31 stupid quotes that make no sense that’ll make you think

31 Stupid Quotes that make no senseDo this now youLike quotes, dear reader? They are my favorite. I thought it would fun to take a look today at some stupid quotes that make no sense.

There are times when people say some silly things, I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ve been known to say some silly things myself. These things, even though silly, can still be funny.

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These are the results. 31 stupid quotes that make no senseThey are actually more interesting than they seem. They are certainly amusing in some cases.

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It’s stupid quotes that make no sense(1-15)

  1. He’s about as sharp as a marble.
  2. You can do more with less. You can be sure that’s obvious?
  3. Not taking risks is life’s biggest gamble.
  4. We can’t keep calm. We’re all mad here.
  5. It’s always darkest before it’s pitch black.
  6. I’m pretty sure I’ve seized the wrong day.
  7. Only our parents’ children are always right.
  8. The lesson is learned first in life.
  9. Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can’t see
  10. It doesn’t matter if a man marries, he will regret it.
  11. I drive far too fast for cholesterol concerns.
  12. War doesn’t decide who’s right, only who’s left.
  13. I am a squirrel, because I attract all the nuts.
  14. Life is good you melons, youCould be dyslexic.
  15. I’m on the whisky diet. I’ve lost three days already.
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It’s stupid quotes that make no sense(16)31()

  1. Ignorance can be temporary, but it is not permanent stupidPermanent
  2. I adore spontaneity, as long as it’s carefully planned.
  3. Three wise men can convince me of a virgin birth. Are you really?
  4. I’m not superstitious but I can be a bit stitious at times.
  5. I tried being normal. It was the worst 2 minutes of my life.
  6. You know it’s cold outside when you go outside and it’s cold.
  7. People tell me I might be schizophrenic but I’m in two minds.
  8. I was going take on the world today. But I overslept.
  9. YARD SALE – Take a look around! You could buy our crap.
  10. Dress for the body youHave, not the body youWished you.
  11. Marriage means being committed. Insanity is another option.
  12. If you don’t want to be mistaken for a doormat, get off the floor.
  13. If there was a death penalty, many people today would be alive.
  14. While marriage is a wonderful institution in itself, it’s not something you want to live with.
  15. My husband says it to me that if I ever decide to leave, he’s coming with me.
  16. My mind is like someone who emptied the junk drawer in my kitchen onto a trampoline.

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