Wedding Party Photo Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

Planning begins with planning toPosing to keeping your sanity, here’s everything you need toLearn more about taking photos of your wedding.

Everything You Need to KnowAbout Wedding Party PhotoIdeas

The wedding party photos are some of the most challenging images you’ll make at a wedding. In a wedding, it’s not uncommon toTake ten minutes toYou must manage twenty semi-sober adults to create some order.

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Oh! And keep it fun, and make sure everyone is smiling, and catch everyone’s eyes open, and show off the flowers, and watch the bride’s train, the flower girls, and… well, there’s a ton of stuff toYou now have 38 seconds for a wedding toTake the shot of your bridal party.

Part I: Plan and Prepare

These tips and hints will help you plan your bridal party. toYou and your clients will have a stress-free, fun-filled wedding day with these photo ideas

#1: You’re Literally Photographing Strangers

“You’ve probably developed a relationship with the bride and groom, but you’re technically just a stranger to their friends and family,” says Las Vegas photographer Sarah Jay – which is pretty weird when you think about the importance of the wedding day. That’s why you need toAt bridal party portrait time, put your best face forward

#2: Get your Plan in Place

You can order the wedding photos toEverything will go well, you are prepared toMake sure to plan ahead for your bridal party. “We talk with our couples before the wedding day to let them know how long photos should take and when will work best in their timeline,” shares Ohio photographer Stacey Carter of Love is Greater Photography. Communicating about:

  • What number of people are in your wedding party?
  • Which groupings and/or poses matter? toThe bride and groom are responsible for taking photos of the wedding party
  • Where the wedding photos will be taken
  • What length of time your clients can reasonably expect to see these wedding photos toTake
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#3: Big Parties Require Even Bigger Planning

Be honest: your ideal bridal party only has two bridesmaids, two groomsmen, a flower girl and a ring bearer, no kids, and *maybe* a couple of llamas. Alas, wedding photographers don’t get toChoose the bridal party

A large bridal party is a great idea toCompete with, You Have to invest extra planning your wedding party photo ideas, because this throng of besties won’t all fit on the church dais, let alone in one limo. Learn more about wedding party photo ideas

  • Who is the most deserving man/woman or maid/man/woman of honor? You’ll want toPose them near toThe wedding day: the bride and the groom
  • Is there any family members or siblings in the bridal party
  • Are there any couples in the wedding party?

Notes: Take lots of notes. toConsider posing options and wedding party photo ideas long before the photo time.

#4 Know Everyone’s Names

“Learn their names!” advises Sarah. “Knowing names will make the wedding party feel important, too.”

It’s easy toWhen planning your wedding party photos, be sure to take into account names and relationships. Lastly, you can use this information to help with the planning phase of your wedding. toCall people as often as you can by their name.

#5: First Photograph the Kids

Even young children have very little attention span when it is time to talk about family and take pictures of the bridal party. Arguably, it’s harder toHire a drunk groomsman toTake a closer look at the camera. to wrangle a toddler at a wedding, but that’s not the point. What matters in a bridal party session is to get the children out as fast as possible, so that they can have a break and take a well-deserved nap.

Make a list of which photos must be included in the wedding party’s bridal party and then take the first bridal party photos!

#6: Do your clients prefer formality or fun?

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Some of the most fanciful people you’ve ever photographed at a wedding will be the most irreverent while others may surprise you by their casual, down-to-earth nature. But the way someone behaves isn’t always a great indicator of how they’d like toMake sure you are visible. Discuss with your clients what they would like to see in their photographs for their bridal party. toWhat does it look like?

#7: Be on the lookout for awkward pairings

If you’ve never accidentally posed a divorced couple side-by-side for a group wedding photo, you haven’t lived.

Failures are not difficult, but they can be very easy. to encounter when you’re wrangling a mob of strangers at a wedding. Rule of thumb: Never assume toKnow who anyone is. That young lady may actually be the groom’s new stepmom. And those howling hyenas may, in fact, be the bride’s nephews. YouYou will never know.

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Preemptively ask your bridal party if there are any married couples in the group so you can arrange to be friends. In the wedding planning phase, make sure to ask the couple.

  • “Are there any people who should not be posed together?”
  • “Do I need toBe sensitive to any deaths or divorces among the portrait groupings?”

These simple questions will save you from any embarrassment, or discomfort during the wedding celebration.

#8: Explain What’s Going On

Ask your group to help you with your wedding photo ideas. Then, show them! “If you know you just got some ‘group magic’ in your camera, share it with the wedding party,” Sarah recommends. “This will develop trust between you and the group, and they will be even more responsive to your direction as you proceed.”

#9 Take Charge

It is not a good time to take photos of the bridal party. toYou can blend in or be a fly on a wall. YouHave toTake charge

“Being a Las Vegas wedding photographer, I get my fair share of drunken groomsmen and selfie queens for bridesmaids!” laughs Sarah. “Find a balance between being a playful photographer and one who can reign them in when time is of the essence or attitudes are not their best.”

#10: Keep on top of the details

“It will only take a minute or two to make sure the little things are perfect, but that effort will truly make your images stand out!” says Sarah.

She suggests keeping an eye out to spot errant hairs and crooked ties. Also, be aware of falling boutonnieres, crooked neckties, falling boutonnieres, off kilter bouquets and those annoying black hair ties that many women wear around their wrists. While most imperfections will go unnoticed on the final photo, the wedding party will appreciate your efforts!

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Part 2: Wedding PartyPoses

You don’t have toReinvent the wheel. YouJust have to get some great wedding photos of your clients’ best friends looking fabulous! These are some tried-and true settings to inspire you.

#1: Mix and Match

For a more unique look, don’t put all of the dress-wearers on each side. Mix and match the wedding party members for a more creative look. Be sure toAsk if there are couples in the group so you can pose together.

#2: Keep ’em Moving

Who said wedding party portraits were boring? toBe formal and rigid. Your wedding party should be formal and stiff. to walk, skip, jump, or just snuggle “close-close-CLOSER!” until you get great photographs of huge smiles and authentic connections.

#3: Posing on Stairs

Ask any non-photographer and they’ll say, “Oh, this huge staircase will be perfect for photographing the wedding party!” But most staircases actually aren’t a great spot for portraits.

#4: Get a Seat

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You’ll have way more posing options if you include some seating. If you’re inside, you can usually locate a cool sofa or bench. If you’re outside, snag a few folding chairs or seek out a low garden wall. Be sure to not sit in dirt or pollen, especially if you’re wearing a white wedding gown!

#5: Find the Story

If you’re shooting in a crowded city, let the natural activity and energy inform your images. You can make your story more interesting by including unexpected photo bombers or unplanned events. This will give your clients an amazing collection of memories.

#6 KnowYour Power Poses

“We’re not afraid to incorporate different angles and movements into the images,” says Stacey. “It’s not uncommon for us to pose guys in more powerful stances with a lower camera angle.”

A low angle photograph of someone makes them seem larger and more powerful. This is a powerful pose that’s well-suited. toAny confident wedding party.

#7: Cheek toCheek

Your subjects will love you!toFor a simple, sweet portrait, keep your cheeks tucked in and your eyes on their smiles. “We often have the bridesmaids cuddle in close and show off their pretty florals,” Stacey describes. Any images that show off the florist’s hard work will be appreciated by them!

Consider photographing from above for a look that’s more focused on the faces. To show off the wedding party’s wardrobe, use a longer lens and photograph at a less dramatic angle.

#8: Catch the Reaction

Love is Greater Photography is a team that loves toYou can assign tasks to your wedding party. Sometimes they’ll ask them toYou can pose for three on the count of 3. Or you can dance your heart out. toPoint B. “We’re not necessarily looking to deliver an image of that dance move,” admits Stacey, “but rather the genuine reactions and laughs that happen after!”

A wedding party is ready to host. to be extra-silly, take extra photos so you don’t miss a moment of the hilarity!

#9: Fake Laughs Can Be Real Fun

YouYou see that hilarious, smiling wedding photo in magazines? You don’t have toThat’s what you should do. toIt will happen naturally! Position your wedding party according to their preferences, and then tell them! toMake them laugh loudly, with abandon, and ridiculously. They’ll feel silly at first, but those fake laughs will quickly turn genuine, giving you ample opportunity toYou will find some funny, sweet moments.


#10: Baby got back

Everyone loves a cute tushy – especially if it’s draped in a gorgeous gown or dapper tuxedo! Show off your bride’s flowing hairstyles, elegant updos and elaborate veils in wedding photos.

Keep Your Couples Coming Back For More!

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You can increase your product sales as a photographer by teaching simple wedding poses that customers will love.


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