What are the most reliable jewellery companies

reliable jewellery

Gold purchases are common in India whether it is for religious festivals or for investments. This is probably why there are so many jewellery stores out there. However quantity does not guarantee quality. Hence it is highly advisable that once you find out gold price today in Ajmer or whichever city you are in, you don’t just rush to the nearest jewellery store and make the purchase. You should only buy jewellery from a reliable company. 

To help you out we have made a list of some of the most reliable jewellery companies in our country. Not only reliable but these are also some of the most popular jewellery companies in India. Apart from these, there are several other small and large jewellery companies operating in the market. The jewellery business is flourishing in India at a high pace due to rising income levels, availability of quality products and affordable prices.

  1. Tanishq

Tanishq is a popular jewellery brand in India that was established in the year of 1994. It is a subsidiary of Titan Industries. This company has over 125 showrooms in India and it is also the first jewellery company to launch an online store for jewellery shopping. Tanishq is the largest jewellery brand in India with a wide range of gold, diamond, and platinum ornaments. Their collection includes traditional, modern and contemporary designs. Tanishq is one of the most popular brands known for its quality, fine craftsmanship and innovative designs.

Tanishq is known as the pioneer in jewellery designing as they have a team of experienced craftsmen who have been trained at the world’s best design schools. They also provide free trial services to their customers.

  1. D’Damas

D’Damas was established in the year of 1992, and it is a part of Gitanjali Group, which is one of the largest diamond companies in the world. D’Damas is one of the leading Indian jewellery brands with over 175 stores across the country.

  1. CaratLane:

CaratLane was founded in the year 2008 by Mithun Sacheti, Srinivasa Gopalan, and Balaji Balaraman. It is also an online store for buying jewellery where you can buy a wide range of products like rings, earrings, chains, pendants etc.

  1. Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers is one of the leading jewellery companies based out of Thrissur, Kerala, India. The company was founded in 1993 by T S Kalyanaraman, who started his business with a capital of Rs 1 lakh and now it is a billion-dollar company. It employs over 10,000 people. The company has more than 112 showrooms across India and the Middle East countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, etc. It’s headquartered in the Thrissur City of Kerala State with a corporate office at Kochi, Kerala. Kalyan Jewellers also owns brands such as Malabar Gold & Diamonds.

  1. PC Jewelers Pvt Ltd

PC Jeweller is a leading Indian jewellery retailing company based out of New Delhi, India. The company has more than 125 showrooms across 100 cities in India with a total retail area of more than 6,80,000 square feet, as of December 2018. The company manufactures all its products in-house at its manufacturing plants located in NOIDA (Uttar Pradesh), Agra and Jaipur (Rajasthan).

  1. Reliance jewels

Reliance Jewels have always been a leader in creating trendsetting jewellery designs. They are also best known for their high quality and affordable prices. Reliance Jewels are best known for its exquisite collection of traditional, modern and contemporary pieces of jewellery. They keep on introducing several new collections every season which makes them one of the best jewellers in India.

  1. Joyalukkas

It’s an international jewellery retailer headquartered in Aluva, Kerala. They have more than 100 showrooms within India and abroad countries like UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

Many of these jewellery stores also offer different kinds of offers and discount. Hence, when you go out there to buy jewellery from these stores feel free to ask for a discount based on the price you see in your research of gold price today goa or Kerala. See more

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