Everything You Need to Know About Wallpapering Furniture

You are looking for an easy, affordable, and enjoyable craft? toStart the New Year! Wallpaper your furniture!

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Apart from creating unique, chic pieces toDecorate your home for a thousand reasons toTry this decorating method. But since we don’t have the time or the word count to wax lyrical about the wonders of wallpapering, we’ve narrowed it down toThree

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#1 – It’s sustainable!

If you’re like us, you love tweaking, adding new touches, and transforming your home style, but it’s important toBe cautious about overconsumption. In these trying times, sustainability is the name of the game, and it’s especially important when it comes to interior decorating.

Wallpaper toOne way to decorate furniture is to toRepurpose old pieces to make new and personalized items. Whether it’s pieces you find at a thrift store or old ones laying around the house, think of them as a blank canvas for you toCustomize the wallpaper that best suits your needs

#2 – Stand Out

At this point, “fast” furniture has become a fixture in homes all around the world, most notoriously from IKEA, but also from cult-favorite brands like CB2. These stores have the upside of creating beautiful furniture at an affordable price. However, everyone ends up with the exact same thing.

Wallpaper is a simple way to decorate. toYour furniture should be different from all the rest. They are an excellent starting point for creating the look you desire for your home.

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#3 – It’s cheap

Giving new life toThe old furniture is more cost-effective than buying new expensive pieces. toIt is cheaper to buy furniture at thrift stores or IKEA than wallpaper. So, if you’re interested in renovating your home on a budget, wallpapering your furniture is the perfect design project for you.

So, do a quick mental scan and take stock of all the furniture you currently have lying around your house—that Billy Bookcase in the office, the outdated China cabinet your parents gave you, a boring dresser that could use some sprucing thegoneapp.com are all surfaces just waiting toYou can even trim it with wallpaper! And what’s more, it’s unbelievable simple.

Follow these steps for easy results

How to Decorate FurnitureWallpaper

Before you begin wallpapering your furniture, you’ll need a few tools:

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

It’s all about when it comes toWallpaper can be used on any surface. However, it’s important toPlease note that not all surfaces work. toThe same wallpaper is used. You’ll either want toYou should choose wallpaper that you feel will stick to the wall. to the surface or you’ll have toThe surface can be modified toChoose your wallpaper

You will need wallpaper glue if you plan to use non-adhesive wallpapers. toglass If you are looking for glass, toCover a glass surface with double-sided tape, or use adhesive wallpaper.

The Quadrostyle adhesive wallpaper works well for covering wallpaper. It eliminates the need for wallpaper glue. It sticks naturally and is therefore cost-effective. toThere are many surfaces available, including ceramic tile, plastic, linoleum and satin-finished drywall. IKEA furniture often features particleboard or melamine.

Wallpaper doesn’t stick toAny porous materials, cracks, or unsealed surface, matte-finished or raw wood, and matte-finished drywall. Wooden furniture you wish toBefore covering with wallpaper, varnish it.

It’s also a good idea toSmoothen textured surfaces, and clean thoroughly and dry surfaces before you apply wallpaper. toYou will receive a flawless product.

Step 2: Measure, Cut

You can save yourself time and a lot of sticky mess by measuring the area you want to plan. toWallpaper. Remember how you want your furniture to look. to look when it’s done. Do you desire clean lines? Invisible edges?

If you want to cover the drawer’s front, for example, make sure to measure enough paper toWrap around the edges. Your measurements don’t have to be exact because the edges of the paper won’t be visible. On the other hand, if you are covering an edged surface, such as a panel of a bookshelf, you’ll want toBe very specific.

If you’re nervous about cutting the wrong dimensions or cutting crooked lines, it’s better toDo not cut too large pieces. YouYou can always trim the excess off later.

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Step 3: Smoothen out and apply air bubbles

Once you’ve cut out your wallpaper pieces, all that’s really left toNow, apply your wallpaper!

Use non-adhesive wallpapers first. toAs indicated, work slowly on the wallpaper or the surface. toUse the wallpaper toYour furniture should be safe. toAvoid air bubbles whenever possible

Quadrostyle wallpaper is an adhesive wallpaper. You can simply peel and stick it, while also taking care toAvoid air bubbles

Use a soft cloth, or wallpaper brush, to remove the wallpaper after it has been applied. to work out any air bubbles until it’s perfectly smooth. Alternativly, you can use a straightedge such as a spatula and credit card. toPush bubbles out.

Step 4: Trim toPerfection

This is the end of wallpapering. If certain edges are not hanging straight or looking uneven, you can stop. toYou can trim the excess using a utility blade or razor blade. You are done when your edges are clean and neat.

Feed Your Wallpaper Inspiration

You love the idea of wallpapering old, drab furniture but aren’t sure where to start. toTry it! It’s a great technique for decorating the inside or outside of cabinetry, bookshelves, tabletops, and dressers. YouIt can be used even toCover the entire surface of flat, smooth furniture such as nightstands or coffee tables. But let’s not ramble on.

Here are some wallpapered furniture examples to help inspire you!

Your Billy Bookcase will be a hit with some new flair

Wallpaper toIt’s easy to find the back panel on the IKEA staple. toMake your Billy stand out. This uber-popular, DIY bookshelf can be made into a statement piece by adding a painted trim.

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Step into Style

Stepstools deserve love too! If it’s just going toYou’ll be waiting in the corner, just like I am. toIt might be worth looking at, even if it’s not being used. Quadrostyle vinyl wallpaper can be used, even though it is lightweight and thin. to be durable, and outlast all the stomping it’s bound to endure.

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Dress up your dresser

One of the most sought-after IKEA items to makeover with wallpaper is the RAST dresser, and it’s easy toYou’ll see why! The simple structure makes it easy to customize. This is how the frame has been painted black, and the drawers have been covered with a black-and-gold wallpaper. But don’t forget the finishing touch—glimmering brass knobs tie it all together!

Source: Home Beautiful

Revivify The China Cabinet

The China cabinet is a piece of furniture that can always use some sparkle! Quadrostyle Agardir wallpaper was used to cover the back panel on an oak cabinet. It gives it personality while also lightening the otherwise heavy installation.

Make your Formica shine!

These Formica chairs are a classic mid-century design and a timeless option for kitchen dining arrangements. This Formica chair is retro-inspired by Quadrostyle Diamond wallpaper, mustard. Perfect for those who aren’t shy about showing off their personality!

Wallpaper can make your home stand out

You can keep it simple and cover a single surface such as the top of a nightstand or table. Quadrostyle Syracuse wallpaper is a nice touch of pale pink. toAn otherwise white-washed space!

Get your Entertainment Console more dynamic

Kelli of @myhouseof8 ordered the wrong-sized Willow in Fonte Grey tile stickers to her bathroom floor. to waste—she used them to add dimension toHer entertainment console! This simple addition keeps it simple yet elegant.

Before & After

Source: @myhouseof8

Kelli’s Highlight of “Shelf Backsplash”, Instagram toSee how she did it, or view the video below:

Can’t wait toGet started with your wallpaper project. Encourage others toFollow the example of others by pining this article!

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