Top 7 Tips For PMP Exam Preparation in 2022

The PMP stands for Project Management Professional which is certified by Project Management Institute. It is one of the leading courses for project managers across industries and businesses. You can go through pmp exam questions 2022 for scoring better marks. 

According to a global resource management report, there is a great need for new project professionals. This results in an increasing demand for qualified project managers. So getting PMP certification can establish you as a skilled project manager. Here are the top 7 tips to earn a PMP certificate.

Force the PMBOK Guide

PMP aspirants are provided with a guidebook to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK). It includes all essentials like its prerequisites, exam pattern, topics covered in the exam, types of questions being asked in the exam and much more. Preparing with the latest PMBOK Guide would help you significantly and navigate you in the right direction.

Concentrate More On Comprehension Than Memorization

PMP is all about your project management skills. It focuses more on your ability than theories in a real-world situation. Most often aspirants are seen focusing more on memorising. This is because of some complex terminologies and theories of the three PMP domains.

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If you want to excel in exam prep you must read to understand not memorise.

Force Free Exam Preparation Resources

You cannot get everything in the form of hardcopy. It is better to visit the PMI website and download free resources for exam preparation such as PMP Handbook, PMP exam content outline, and PMP sample questions. Preferring such materials will increase your awareness and help you to cover a wide range of topics.

Becoming Member Of Outline Community

It is ideal for all future PMP exam participants to start a PMP discussion group and share the exam preparation plans. Members can:

Post queries, and concerns and get them resolved 

Get to know more about the new exam resources

Resolve another aspirant query to better your concept and understanding.

Connect with both candidates and certified professionals.

Seek Online Exam Prep Courses

Online courses and study groups are very vital for your preparation. The basic approach to preparing for the PMP certification exam is important anyways. Online courses enable you to access proper guidance from professionals and experienced instructors who have cleared the exam. Any query can be solved when presented on an online portal of professionals. It will boost your success rate.

Adding Online PMP Exam Simulators To Your Strategy 

Practice exams are also known as test series and are mandatory for any exam preparation. PMP certificate exam contains 200 multiple-choice questions containing formula-based questions, complex situational questions, inference-based questions and Knowledge-based questions. PMP simulators help you to access your preparation level and boost your confidence. 

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Formulate Own Study Plan

If you are concerned about how to pass pmp certification. Based on your understanding and level of IQ, plan a customized study plan for each day. Plan your study keeping certain factors in mind, including:

Familiarity with exam topics.

Amount of time you can give to your study.

When do you plan to take the examination?

Training techniques you would prefer like self-study or instructor-led.

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