Buzz Lightyear speaks this line in Toy Story (1995).

Oh, Buzz—an eternal optimist.

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Buzz considers this his catchphrase…which it is, except that there happen to be a million Buzzes in toy stores around the world. This is what the toys will chant when you wind them up.

Here’s the thing, though—it really does suit our Buzz’s personality. Woody can be a bit downer. We love Tom Hanks!Buzz, as silly and silly as he can sometimes be, keeps the mood light. “To infinity, and beyond!” “To infinity and beyond!” is the perfect anthem.

You’ve heard it everywhere

“To infinity, and beyond!” It’s almost like a new version “Oh, the places that you’ll go!” This mantra is used to motivate people when they face a huge challenge.

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It might also be familiar to you from the many Disney commercials featuring it. We’re thinking of that one where a man shouts it and is then catapulted by the tree. (Not sure if that’s fun for the whole family?) You can even see it in the title of a dissertation.

Pretentious Factor

What would happen if you dropped this quote at a dinner party? Would everyone laugh and say “awww” in unison or do they just roll their eyes and refuse to invite you back. This is it, on a scale 1-10.


It all depends on the context. But, if you’re quoting an animated spaceman with the intelligence of a potato it’s usually not too pretentious.

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