Top 5 Equestrian Apps For Easier Horse Training

Equestrian Apps

Unless you are a keen horse enthusiast or trainer, you may not know that that are several equestrian apps available on different platforms that can help you manage your horse in ways you never thought possible. Listed below are 5 such apps that have been tested and recommended. Each has its own unique proliferations, and some may be better to use than others based on your specific needs. – Equestrian Apps

  1. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an effective app that monitors your horse’s health and gives you less worry, especially since the app works no matter where you are or where your horse is. It is more expensive than other apps on this list coming in with a $1,000USD one-off payment but it does come with a smart leather halter which helps in monitoring your horse’s stress levels and heart rate.

  1. Trackener- Equestrian Apps

The health of your horse should be of the utmost priority and this app provides that. It is a 24/7 monitoring app that provides you with information such as heart rate, anxiety levels, and movement. This app is especially popular among vets who want an around-the-clock view of how the horse or horses are going under their care. You can maintain a view of your horse’s location and you can monitor the animal’s sleep patterns as well. This helps you keep a constant view of the health of your horses. It is not a free app but it only costs around $12USD a month and that minor expense should not be a problem when it comes to your horses’ health and safety.

  1. Horse Riding Tracker

Horse Riding Tracker delivers what its name insinuates. Keeping track of your horse or horses can be stressful especially if you let it (or them) roam free but this app helps take the stress out of that. What used to be a constant worry is now an easy-to-use app that will keep you sane. Horses are intelligent animals but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get lost or find themselves in danger when left to their own devices. This app has been often used by horse trainers who have entered horses into the Empire Rose Stakes as that is a 1,600-meter race and they want their racehorses at full potential. Not only does the app help keep track of your horse but it provides you with information about its status, average galloping speeds, its duration, and total distance. 

  1. CrossCountry App

This is a fairly unique app in the sense that it records specific data for people who are inclined to partake in cross-country events. You have the option to record and share your videos and provide and receive comments about your adventure and it only costs about $20USD a month. It should be noted the Olympians use this app to not only relive their memories but to learn from their ride. They want to learn what to do better when riding but also re-witness what they have done effectively.

  1. Equilab

This app has been proven time again to be one of the most popular equine-related apps on the market for several reasons. It has global connectivity with other communities that can provide innovative information that you may otherwise have not considered. Like all the other apps on this list, it is easy to use, helps you keep track of your horse, and gives you up-to-date information about the welfare of your horse. You can also use it to stay in contact with your trusted vet, like-minded friends, and other riders and jockeys. The app is free and is well worth using if you want to provide the utmost care of your horse and give you peace of mind if you are remotely located.

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