The way social media influences your mental health and anon ig viewer


A lot of years ago, people didn’t have any social media. They couldn’t immediately find something on the internet or contact their friends in seconds. However, it seems like they were much more mentally stable than people nowadays. Of course, social media has something to do with mental health decline. However, it’s a part of our everyday reality and imagining life without social webs is almost impossible. Developing coping mechanisms is a must if you want to preserve your mental health. At some point, social media is a source of information and other things which are likely to cause a lot of stress. Earlier, people were not so overwhelmed, because they were mostly concerned about their own lives and lives of people they knew. Now, when the world is so interconnected, we can take problems of people we don’t know very close to our hearts as well. Information overflow also causes the feeling of being warned out, as we spend a lot of energy on processing the information. There are even more ways and reasons, social media can destroy people’s mental health. If you want to avoid the negative influence of social media, but still keep track of your friends and favorite celebrities’ updates, we have a great solution for you. Anon ig viewer by Inflact will give you the opportunity to watch Instagram stories and posts, even if you don’t have your own Instagram account. Ig story anonymous is absolutely private, no one will find out you’re watching their content. The tool is free and easy to use. 

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Now let’s proceed with other ways social media can be harmful for your mental health.


All people have experienced procrastination. It’s when you postpone something important you really need to do. And instead, you’re doing something unnecessary just to be busy and avoid doing an important task. Social media has made procrastination much easier. You don’t have to think about how to kill your time anymore. Social webs are always ready to provide you with a huge number of suggestions. YouTube keeps recommending videos you can’t miss; Instagram is full of ads and different fascinating posts. Almost everything is trying hard to distract you from your commitment. 

Procrastination can be really enjoyable, however after the time is gone, you may feel guilt. It’s funny how social media has this agenda of being productive and successful, but acts like the main enemy of productivity. As a result, you get a lot of controversial messages. It makes you treat yourself critically and doubt your professional abilities.


When we spend too much time on social media, we can develop an illusionary picture of our world and the way other people live their lives. Social media users don’t usually share their struggles or those sides of life which are not bright and nice. That’s why we always see exclusively happy and successful people and a very nice and kind world. 

Real life is also amazing, of course. But there are a lot of its sides which are not that impeccable as they are portrayed on social media. This contrast can easily become a reason for disappointment and perplexity. 

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You should remember that social media is a place of escapism for many people. That’s why we only want to see something positive there, because we can lack it in casual life.


We are human beings, and even if we’re trying hard to be good and kind, we still feel certain emotions. When we see a lot of successful, perfect Instagram personalities, we feel frustration. We compare each other with these people unconsciously, shining the light on them. As a result, we may feel like a failure, because our life or appearance is nothing like theirs. We feel envious of their beauty and success. Envy makes us be unfair and overcritical to ourselves and causes self-esteem decline. 

How to cope with that and avoid possible frustration? Remember, that social media is meant to promote perfection, which does not always comply with reality. Everyone has their dark and bright sights, successes and failures.


Do you feel like quitting social media after reading this article? Well, think carefully about the pros and cons. Self-control is vital here. As long as you remember to be responsible for your mental health, you’re more likely to be careful with social webs and use them wisely. 


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