Who is Vin Diesel wife? Why did he keep it secret?

Vin Diesel wife

To begin with, A well-known actor, Vin Diesel is popular for more than simply his movie performances. As one of the most private people, he is very well recognized. But who is the spouse of Vin Diesel? What makes them keep their marriage so under wraps? This article will tell you! A native of the United States, Vin Diesel works as an actor, producer, director, and writer. Dominic Toretto, a character from the “F&F” film series, is Diesel’s best-known role. It is unknown whether Vin Diesel is married, but we surely know about his girlfriend and mother of his three children, Paloma Jimenez. But, the question is: Is Paloma Vin Diesel wife?

Moreover, They have been dating each other since 2007 and had three kids together. Vin Diesel’s real name is Mark Sinclair, and after him, Paloma Jimenez took his surname “Sinclair.” But it is still unclear whether she is Vin Diesel wife; moreover, he kept it secret and succeeded in keeping it private from his fans. It is just because of social issues and personal reasons. Vin Diesel and Paloma Jimenez have been loyal to each other for the last 15 years and managed to keep it secret well, secret!

Do you know about Vin Diesel wife?

The most prominent role that Paloma Jimenez has played is that of actor Vin Diesel’s wife. She is a very well-known Mexican American fashion model. In Acapulco, a significant port city in the Mexican state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast, she was born Karla Paloma Jiménez Denagustin on August 22, 1983.

Vin Diesel wife
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What about her career?

She started her modelling career very young and displayed many of her best features as a rising model before being signed by ID Model Management and Look Models of Mexico. Additionally, Two Management, a well known management firm represented our star wife. Also, she appeared in advertising for Honda and Coca-Cola. She debuted on the screen in the Mexican Maxim magazine in January 2005, and a year after, she was featured in the veil of Max. She attended the Ready to Wear-Spring/Summer fashion show, where she walked the catwalk for stars like Lily of France, Alberto Rodriguez, Roberto Villareal, Carlo Demichelis, Guillermo Vargas, Citrico, Jorge Castellanos Carmona, and Hector Terrones. As a brand ambassador for Pantene, she also participated. In the Mexican comedy and entertainment show “Otro Rollo,” she made an appearance in 2014.

Personal life of Diesel wife

Paloma is almost 16 years older than Diesel. She spent 15 years of her precious life with Vin diesel as they got together in 2007, and they are together till now. They are still unmarried, but they have 3 children. The children’s names are Hania Riley Sinclair, Pauline Sinclair, and Vincent Sinclair. Additionally, she left her work as a model only to raise her children. She has quite an excellent physical appearance because modelling became her career.

How much she has in her pocket!

Before giving up her job, Paloma Jimenez worked as a model and an actor. She was a leading model in her nation and worked for several well-known companies. Paloma has undoubtedly earned a respectable chunk of money throughout her career. Online sources indicate that Vin’s long-standing girlfriend’s net worth will be $5 million by 2020. Her boyfriend, meanwhile, has a staggering net worth of $200 million.

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Vin Diesel and her children have dominated Paloma’s life. She favors experiencing the present rather than documenting it. Despite barely using them, she has kept up accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Like other famous partners, she hasn’t yet established a profile on Instagram. According to some reports, the traditional Mexican model is content with being Vin Diesel’s girlfriend, and there are no immediate plans for a wedding.

Appeared in TV Shows

Paloma is a tall model and has also appeared in television shows. Firstly she appeared in the famous or popular Mexican show Otro Rollo on November 2, 2004. This shoe features live music, comedy sketches, interviews, and other entertainment. This show went off the air on May 8, 2007, after running flawlessly for 12 years. Not only this, but she also appeared in another TV show named The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, along with her husband and kids, in 2013. Therefore, Vin was promoting his movie F&F 6 on that show.

How did Vin Diesel and his wife manage 15 years of relationship?

Paloma was concentrating on her modelling career when she first came into contact with Vin Diesel. Vin was in love at first sight, but Paloma made the decision to ignore him. Vin, though, didn’t spare any effort to win her over. Paloma ultimately agreed to his proposition after he had exhibited all of his charms.

Despite being together since 2007, the couple hasn’t yet tied the knot. They don’t appear to be feeling the need to exchange vows. The pair haven’t had any issues despite their massive 16-year age difference. Despite their disagreements, they accept each other’s opinions and allow each additional space in their relationship. Since you only need something to maintain a healthy connection, nothing can break you apart.

Paloma Jimenez is fortunate to be Vin’s ally and source of support. For better or worse, Paloma remains by Vin’s side. At the premieres of his films or other events, she is always with him. Jimenez was by Vin Diesel’s side as he received a star here on Hollywood Fame Walk in 2013, at that time. Diesel’s parents,, Irving and Delora, also witnessed the accolade  who were in attendance. Additionally, Paloma frequently makes appearances alongside Vin Diesel on red carpets, like in 2013 for his movie Riddick. They appear to be a match made in heaven; they are just the cutest couple.

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Vin Diesel and Paloma Jimenez kids: Hania, Vincent, and Pauline

Despite not being married, Paloma Jimenez’s husband, Diesel already has three children together—two daughters and a son. On April 2, 2008, they welcomed their eldest child, Hania Riley Sinclair. She frequently joins her parents on special occasions, such as red-carpet appearances and movie premieres. In 2014, Paloma attended the Guardians of the Galaxy movie launch.

Hania attends the neighborhood school while living alongside her parents in L.a. She has a black belt in jiu-jitsu and judo. The Diesel family’s eldest member and her father have a particular relationship. She is much more experienced than her kids are at this age. She wished Vin success in his movie when she was only seven years old in a heartfelt note.

Likewise, in 2010, Paloma added to her family by having Vincent Sinclair. In countless family movies that Diesel posts on social media, the tiny munchkin imitates his father as an adult. The father-and-son team just sent out a hopeful message in the midst of the continuing coronavirus outbreak. Vincent states in a video that Vin shared on Instagram on the benefits of Coronavirus that the pandemic has united the world as one big family. In addition, Paul’s daughter Meadow Walker is a close family friend of Paloma’s and her family, and they think of her as their child.


In the end, Vin Diesel wife is one of the famous models who earned a lot and got her name recognized because of his link with Vin. She has three children she loves a lot as Paloma left his career as a model to raise their children. Not only this, she is beautiful and understands the feelings and emotions of her boyfriend, husband, Vin Diesel due to which they got together in 2007, and now it’s almost 15 years, and their relationship is on the proper track.

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