First of all, you need to pay attention to such technical nuances as:

  1. The processor is installed on the server chassis.
  2. Installed RAM modules.
  3. The amount of memory drives and the data transfer protocol used.
  4. Availability of expansion boards.
  5. Capabilities of the installed network port.
  6. Traffic provided by the server.
  7. The number of IPs provided.
  8. Provided software, including operating system.
  9. Ability to change the server configuration.
  10. Terms of installation.
  11. Location of the Data Center.

In addition to cost and technical factors, there is a human factor, namely:

  1. Attitude towards the client (friendly communication with the client, availability of discounts, promotions, etc.).
  2. The level of professionalism of technical support.

What to choose?

Given the above decisive factors, renting a physical server will not be a painful issue for you. So, Deltahost has secure servers located in Ukraine, the USA and the Netherlands. Renting a server(s) in Deltahost based on modern hardware (Intel Xeon 64bit, fast SSD, capacious HDD drives) will allow you to successfully solve your problems, whether it be financial projects, or performing various calculations, data storage, dedicated work environments, gaming projects and more.

You can choose the appropriate server configuration for you. And competent, and what is more important, benevolent specialists will help you with this. You won’t hear “soulless” managers who care about selling, for Deltahost the quality of the services provided plays a major role.

An example of modern servers leased by Deltahost

There are distinctive “chips” that are unique to Deltahost. So renting a server(s) from Deltahost gives you 24/7 access to IPKVM, you have the ability to manage power. In other words, you get control, both hardware and system, with full access.

Selecting the Deltahost Server Option

As you can see in the screenshot, the intuitive interface allows you to see all the technically important information regarding server rental. And this is just one of the wide variety of options for renting a server. At the same time, flexible pricing policy will also please you.

And the most pleasant bonus from Deltahost is the availability of a test period for using a rented server. You can be convinced of the high quality of work, both equipment and company employees.

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