The iPhone 14 Pro: just how ‘pro’ is it really?

Though Apple has been using the ‘Pro’ appellation for key iPhone models for a while now, there remains the big question of how suitable the Pro-labelled iPhones really are for what you would expect to be, in large part, their intended target audience: professionals. 

Just look at the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models released this fall. As BGR reports, when it comes to the iPhone 14 series as a whole, which also includes the standard iPhone 14, “iPhone 14 Pro models represent the vast majority of sales thus far”. 

It’s hard to believe that all of these Pro units are going to professionals alone. Nonetheless, a closer look at the iPhone 14 Pro suggests that customers in this category could reap an especially high number of practical benefits from getting their hands on this high-end handset.

Do you already have a recently-released iPhone?

Let’s make one thing clear straight away: if you are already using an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro for work purposes, you might not see enough of an appreciable change from switching to 2022’s equivalent model, as it has many things in common with these predecessors. 

The older devices each have — to cite a few examples — a 6.1-inch screen, 5G connectivity and the same general design compared to the iPhone 14 Pro. 

So, if you do have a 13 Pro or 12 Pro and have started struggling with it, you could find that using new apps or services with it would suffice for freshening it up. For example, if cellular internet speeds have been an issue, you could look into using a business-only mobile network like Gamma Mobile (

However, if your work phone is an iPhone 11 or older or — for a reason to be explained later in this article — an Android handset, an iPhone 14 Pro could prove very worthwhile. 

The iPhone 14 Pro has received many plaudits  

Perhaps the most immediately exciting aspect of the new Pro is its ‘Dynamic Island’, which replaces the unloved ‘notch’ following its 2017 debut on the iPhone X. Like the notch, the Dynamic Island houses the Face ID biometric authentication system. 

In a review of the iPhone 14 Pro for Tom’s Guide, critic Jordan Palmer calls the Dynamic Island “pretty interesting”, as it “expands depending on what you’re doing, displaying animations for many system actions like unlocking, playing music, timers, and so on.” 

This could make the Dynamic Island a real boon for avid multitaskers, and it can even accommodate alerts from various third-party apps, including Spotify, Audible, Instagram and WhatsApp. 

While on business trips, you could easily use the 14 Pro to keep updated about new audiobooks and podcast episodes relevant to your area of expertise, and quickly be notified if a customer attempts to reach out to your company via Instagram or WhatsApp.

Palmer also found the 14 Pro’s cameras to fare spectacularly, as professional photographers and filmmakers could be delighted to learn. The 14 Pro also easily outclasses Android competitors in the speed stakes.

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