This line is spoken in Yortuk’s and Georg Festrunk’s roles on Saturday Night Live (1970).

Saturday Night Live in 1970s featured comic geniuses Steve Martin & Dan Aykroyd as two crazy brothers who immigrated from Czechoslovakia. They just wanted to have fun and meet chicks. Although this may seem like a wholesome, genuine immigration story, don’t let it fool you. Martin and Aykroyd are having fun while riffing on cultural stereotypes and the American Dream.

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This is their motto. Because they are fun-loving men who love to fit in and think it makes them more trendy, Are they hip? No. They are hilarious.

It’s where you heard it

This line, like many other classic SNL sketches is a joke from pop culture. You might have heard it from vintage late-night TV viewers. This is unsurprisingly on the 50 greatest SNL skits.

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You can’t get enough of Georg and Yortuk. Here’s a complete list of their SNL appearances. You can also wear their costumes as Halloween costumes if you really enjoy swinging like The Festrunks.

Pretentious Factor

This quote would be a great conversation starter at any dinner party. Would you get an “awww” in unison? Or would everyone just look at you and not invite you back? This is it, on a scale 1-10.


This one should only be used with those who can get the reference. Otherwise, it might not work. As the Festrunks proved repeatedly, it’s not a good pickup line.

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