Top 8 Over-Ear Headphones for Every Listener

The finest over-ear headphones would produce better audio to plunge you fully into your tunes, no matter what genre. If you’re looking for a set of cabled over-ear earplugs for a personal listening session or to assist you in concentrating, listed below are some top over-the-ear headphones available today. 

This will look into brand specifications of several aspects, including quality craftsmanship, convenience, overall great sound, and noise-cancellation functionality.

1. A.N.C. Marshall Monitor

These have a battery life of over 30 hours and can be used wirelessly over BT, but if you’d prefer corded hearing, there is also a 3mm input connection available.

Additionally, there is an active noise-cancellation button that may switch between ANC and supervising settings or be completely off. The foldable, compact earphones can be adjusted and are pleasant even when used over several hours. They may be stored in the canvas carrying case if not in use.

2. Beyerdynamic 1990

Beyerdynamic has a reputation for producing many of the finest audio equipment in the industry, despite the fact that it may be as well recognized as its German brother, Sennheiser. Many praised their DT770, DT880, and especially DT990 over-ear headsets for their exceptional construction and audio quality.

More superior is the DT 1990 Pro. It’s an accessible variation of the Balanced armature DT Pro, a headset selected as the Editor’s Selection for its imagery, style, and affordability. Since both headsets cost the same, there is no advantage to choosing the other over the other. The audio of the two approaches distinguishes them from one another.

3. Grado SR325x

Since it was initially released three decades ago, the Prestige line of headphones has served as the foundation of Grado’s product line. Grado has always evolved in little, incremental increments, even as the series has grown. For the current “x” generation, the narrative has not changed.

The only differences between the top-of-the-line SR325x and its main opponent, the What Hi-Fi Award-winning SR325e, are:

  • The redesigned, thinner foam earpads
  • The updated cable
  • The lighter-colored stitching on the thickly padded headbands

However, the SR325x seems noticeably sharper as well as crisper than its predecessor, which is where the distinction lies. Although the ‘x’ version sounds slightly more accurate, those headsets were always clear and expressive players.

4. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless headphones are accessible in a brand-new type, the Sony W-1000XM5. However, the older model outperforms the newer one. The catalyzing noise cancellation (ANC) mechanism in such headphones can shield you from various noises, such as the roar of bus motors and background talk.

Their baritone sound sets your music to extra thump, growl, and impact, making it suitable for styles like EDM or hip-hop. Addicted to Audio Headphones are high-quality and full of features, be sure to check out their selection.

5. Bose 700

Although the Bose Linked 45 headsets are well-liked, designers believe these Bose 700 are a superior option. There will be 11 different noise-canceling settings available on these headphones, including complete noise-canceling headphones to full visibility mode so you can hear everything around you. 

Despite being wireless, the headphones still have an audio connection for wired playback. Additionally, you may adjust the earcups upward and downward to achieve the most favorable seat because they are customizable.

Users may skip songs, adjust the volume, and more using a mixture of buttons, multi-touch, and speech help. According to the manufacturer, the headsets with a travel bag have a 20-hour battery life on a single charge and can be linked to the Bose Music Player.

6. Audeze LCD-1

Only with LCD-1 accessible headphones has Audeze reduced the cost of their demanding and frequently costly equipment. It’s okay to pick such over-ear headphones up as long as you’re willing to listen in total isolation because of the design’s considerable level of sound leaking.

Designers discovered that the LCD-1s’ general display was organized, interesting, and realistic regardless of the artist or genre. The open-back design produces an extraordinarily detailed, clear, beautifully subtle, and captivating performance. You’ll hear previously unrecognized elements in the material you currently adore, and then you’ll experience original tunes as the creators meant.

7. Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2

Six sensors are employed to eliminate and neutralize annoying background noise without compromising playback quality. Two microphones are utilized to assess the performance of the actuators, whereas two more capture background disturbance.

The second two microphones improve the quality of wireless conversations by reducing airflow and utilizing noise suppression technology from Alango.

These Px7 S2 over-ear headsets were designed by Bowers & Wilkins and can fit comfortably for extended listening sessions. Its band and memory cushion ear cups were designed to reduce strain on your hearing and the back of your head, even if you wear spectacles.

Use the B&W Music app to operate your Px7 S2 headsets. With the app, you can modify the EQ settings, link the headphones with your smartphone, control noise cancellation, check the battery life, and assign functions to the inter button. 

The key may be configured to launch the voice command on your smartphone, turn on ANC correction, or choose between turn settings.

8. Jabra Elite 85h

These Jabra Elite 85h were approved rain- as well as water-resistant, so you can use them while putting on a sweat, based on the company. The headphones offer noise canceling and passive noise cancellation, and they link by Bt or via a 3.5mm audio wire. (This is not to be mistaken with “waterproof,” since submerging the earphones in a bath or poolside is not recommended.)

The battery life is up to 38 hours, and voice help is available by pressing a button. Its Jabra Sound app offers personalization options, and the headsets are packaged in a carry bag.


The devices people use nowadays are improving and progressing with time; it is essential to pick the specs that are the greatest suited for your style. The over-ear headphones mentioned above demonstrate their quality and approach to every listener, where they may feel the full potential of their inner music soul.

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