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This is our list of the top quotes Netflix’s fantasy drama series created by Jim Mickle based onThe comic book by Jeff Lemire. Sweet ToothThe story of Gus (Christian Convery), a part-deer, part-boy, who lives in his forest home safely, is told by Convery. They meet Jepperd, a wandering loner (Nonso anozie), and they decide to leave the forest. on in search of answers, about Gus’s origins, Jepperd’s past, and the true meaning of home.

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“If we can see beyond the fear, then we can find what really matters. Sometimes, even the things that separate us can bring us together. Because family is what you make of it. Each one of us. Together. Together.Sweet ToothClick To Tweet

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1. 1.

“Sometimes, it’s okay for you to lie if it helps someone that you love.” Pubba (Sweet Tooth) Click To Tweet

NarratorThis is a tale. It’s the story of a special boy who ended up at the end. But our story doesn’t begin here. We must go back to the Great Crumble. Because it’s also the story of a doctor who was happy living a normal life.

NarratorThere was nothing normal about being sick. It was a life that would never be the same again.

NarratorThe doctor had to face the horrors in the city, but a father fled to the wilderness and left behind the world.

NarratorIt is not known which was first. The virus or the hybrids. This question will be the greatest mystery of our lives.

Narrator But this, this wasn’t the end of their story. As the world fell into chaos, there was another thing happening. Something truly extraordinary. It is not known which of the two came first. This question would be the greatest mystery of our time.

NarratorThis story is about a special boy. Gus, a boy.

NarratorSome stories begin at the beginning. Our story starts here.

NarratorEven though the father tried to keep out the dangers of the outside world, it was easy for the outside world to sneak in.

Pubba [referring to his stuffed toy]Now, what name would you give it?Young Gus: I’ll name him Dog.Pubba You know, that’s the perfect name for a dog.

PubbaBad people once ruled the Earth. They did what they wanted and took from the planet. Like ants. They were selfish, greedy, and only interested in themselves. Nature took all of them and made sure to wipe out as many as possible. Then, a miracle took place. Your kind. They called them hybrids.

PubbaNobody knows where or how you got there. The people who left you were afraid. They were now meaner and more angry. They didn’t like you because you were different. Nature created the rest. onIt is fire. Now it burns forever. Gus, there are still bad people out there. They’re waiting in the flames. And it’s my job to make sure they never get in. And it’s your job to live a full life, and to be happy, to be kind.

Pubba It’s my fault. I warned you not to be scared. I was sure I could trust you.Gus You can!PubbaWe need to have trust in each other. Gus I don’t trust you! You don’t tell me everything. You think I’m too little!PubbaGus, you are too small. It’s obvious, Gus.

Pubba What’s it like out there?Man:It’s a pain. No rules, no laws. It was over when the Internet died. Only fearful tribes. Fighting over whatever’s left.

Man:Many believe that hybrids are responsible.PubbaIt could have been the cause.Man:Maybe. Any case, ain’t many of us left. So if you’re out here alone, isolated and whatnot, you probably aren’t in a company.

GusWhy did your partner say that you lived alone,PubbaTo protect you. Sometimes it’s okay to bend the truth, if it helps someone you love. Understand?

PubbaKeep in mind what I said.Gus It’s okay to lie?Pubba That’s what you took from that conversation? No, I said don’t come out until you hear from me. Gus, I love you. And you’re not too little. Stay big for me.

GusI heard a scream.PubbaI am aware. Gus I didn’t like it.Pubba But you’re safe. You’re safe now. He won’t hurt you.

PubbaGus, your mother, she was just like me. Or she was more than me. She would be so proud to have you as her friend. You were her joy. You were her joy. You will always be.

2. Sorry for all the Dead People

Narrator You can’t know Gus’s story without knowing Aimee’s too. The end of the world’s got a funny way of making connections. Aimee didn’t see it coming because she was unable to connect with anyone before the Great Crumble.

NarratorAimee lived in a cage. It was a cage for a normal life. That cage was about shrinking.

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NarratorHours turned into days. The days became weeks. Aimee was made a prisoner.

NarratorNature had another plan for her just as she was about to give up on the world.

Narrator [as she encounters elephants escaping from the zoo] And for the first time in Aimee’s life she felt awake. Aimee was able to pinpoint exactly where she wanted to go.

NarratorSome stories begin at the beginning. Aimee’s story begins here. We all had our stories to tell, and fate was pulling them together.

3. Weird Deer S**t

“Great leaders are made in the most unlikely of places.” They are created the old-fashioned way, even when it is the worst. NarratorSweet Tooth) Click To Tweet

NarratorSometimes the most unlikely places are where great leaders are made. Some are born with the ability to lead, others to follow. Gus just wanted someone to guide his steps.

Gus How come you don’t get the Sick?Tommy Jepperd:I like Wheaties a lot. I don’t know, kid. Some people are lucky.

GusAre we close?Tommy Jepperd:It’s almost.GusIs it real almost? Or just enough to stop me asking questions?Tommy Jepperd:Real almost.

GusThis is where you live.Tommy Jepperd: I told you, I don’t live anywhere. However, I hide things wherever I can. It’s a good habit.GusAs a squirrel?Tommy Jepperd:It is.

GusAre you going to abandon me? With that family?Tommy Jepperd:Kind words of wisdom, kid. Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.

4. Secret Sauce

“Sometimes, our families don’t look the way we expected them to. Sometimes, we do things that we didn’t think we could for our families. Because it is always worth it for the family. NarratorSweet Tooth) Click To Tweet

Bear: Gus, we’re offering you your freedom. You are free to go anywhere you like, but not far from Gus. Tommy Jepperd:It’s a good idea. I’ve been trying to get rid of him for days.

Narrator Sweet solitude. That’s all Aimee Eden thought she wanted. However, that was before Aimee Eden met someone who was worth more than all of the solitude in the universe.

WendyThe man onThe radio said that he was afraid of the Last Men. They are the last of us.AimeeIt’s all a name. Silly name for silly persons.

GusWait, Jepp where are you going? You’re not going to hurt him still, are you?Bear:Without my permission, no one can do anything here. I promise. I will keep my promise.Gus I don’t want you to die.Bear: Don’t worry. It is just an extra-strong promise.

Pony:Do you like candy? GusMy Pubba was kind enough to let me try the syrup but warned me that it would ruin my teeth.Pony: [smiles revealing his rotting teeth] It’s worth it.

Gus [referring to the computer] What’s in them?Rhino The whole world’s in here, man.

Bear:Hybrids are the only way for the Earth to survive.

5. What’s in the Freezer?

“We don’t always know the right thing.” It’s part and parcel of growing up. Pubba (Sweet ToothClick To Tweet

Narrator Some say there’s no greater equalizer than Father Time. That’s because of one simple thing. No matter who you are, or where you go, well, let’s just say old Time has gota knack for catching up to us all.

General Steven Abbot:Is it really necessary to fake a terminal illness?Dr. Bell I’m done working for you.General Steven Abbot: Gladys, there’s a new wave coming. This could be our last chance.

General Steven Abbot:There are two types. There are some people who let this terrible, horrible, monstrous disease kill them and those they love. Husbands, wives, moms, dads, children. Just like your two little daughters. Then you’ve got soldiers. People who are ready to take back control, fight this terrible disease and help humanity. I’m going to let you guess which kind of person I am.Dr. Bell You’re a monster.General Steven Abbot:Gladys, who are you?

Dr. Bell They’re just kids. And they’re going to be around long after we’re gone. No matter what.

Narrator Yep, time’s funny that way. A constant companion, until it’s not.

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6. Stranger Danger onA Train

“When we let go, it allows us to grow.” It reveals who we really are and what our capabilities are. It helps us discover what is really important and who we were all along. Narrator (Sweet Tooth) Click To Tweet

NarratorThe past is funny. We love to hold on tight to the past. But sometimes it’s better to let go. Sometimes we just have to get up and move. on.

Narrator And sometimes, well, sometimes the past won’t let go of us.

Bear: [referring to Pubba] What’s your favorite memory of him?GusIt was onHe got me Dog for my birthday. Yes. It’s when he got me Dog.

Jimmy: I’m glad I recognized you when I did, or I might’ve messed up that pretty face of yours.Tommy Jepperd:Ha! It’s your wish!

Jimmy:These days, I also felt a strange kind of static in my brain. Sometimes it is hard to focus. Bear:Yes, those are concussions.

Aimee [as the Last Men have found their preserve]I thought we’d have more time.

Rani Singh So that’s Abbot then. I thought he’d be less beardy.

7. When Pubba Met Birdie

“Sometimes, you just have to hang it up for tomorrow.” PubbaSweet Tooth) Click To Tweet

Narrator In life, you’re always searching for answers. Where did you come from? What are you looking for? And most importantly, why do you exist? These answers are easy for some people. For others, they will have to go to the ends of the Earth in order to find them.

Pubba No, it’s, you know, I’ve seen you around the building, and not in a creepy way, but you always just look generally happy.Birdie: There’s no way you can say that and not sound creepy.

PubbaSometimes it’s better to just hang on and see what tomorrow brings. Sorry. Conversation isn’t exactly my thing.Birdie: Those are lyrics from Truckin’.

PubbaGertrude? Your parents were so hateful of you.Birdie:It was in one the top trending baby names books that my mom found it.PubbaStarting in 1908

PubbaGertrude the geneticist.Birdie:Mm-hmm. I wanted to be in band. Viroliology was, well, the next best thing.

Birdie:When you were a child, what did you dream to do?PubbaI always wanted to be a leaf.

Birdie:What has happened?Pubba You mean, why didn’t I actually become a leaf?Birdie: That’s what I mean.Pubba I’m still trying to figure that out.

8. Big Man

“When things crumble, we discover who we really are.” Narrator (Sweet Tooth) Click To Tweet

NarratorAt first, the Great Crumble was slow. But cracks were already beginning to form for some time.

LouisaThis is the real world, baby. You can’t fix everything by knocking heads. Tommy Jepperd: I thought that’s why you married me.

NarratorWhat should have brought us closer together, only made us more apart. We felt afraid. We felt alone.

Bear:Imagine what he feels. Everything you’ve been told your whole life is one big lie.Tommy Jepperd: I don’t know, man. Maybe we shouldn’t have brought him here.Bear:No. We did the right things. There’s nothing worse than not knowing. This never ends.

Bear:Have you ever thought of anything?Tommy Jepperd:No. Didn’t have “test tube baby” on my bingo card.

Bear:Why do they think it was possible?Tommy Jepperd:They created a deer-kid child in a laboratory. To see if they could. But does that really make any difference? It does, doesn’t it?

Bear: I’ve spent my entire life thinking hybrids were a miracle of nature. It was something I believed in and formed an army with others who believed it as well. Tommy Jepperd:You believed in something at least.


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