75 Cool Name Tattoos – Ideas, Font Recommendations & Name Tattoo Designs


Introduction to Name Tattoos

Name tattoos are and will always be popular. Names are labels we use to identify ourselves. They make wonderful tattoos. But tattoos can last forever. It doesn’t seem to make much difference, though; if desire drives you to seek out a name tattoo, it’s virtually an unstoppable urge. This desire usually comes from the heart. This is because you feel something deep about the relationship and wish to have it. Ink will do this for you.

For some, it’s the birth of a child, others a deceased loved one, a new love, a person who has put you on a path of righteousness, or someone who has saved your life in one way or another. If you are unsure about placing a name tattoo, it is a good idea to hide it. These are the most requested type of name tattoos. Your name tattoo ideas will likely fall within these categories.

Name Tattoo Ideas

Last Names

Getting a tattoo of your last name is a great way to show family pride. Respect your ancestors and family by having your family name tattooed on your body. Women can choose their birth name to be their new name in a tattoo. This same idea applies to cultures that carry both the matriarchal and patriarchal naming patterns, and they now live in a country that doesn’t understand. They might wish to illustrate the last name that they don’t use anymore.

For tattoo ideas, let’s design a pattern on the upper back. You can create a bold, dimensional look by using cursive style lettering. Filling the letters more solidly at the bottom will give each letter a more solid look. Some men might add scrollwork to the tattoo. Girls may want to add flowers, angel wings or a cherub.

Cool Designs

Cool Name tattoos can refer to the font used in tattoo lettering or, in certain cases, the use or objects of things or objects that are used in place of the last name. There are hundreds of font choices available for tattooing your personal name. This will require you to collaborate with your artist.

You can, for example, use your last name if it is an object or a thing such as Rose, Green or Jackson. Linda Rose would send Linda with a long, red stem rose. Someone with the last name Jackson might use a jack and a toy-jack along with the paper money that has Andrew Jackson’s illustration on it.

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Tribal Design

Tribal name tattoos can be fun to design and very interesting to look at for the viewer as well. The name will blend in with the tribal flame or razor wire border design. It may take the viewer several minutes to see the name. Tribal names look great when they are used on animals such as turtles, dolphins, and wolves.

Kids Name

Kids name tattoos have a long history in the tattoo world. Many parents consider this their only tattoo. There are many fonts and designs that can be used. A simple tattoo idea may be the child’s name with the date of birth under it. For a more complex design, place the Childs’s image above the name with banners in rich boy colors or girl colors. Consider leaving space in your tattoo design for a second or third child.

Names with Heart

Names with hearts are popular with both men and women. This tattoo design is a symbol of love for your spouse, mother, father, grandparents, pet, and other loved ones. An idea for heart name tattoos could be using a red heart as the background image with your mom’s name in the center, then cross two yellow roses under the heart with scroll or banner work off to the sides of the heart.

Celtic Designs

Celtic name tattoos in their woven knot patterns are a great looking tattoo. These tattoos are distinguished by their rich history and timeless look. For a Celtic name tattoo example, place your name in a half circle of Celtic knots over a three-leaf clover. Each clover is in green, red, and white ink.

Chinese Name Tattoos

Chinese name tattoos are highly used today. To create your pattern, enter your name into a translator application. When written in dark ink, the Chinese letters stand out because they are bold and distinct. Try using the Chinese lettering running down the dragon’s back centerline with its wings spread wide.


Name tattoos are generally inked in dark colors such as black and dark blue. Some people add other items to their names tattoos. These are often inked full-color. These name tattoos will be enhanced by background shading and flowers. The options are endless. It is best to remember that tattoos can be part of your daily wardrobe.

Consider your skin color, and what color clothing you wear most often to complement your name tattoos. If you choose to use purple flowers, you can consider yellow or white flowers. Sometimes, men can just use colored shading to highlight the additional item in the scroll. You have many options for this scroll: turquoise, other blues and greens, as well as reds.


Typical placement for larger personal name tattoos is the upper back. Children’s names tattoos are most often seen on the arms where they are easily visible; again, keep in mind to save room for additional children! You can place smaller name tattoos anywhere you like: hands, ankles, feet, necks, wrists and hips. For those who wish hidden tattoos, breast, buttocks and behind the ear are all good places to put them.

Name Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Name Tattoos on Arm

The upper arm is not a very common placement for name tattoos, but they still look good on the biceps or back of the arm.

Name Tattoos on Back

If you are thinking about a bigger piece, then get it on the back. Name Tattoos look great on men’s upper backs in bold, cursive, or ornate designs. You can have the name of your choice on the spine or back of the shoulder blades.

Name Tattoos on Chest

If you are getting a large name tattoo on the chest, then place it o the center. You can add more designs to the chest and expand the tattoo on either side. It is the most popular placement, and it represents keeping your loved ones close to you.

Name Tattoos on Forearm

The forearm is probably the most popular place for getting a name tattoo. You want everyone to see the name you have chosen to tattoo on your forearm. The tattoo can be clearly seen on your forearm. If you need to cover it up, you can do so with a long-sleeved shirt.

Name Tattoos on Biceps

Name Tattoos on Neck

Getting a name tattoo on the neck is a pretty bold move. Names are often tattooed on the sides of the neck by boys. For girls, the tattoo is often placed on the back of their neck. If you want it to be discreet, this placement is better.

Name Tattoos on Rib

Rib tattoos are probably the most painful tattoos. There are two options when it comes to getting a name tattooed on your ribs. The name can be in large fonts that cover the entire side vertically, or horizontally in the middle.

Name Tattoos on Shoulder

Name Tattoos on Wrist

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