You Must Study Right Now English or Frenchin Canda?

English or French? Languages You Must Study Right Now If You Want to Go to Canada

You Must Study Right Now English or Frenchin Canda? If you are thinking about English or French, we will say both in short. Both of them are Canada’s official languages. 56.9% of the population consider English their first language and 21.3 consider French their first language. But it does not mean you have to learn both. Let’s dive into it.

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The Official Languages in Canada

For a little context, we would like to let you know that both French and English became the official languages in 1867. These 2 languages could be used in all Canadian parliament and parliament from that time. 

In 1969 and even after 1982 both of them were equally significant and used in any institution of parliament and government for any official or legal issue. So it does not matter where you live in Canada, you can get help in both languages. But this only does not work for private institutions and local governments.

English or French; To Study in Canada

When you want to study in Canada, you get to choose whether you want to go to an English-speaking university or a French-speaking university. Though you will see mostly English-speaking ones. Let’s see what Canada’s top 5 universities want;

  1. University of Toronto (Ontario)
  2. University of British Columbia (British Columbia)
  3. McGill University (Quebec)
  4. McMaster University (Ontario)
  5. University of Montreal (Quebec)

McGill University and the University of Montreal are in Quebec, the University of Montreal is the only francophone. Also, Laval university which is in 11th place is situated in Quebec. So most are French-speaking universities. You might have thought that you have to be fluent in French, but they have completely different sets of requirements. 

English or French? Languages You Must Study Right Now If You Want to Go to Canada

University of Montreal

The University of Montreal claims that it is French-speaking, but for some of its graduate-level programs, they are okay with English-speaking students. You will need to be able to speak and understand English very well for their English studies programs. 

They embrace and encourage bilingualism through their research and departments in graduate-level programs. Business law in the Global Context, Insurance, Medicine and Medicolegal Expertise, and optometry are included this way in some of the Master’s Degrees. 

Mainly most of the students who apply to this university are English speakers. Udemy also offers some of their English-speaking students to tell their success stories on their website. So the student can be more comfortable after listening to their perspective. Udemy also offers many services like workshops and tutoring (if the students want) to improve in French. 

Also, most of these resources are free. Any type of help such as social, personal, or financial matters, they will do their best. You can even transfer credits to Udemy after taking some courses at an English-speaking university. 

Laval University  

You must need to know how to speak French for Laval. You will need “French Proficiency” on their admission requirements because all institutions, assignments, and exams are written in French. If you did not pass primary and secondary school in French then you will have to take the TFI. TFI stands for an international French test. It is more like TOEFL. 

This will make sure that you can adjust to the French-speaking environment. If you do not have good proficiency in French. You can still have a chance. They provide one or two French courses for non-francophones. They also offer some English courses through the Faculty of Business Administration. 

Other Languages in Canada

Canada is one of the most multicultural countries. Most of their people speak more than one language. As their mother tongue, A fifth of Canadians speaks a different language other than English and French. 

You will see people speak Mandarin in major metropolitan areas in Canada. Because this is their 3rd most spoken language. The Cantonese language is also popular in the large cities of Canada. The fifth most spoken language is Punjabi. 


As you can see, even if you do not know French, you have so many options in Canada. Also with more than one language when it comes to adapting to a country, you get endless advantages. But it also depends on which institution you choose to study or which path you choose for your future. So if you know English that will be enough but if you know both of them that will be better. It will help to improve your career. So if you want to start learning slowly from today, visit Amazing Talker. They provide the best budget-friendly tutors. You can see the tutor’s profile and choose according to your schedule. 

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