27+ Iconic 'The Help' Quotes From Both The Book And The Movie

The following quotes have a soft spot in all of our hearts.

Be it the time when Mae Mobley tells Aibileen, “You’re my real momma, Aibee!” or the amusing flurry of wonderful moments across the film,”TheGet Help never fails to bind its audience to a powerful engagement with the story. TheThe story is not just about ideas of race relations, civil right, and women; it also portrays the most insignificant aspects human relations.

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Kathryn Stockett’s fiction set in the ’60s Mississippi shows Sketer’s journey, aspiring to write about white maids. TheThe story of Jackson Mississippi and Sketer and Aibileen, Yule Mai, Miss Leeflt, Hilly Holbrook and Yule May is told. Its simple, yet powerful narrative is what makes it so beautiful. This book may help you to understand white privilege by the white woman and white child quotes. This book-based article is available in ‘TheKite Runner quotes and ‘The BookQuotes about Thief.

Quotes From The Movie”TheGet Help


This is a good adaptation of the book.TheMany people love the movie “Help”. Octavia Spencer portrayed Minny, a character who explains how Jim Crow laws influenced society at that time.

1. “You told me to write about what bothers me, especially if it doesn’t bother anyone else.”


2. “You are kind. You are intelligent. You are important.”

– Aibileen.

3. “I told her she should write coats!” No commodes!

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Hilly Holbrook.

4. “Love and hatred are two horns on one goat.”

Minny Jackson.

5. “Ain’t this all you girls always focus in?” Professional husband hunting’

Stuart Whitworth.

6. “I thought I might either write them down or read them to you. It’s no different to writtin’ down my prayers.

– Aibileen C.

7. “I’m sorry. Were you born stupid or dropped your head as an infant?

Skeeter Phelan.

8. Jackson saw the death of eighteen people that night. Eighteen black, ten white. The tornado is not set free by God’s color.

– Aibileen.

9. “Celia Foote: Maybe it’s time to roast the chicken.

Minny Jackson – Minny won’t roast chicken.”

– “The”Hilf”

10. “Ms. Leefolt shouldn’t be having babies.” That should be in the book.

– Aibileen C.

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11. “Charlotte Phelan: Courage skips a generation, they say.

Mr. Blackly, One of these days they’re gonna figure cigarettes will kill you.”

– “The”Hilf”

12. Hilly, Missus Walters should read the book. It’s quite scandalous. It sounds thegoneapp.comson to me. Quite scandalous.

Hilly Holbrook: Which book?

Missus Walters: TheHelp. H-E-L-P.”

– “The”Hilf”

13. “Stuart Whitworth – I’ve never met anyone who says what she thinks.

Skeeter: Skeeter Phelan, Well, I got lots to say.”

– “The”Hilf”

14. “God has commanded us to love our enemies. It can be difficult, but you can start by telling truths.

– Aibileen.

15. “No one has ever asked me how it felt to be me. After I shared the truth, I felt liberated.”

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– Aibileen.

16. Fried chicken can make you feel happier about your life.

Minny Jackson.

17. “Skeeter Pelan: I got a new job today.

Charlotte Phelan: What?

Skeeter Pelan: TheJackson Journal.

Charlotte Phelan: Great. My obituary can be written by you! Charlotte Phelan, dead. Her daughter remains single.”

– “The”Hilf”

18. “Charlotte Phelan – Courage sometimes skips generation. We are grateful that you brought it back to us.

– “The”Hilf”

19. “Charlotte Phelan: Your eggs are dyin’. It would be a good idea to have a date.

– “The”Hilf”

“TheGet Help Book Quotes

Check out the best quotes from the book.

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These words, whether they are Sketer quotes or Aibileen Clark, cannot be forgotten. Enjoy a great read.

20. “I might not be able to remember my name or where I am from, but that pie and you are something I will always remember.”

Chapter 25.

21. “I’d cry, if only I had the time to do it.”

Chapter 27.

22. “That’s what I love about Aibileen, she can take the most complicated things in life and wrap them up so small and simple, they’ll fit right in your pocket.”

Chapter 24.

23. “Red thread and cursive letters. Yule May must have sewn them letters, I think. Wearing those, I’d feel like I’s personal-owned property a Hilly W. Holbrook

Chapter 14.

24. “All I’m saying is, kindness don’t have no boundaries.”

Chapter 24 – Aibileen

25. “Mississippi looks like my mother.” I can complain all I like about her, but God help those who spread ill-will about her to me, unless she’s their mother.”

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– ‘Too Little Too Late’, K. Stockett in her own words.

26. “I see her as the white trash girl she used to be ten years back.” She was strong.”

Chapter 24.

27. “Truth.

It feels cool. Cooling a heat that’s been burning me up all my life.

I’m honest.

-Chapter 10

28. “Wasn’t that the point of the book? It is important for women to see that we are two people. We are not that different. Not nearly as much as I’d thought.”

Chapter 33.

29. “…and that’s when I get to wondering, what would happen if I told her she something good, ever day?”

– Chapter seven.

30. “Every white woman I’ve ever worked for ate in the dining room as far away from thegoneapp.com as they could. And that was fine with me…”

Chapter 17.

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