What are Today’s Best Small Business Apps

Small Business Apps

Small business apps can boost productivity and make daily operations more simple for both you and your employees. There are apps for almost everything from tracking time and sending invoices to monitoring tasks and sharing work.

Time is money which means that you can’t choose tools to run your business as though it was a FairGo casino login roll of the dice.

If you’re looking for new ways to improve communication among staff members, schedule shifts, manage payroll, further marketing activities, track accounting activities, organize tasks, advance your social media presence and expedite other work-related needs for your small business, check out this year’s best small business apps.


Melio is a web-based account payable platform that you can use to pay bills for free via bank transfer or debit card. Melio is available for small businesses in the U.S. and can be used for vendors who limit payment options to check payments. The service is free and small businesses can make the transfers on any internet-enabled device.

An additional feature is the payment approval workflow which enables accountants, bookkeepers or other users to access the platform while the manager or business owner still has full control of transaction approvals. The payment scheduling feature allows users to set automatic payments to ensure that utility and other regularly-scheduled payments are paid out automatically, on time.


Xero is a good basic bookkeeping app for any small business but especially for a business that sees constant cash flow. Using Xero its possible to monitor the business’s cash flow in real-time, create expense claims, easily import and categorize bank transactions and send and track invoices. Xero integrates with hundreds of small business apps (Paypal, etc)

Google Docs

Google docs, Google presentations and Google spreadsheets allow a team to work remotely on the same document simultaneously. The “share” function shares the document with the team members who can each see it, make comments and corrections and watch the other comments and corrections that are being added in real-time.

Google Docs is a powerful collaboration tool for businesses. Traditionally, collaboration takes the form of sending email messages or attaching additional documents to e-mail so that they can be sent to collaborators. With Google Docs, there needs to be only one copy of a document which is stored on the cloud. One user creates a Google doc and then adds the team as collaborators. Collaborators are assigned tasks so that each collaborator knows what s/he is expected to do. The “comment” function allows various team members to add their comments and then the team can discuss whether or not to accept those comments.

The person who created the document can set the setting so that everyone can edit the document or set the settings so that only one person – or a few people – can edit.


If you don’t want to spend massive amounts of money building a website you can create a do-it-yourself website with Wix. The website-builder program gives you thousands of templates from which to choose to which you add content including text, images, hyperlinks, embedded content, H1 and H2 headings, tags, keywords and descriptions for search engines and more.

Wix provides all needed tools for SEO optimization along with eCommerce tools so that you can sell online.


In today’s atmosphere of remote work, the option to connect to team members from all areas is a necessity. With Connecteam you can connect your staff, manage operations, give your employees an enhanced work experience and facilitate better engagement to move your business forward.

Connecteam includes a full package of daily communication, job scheduling, time tracking and operational procedures functions. There are checklists and forms that keep all procedures and workflows online, employee scheduling features and internal communication features such as video, picture and GIF sharing, real-time updates, customizable chat options for both private and group conversations, searchable libraries and tools to facilitate employee training.


Square is a great tool for small businesses that need basic mobile card payment processing but the app is so much more. In addition to payment processing the company provides real-time analytics and sales data, email marketing tools, functions for sending online invoices and more. Square aims to make it easy for small businesses to accelerate their digital growth


Venmo is another payment app for small businesses but it offers the unique advantage of bringing aspects of social media into the world of online payments. It’s a social commerce platform that facilitates the ability of users to connect regarding their purchases and payments so that they can talk about what they bought and how their experience played out. People can comment and share about purchases which, in turn, gives the brands more exposure.

Businesses benefit by having customers connect their Venmo wallet to the business’s mobile site or app. They can then collect payments easily with no requirement for reauthorization on the part of either the buyer or the seller.

Truthfinder- Small Business Apps

Truthfinder provides detailed background check services for employers who want to know exactly who they are hiring. Many businesses are required by law to do background checks on new employees, especially those businesses that interact with children. Other businesses simply want to make sure that the person that they are hiring doesn’t have an unsavory history.

Truthfinder provides background reports which include correct, up-to-date information about location history, education, assets, associates and social media profiles.  For an extra fee, you can have the company do dark web monitoring to give you information on any possibility that you or your business’s data is being compromised on the web.

When you order a background check you are given the chance to choose from a wide variety of filters and search parameters. The site gives you quick results with instructions on how to read the reports and use the information wisely.


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