Verpex review


A new web hosting company called Verpex is creating a stir in the industry. It offers a variety of tools and inexpensive plans. It also provides top-notch customer support through a number of ways. 

This company made its debut in 2019. It has offices in London, Bulgaria, and Bali, as well as data centers in Canada, the United States, India, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Australia. Despite having less than three years of hosting experience, Verpex has made an excellent reputation.

What do they offer?

Verpex provides managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, managed Magento hosting, and domain registration. 

This article will focus on their best sellers, cloud hosting, and reseller hosting. Since they are quite famous for their reseller plans, they have a library full of educational material that you can find here. You can start by reading: what is reseller hosting?

Cloud hosting 

A faster website is what cloud web hosting is designed to deliver. A fast website will keep users on it longer, increasing sales and subscription counts. So if you have a blog that you want to make money off of or an online business that you want to expand, think about getting cloud hosting. 

Verpex will give you a first-class website with a fantastic performance. 

If you already have a hosting provider but you are not happy with it, you will be pleased to hear that moving one or more of your websites from that host to Verpex will not cost you anything. Transferring your websites to your new account will be an easy and hussle-free process with long-term benefits. 

Each website hosted by Verpex comes with a free SSL. It is installed by an automatic SSL tester one hour after you publish and make your website online.

Furthermore, data backups are done automatically, so you will never have to worry if something goes wrong. 

Reseller hosting 

When it comes to network coverage, this company has data centers spread across five continents. Therefore, you may select the reseller hosting in a data center that is located nearest to you. Whether you are in Europe, North America, or Asia, you can find a server that is close to your country and your clients for optimal speed.

You can purchase hosting resources and resell them to your clients with Verpex’s reseller hosting. They have several offers, one of which comes with unlimited resources such as storage and bandwidth.

You will be able to create plans and decide how you want to package the server resources you get from Verpex. Each hosting plan or website might have its own unique restrictions on disk space, storage, memory, email usage, and a variety of other features. You will be able to set a price based on the features you offer. 

Administering your DNS for reseller hosting is now simpler than ever, thanks to Anycast. It enables you to enhance the functionality of your website and ask for global re-routing to reach your customers wherever they may be. So even if you have international clients, you will be able to provide high-quality plans. 


The hosting industry is quite saturated with many providers, so creating a good reputation is a challenge that Verpex successfully completed. If you are in search of a reseller hosting plan, look no further! If you want a top-notch cloud hosting solution from a reliable host, Verpex has you covered! 

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