22 Easter Bunny Images Free – Updated!

22 Easter Bunny Images Free!

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Today, we are adding another beautiful Rabbit to the captivating collection. Easter Bunny ImagesYou can find it here! Vintage comes in many forms. Easter BunnyBelow are some pictures. There are many options available. EasterProjects Postcards EasterThey are beautiful. All of these are wonderful. Bunny ImagesGift tags would be great for an EasterBasket or Holiday Card(*22*)

Sweet EasterBunnies Images

Easter Animals ImageThis is the latest addition. This is a Rabbit with a large Egg on its back. The Chickens running behind him don’t look too pleased!(*22*)

Easter Bunny Egg Image He’s a wonderful Tall BunnyWalking on two legs with a basket filled of eggs on his back, He’s framed up in an egg shaped frame with a faux bois background. Charming!(*22*)

Easter Bunny with Flowers ImageAs you can see, we have a very delicious Brown. BunnyRabbit frame with an Easter Floral Bouquet, including EasterLilies, Forget-Me-Nots, and Lily of the Valley.(*22*)

Victorian Easter Bunny Egg Image(*22*)

Here’s a nice Old Fashioned EasterPostcard. This card shows a cute, large White Rabbit and a big Pink. EasterEgg! It’s striking because of the bright pink-blue color combination!(*22*)

Vintage Easter Bunny Pussy Willow Frame(*22*)

Vintage Easter BunnyPictures

Bunny Family(*22*)


Sandy, a reader who was very kind, sent this graphic. It’s from a 1922 Ladies Magazine cover and shows the Easter BunnyHis wife and all of his children BunnyChildren! These cute pictures are Sandy’s! EasterBunnies!(*22*)

Cute Easter Bunny Images

Free Vintage Easter Bunny Images(*22*)

Vintage Easter Bunny with Child Dancing(*22*)

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These vintage beauties are simply stunning Easter Bunny Images! Above is an adorable Vintage Postcard depicting a tall Brown. EasterRabbit and a little girl holding hands. He seems to have brought 3 large, colorful eggs. This is so adorable! This card has the original background at the bottom. However, a second version is provided with additional options.(*22*)

Bunny Girl in Gingham Dress(*22*)


This Vintage EasterImage shows a adorable BunnyGirl in pink gingham dress! She is so beautiful! Easter Bonnet too. This reminds me so much Mary Engelbreit. Darling!(*22*)

Easter Bunnies with Baskets on Backs(*22*)

These are two fun antique scrap rabbits. The Bunnies are adorable with their cute faces and large baskets of eggs. I’ve created a Printable Collage Sheet for you guys, with these 2 whimsical Rabbits along with a third one not shown above. The can be yours Free Antique Scrap Rabbits Printable HERE. (*22*)

Colorful Bunny Mom with Babies(*22*)


This Vintage is my favorite! Easter BunnyImage! Isn’t he the best?!! It’s such a classic looking Victorian Bunny Rabbit. He is in a cute pose, standing up. He is big with large ears and wears a Velvet Fur Coat.(*22*)

This is a very cute Vintage EasterClip Art of a Basket full of all kinds of amazing things! There are eggs, lots of beautiful Flowers and a cute white! BunnyWith big, pink eyes! Such a fun Image. The Basket itself is very attractive. I just love its texture!(*22*)


Bunny Daffodil Card(*22*)

Mona submitted this adorable little cutie! It is an old Bridge Tally Card with a funny pink BunnyIt! It is the BunnyA pot with one bright yellow Daffodil inside it is carried by the author. This one is not as high resolution as we normally scan, but I think it’s still a pretty decent size and should work on most craft projects.(*22*)

Easter BunnyGreeting Cards

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Above is an image of the Easter BunnyHe’s a beautiful White Rabbit with Pink Eyes! He’s a beautiful White Rabbit with Pink Eyes!! These cards with large numbers are my favorite. BunnyThese are the heads.(*22*)

Vintage Easter Bunnies Card(*22*)

Above is a vintage photo EasterBunnies Postcard. Two adorable little Bunnies are featured on the card. The one with white fur is the white Rabbit, while the other has brown spots and white spots. The white Rabbit appears to be playing hide-and-seek with the other. The greeting on the card is “Loving Easter Greetings.”(*22*)

Vintage Bunny Spanking Image(*22*)


We have a lot of fun EasterPostcard depicting two Rabbits dressed in their finest! The Drum is being played by one Rabbit, while the Cymbals are being played by the other. They remind me of Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit.(*22*)

Musical Bunnies Band(*22*)


This is a very whimsical look EasterCard featuring 4 White Bunnies Each BunnyThey are each playing a musical instrument, and they all sit on a comfortable 4-Leaf Clover bed!(*22*)

I hope this fun and curated collection was enjoyable. Easter Bunny Images!!! Our site might be of interest to you. 30+ The Best Vintage Stock Easter ImagesHERE.(*22*)


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