‘Survivor 41’ tribe names, colors, divisions: Here’s how the 18 castaways will be split up

The 41st season of “Survivor” is just weeks away (your calendars should already be set for Wednesday, September 22) and Jeff Probst recently unveiled the identities of the 18 all-new cast members. Fans have known for months that these castaways will be split up into three tribes at the start of the game, and we now know the missing pieces of this puzzle — specifically, the “Survivor 41” tribe names, colors and divisions. For all the spoilery goodness, scroll down. Who do you think has what it takes to win the $1 million prize?

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survivor 41 luvu tribe

Luvu Tribe (Blue)

Danny McCray (33), ex-NFL player from Frisco, TX Deshawn Radden (26), medical student from Miami, FL Erika Casupanan (31), communications manager from Toronto, Ontario Heather Aldret (52), stay-at-home mom from Charleston, SC Naseer Muttalif (36), sales manager from Morgan Hill, CA Sydney Segal (25), law student from Brooklyn, NY

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survivor 41 ua tribe

Ua Tribe (Green)

Brad Reese (49), rancher from Shawnee, WY Genie Chen (46), grocery clerk from Portland, OR Jairus Robinson (20), college student from Oklahoma City, OK Ricard Foye (31), flight attendant from Sedro-Woolley, WA Sara Wilson (23), healthcare consultant from Boston, MA Shantel Smith (34), pastor from Washington, DC

survivor 41 yase tribe

Yase Tribe (Yellow)

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David Voce (34), neurosurgeon from Chicago, IL Eric Abraham (50), cyber security analyst from San Antonio, TX Evvie Jagoda (28), PhD student from Arlington, MA Liana Wallace (20), college student from Washington, DC Tiffany Seely (47), teacher from Plainview, NY Xander Hastings (20), app developer from Chicago, IL

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The two-hour premiere of “Survivor 41” will be the first new episode of CBS’s reality TV show since May 2020, when Tony Vlachos was named the winner of “Survivor: Winners at War.” The reason for the long delay was because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced the show into a holding pattern for a year and a half.

Besides three tribes (instead of the normal two), another confirmed change in store for “Survivor” Season 41 is a shorter 26-day schedule, down from 39. Probst has explained that the quicker pace will force the contestants to stay alert at all times. “You have to be assessing and reassessing your options on an hourly basis because you have no idea what is coming next,” he teased. “The game design has never been so dangerous.”

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‘Survivor 41’ tribe names, colors, divisions: Here’s how the 18 castaways will be split up

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