Top 10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies on HBO Max

Sci-fi and fantasy are like connected at the hip. Movies that transcend the two genres bring viewers to surreal universes and extraordinary productions that light fans’ imaginations on fire with possibilities they had never perceived. You cannot compare an excellent sci-fi and a fantasy movie, regardless of whether it involves moving through space or battling enormous monsters.

If you enjoy watching movies, you should check out these sci-fi and fantasy blockbusters available to stream on HBO Max. You can also visit for more suggestions for your next binge and other entertainment needs.

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey, a 1968 iconic sci-fi film directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick, is unquestionably a classic. Kubrick and sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke collaborated on the screenplay, influenced by Clarke’s 1951 “The Sentinel” and other short story collections.

The movie is notable for its portrayal of interplanetary travel that is scientifically correct, as well as its groundbreaking special effects and vague visuals. Kubrick prevented traditional cinematographic and story techniques. Instead, this film used dialogue sparsely, and lengthy scenes are associated solely with music.

2. Dune 

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune is a 2021 American astounding sci-fi film directed by Villeneuve from the play written by himself, Eric Roth, and Jon Speights. This movie is the first installment of a two-part adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel, encompassing the first part of the novel.

Dune is reinforced by its smooth special effects and casting, both highly technological and descriptively dedicated to the actual manuscript. Aside from the cast, one of the reasons this film is still talked about is how well it captured the collective imagination of sci-fi enjoyers.

Top 10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies on HBO Max

3. Blade Runner

Ridley Scott directed the 1982 sci-fi movie Blade Runner, which David Peoples and Hampton Fancher authored. The film has inspired many sci-fi productions, computer games, animated series, and television shows. It was a blockbuster hit and has since become a sci-fi classic cherished by viewers of this genre.

Blade Runner is often perceived as both a prime instance of neo-noir film and the genre cyberpunk, thanks to its set design displaying an elevated but eroding future. It has inspired films such as The Matrix and Total Recall and remains among the most influential films of all time.

4. Ex Machina

Alex Garland’s debut film, Ex Machina, is a 2014 sci-fi movie authored and directed by him. This film is about AI or artificial intelligence, negligent developers, and the possibly dangerous nature of technological advances. The cast members deceive one another for their purposes, leaving viewers wondering which of them is the closest to being human and what truly defines them to be one. 

The drama at the finale will remain in your memory for time. Ex Machina is an outstanding product of sci-fi cinematography, given that it is, at its foundation, a simple narrative by three central protagonists. It’s basic enough that it may easily be turned into a stage production but complex and subtle enough to show why the movie is the perfect platform for it.

5. Jurassic Park

American sci-fi action movie Jurassic Park was released in 1993. It was orchestrated by Steven Spielberg with producers Gerald R. Molen and Kathleen Kennedy. Also, it is both the first movie in the original Jurassic Park trilogy and the first entry in the Jurassic Park film series.

Jurassic Park is both one of the crowning accomplishments in pragmatic visuals and among the primary references of urging CGI. It still maintains to rank among the greatest sci-fi films ever produced. Beyond being a success, Jurassic Park is an entertaining action journey that tends to incorporate some foreshadowing concepts, such as whether human beings should intervene on a deeply personal level.

6. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

James Cameron and William Wisher co-wrote the screenplay for the 1991 American sci-fi action movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which Cameron also directed. This film is the second part of the Terminator series and the sequel to 1984 The Terminator. 

Terminator 2: Judgment Day brings to the alternate reality surrounding the battle between humans and machines. Its special elements were groundbreaking at that time and held up much better than one might expect, provided it is from long ago, and the movie is indeed a blast.

7. The Matrix 

All movie buffs are familiar with this one. The Matrix is the first entry in the Matrix movie franchise and was directed and written by the Wachowskis in 1999. This company is a prime example of science fiction’s cyberpunk subculture. 

The Wachowskis’ strategy for action sequences was greatly affected by martial arts movies, Japanese animation, and the movie’s utilization of Hong Kong action film battle choreographers and other techniques. Almost every moment in this film is unforgettable and entertaining in some way.

8. Godzilla

Ishir Honda directed the 1954 Japanese monster film Godzilla, which featured special effects by Fiji Tsuburaya. It is the first movie in the Godzilla film series, which was produced and released by Toho Co., Ltd. Towards the movie, Japanese officials try to deal with the hasty arrival of an enormous monster. Godzilla’s attacks then cause post-war Japan to feel afraid of nuclear genocide.

Despite issues with progression, special effects, and some portrayals, this film works reasonably well and provides a satisfying epic journey kudos to its combination of social discourse and activity.

9. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Hayao Miyazaki’s 1984 Japanese post-apocalyptic animated movie is centered on his 1982 manga. The movie follows the journey of a teenage princess of the Valley of the Wind, Nausicaä, who lives in a post-nuclear fantastical world. She has become engrossed in a dispute with Tameika, a kingdom attempting to eliminate a group filled with enormous mutated insects using an antiquated weapon.

This movie established Miyazaki as one of anime’s predominant artists and ignited the founding of an animation studio for whom the artistic talent would influence the platform for several years.

10. Colossal

Nacho Vagabond directed and wrote the 2016 sci-fi and fantasy dark comedy movie, Colossal. Generally, Colossal may appear to be a rom-com on the surface, but it has some darkly comical undertones. According to the promotional materials and somewhat confusing previews, it appears to be a more serious movie than one could assume. It develops into a plot about selflessness and suffering.


HBO Max’s selection of sci-fi and fantasy films involves old favorites from cinematic history, the latest movies, and a few great hidden ones. Often, these films go above and beyond with extravagant settings and incredible achievements.

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