The Future of the Marijuana Industry in America

the Marijuana Industry

The feds still classify marijuana as a Schedule I drug in the Marijuana Industry, making it hard for people to see it as anything but a harmful product. Still, that hasn’t prevented the masses from changing their views on pot. A survey done in 1969 suggested that only 12% of the population in the US thought legalization would be a good idea. Currently, at least 70% are for it. It would be safe to say research and lobbying efforts in the past decades have paid off. Those keeping their minds open to the recreational and medical use of marijuana have already started placing orders at 

A more positive portrayal of weed could open the country and the world up to its use in many ways. These are some things we expect in the future as more people get to know the true value of marijuana. 

Better Regulation

The feds not being open to marijuana make things quite difficult for farmers. Shipping companies will not make normal deliveries, and banks fear working with these growers will put them at loggerheads with the feds. There is hope that the 33 states represented in the house of Senates that have already legalized medical marijuana will lobby to have the federal government support this trade. With this in place, farmers can get better representation and even get the financial boost they badly need, now that they will be treated like typical businesses. 

There could also be standardization of taxes associated with growing marijuana, licenses, and permits. Currently, they are killing the businesses of those with small farms with no access to the kind of funding corporates do. 

Better Research for More Information on the Marijuana Industry

Lack of information has led to the stigma associated with weed, with some researchers focusing on the bad more than the good. From the get-go, it has been clear that there is so much about weed that hasn’t been studied yet, so more research will go beyond CBD and THC. The regular pot plant is said to have over 113 cannabinoids, but only a handful have been studied extensively. Every stakeholder would like to know what more they are dealing with. 

These studies will broaden weed classifications from the two known categories: Sativa and Indica. Researchers could come up with scientific classifications that look deeper than the known factors associated with these two while also discovering some new strains. With more information, a user will be able to see how cannabis fits into their daily routine. We will focus on what it does other than give someone a high.

Microdosing Could be Introduced  the Marijuana Industry

There are different classes of users: those that use it to fight anxiety and social disorders, those in it for the pain, and recreational users that may want to get high for fun. Enough people have complained about being too anxious to fly but not wanting to rely on regular meds to get over the feeling. If they could microdose with natural products to get rid of this feeling, this would be great. Having more studies showing the benefits of weed removes the idea that it is purely for getting stoned since people will have more information on weed types, strains, and effects.

With this being the case, we are likely to see these microdoses being used at airports – even with weed dispensaries there, before games, and even at offices before people make presentations. There will be enough information, so the masses know they are not endangering their health or exposing themselves to dependency if they use products with low THC levels in assigned doses. 

Reduced Stigma in the Marijuana Industry

We are likely to see a bolder approach to the use of cannabis, with smokers no longer hiding it in public. The public will have enough information to start treating this herb the same as alcohol. With enough classifications and known levels of THC, users will distinguish between the strains that get them high and those that make them more sociable and creative. Smokers will no longer hide their bongs as much as they will be accepted as a way of life as people open up to the use of marijuana.  

The media will play a huge role in changing the narrative of weed. It will not be surprising to see people who have been vocal about their use of the herb – such as Snoop Dog – doing commercials for Harvest dispensaries while smoking a joint or blunt. 

Normal Shipping and Delivery

Cannabis users do not enjoy standard shipping, thanks to the stance of the feds on marijuana products. If you place an online order at Rise dispensaries, it will be expedited, but you may be asked to pick up your product at a specific place instead of it making it to your doorstep. This is not the fault of the dispensary or the delivery company, as they are following the directions of the feds. Most payments are made in cash, so you may want to have your money in your hands instead of a card. 

These could change with better information and legalization. If delivery companies are no longer afraid of breaking the rules, they will treat weed just like any other commodity that they will deliver to your doorstep. 


So many things could happen when cannabis finally gets the recognition it deserves. We already see many products infused with weed: lotions and other topicals, gummies, cookies, butter, drinks, and chocolate, but that is just the beginning of creativity. With more studies and more products coming out of the plant, we could see new, exciting pairings. Brands are about to explode as they find creative ways to make weed consumable and enjoyable, even among those who do not appreciate its earthy taste. 






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