Top 10 Platforms to Stay Productive and Get Organized

Productive and Get Organized

Whether you’re writing articles, editing videos, or recording podcasts you can automate some of your tasks. These platforms allow you to spend less effort and time on routine activities and help you focus on creativity.


We interact with a huge number of platforms. You cannot create the same password for your bank account and your NationalCasino online profile. That’s why you need to create separate passwords, remember them, and enter them from time to time. LastPass will save you from this routine. It generates, saves and, if necessary, inserts passwords into forms instead of you – on any of your devices. All passwords are stored on the company’s server and are secure.


Trello helps you organize your workflow according to the Japanese kanban methodology. A great tool for people with a strategic mindset who plan things ahead and keep track of their progress.


First, you create several columns that signify different stages of work. For example, “In Plans,” “In Progress,” and “Done.” Then you fill them with task cards. When you start a task, you drag its card to the “In Progress” column. When you’re done, drag it to the “Done” column. So, you get a visual picture of your work for any period.


It’s one of the best task managers. While Trello is perfect for strategic planning, Wunderlist is more of a tactical tool. It’s handy for managing lots of small to-do’s planned for the near future.

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You’ve probably heard of mind maps – schematic representations of various processes, concepts or ideas. If you come across some complex task or topic, try visualizing it as a mind map. Any complex material will immediately seem clearer, simpler and easier to remember. MindMeister helps you draw such diagrams.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote can be called a virtual folder for text documents. It is convenient for storing articles, drafts, or excerpts from various sources of information. The service keeps user-added files in the cloud, so they are accessible from any device connected to a shared account. The built-in editor offers plenty of tools for text formatting. And thanks to a clear hierarchy of sections, internal documents will always be organized.

Google Keep

A simple and convenient service for storing and quickly accessing short notes. Write down quotes, ideas and other thoughts in Google Keep so you will never lose or forget them. Notes can contain text, audio, lists, snapshots, and pictures. Tagging navigation and searching the vault helps you find the notes you want in Google Keep quickly.

Google Drive

When working on content, an author almost always accumulates a database of materials: videos, images, music and other files. It’s very convenient to store it all in a cloud drive like Google Drive. For this purpose, the service provides 15 GB free of charge on a Google server. The storage can be accessed from any device connected to the network.


To find ideas for new articles, an author has to read other bloggers and media on a regular basis. Social media are not always suitable for monitoring sources because they generate too much “noise” and may not show news in chronological order. Feedly is another matter. It allows you to follow all updates on selected sites without missing anything important.

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You came across an interesting article, but you don’t have time or desire to read it now. Sound familiar? Pocket helps in such situations. In this service you can add links to your favorite publications with the help of a mobile application or a special browser extension. Pocket saves the text of relevant articles and allows you to read them at any convenient time, even when you’re not connected to the Internet.


It’s a platform to stay focused when you’re working in a noisy environment. Noisli generates relaxing sounds that help you concentrate. You can choose a sample to suit your taste or mood, whether it’s the lapping of waves, the rustle of leaves, or other natural noise, and listen to it while you work. You can control playback on the Noisli website, in the mobile app, or via a plugin for Chrome.

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