33 German Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

33 German Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

Looking for German baby girl names? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got all the German female names you’ll need to find the perfect one for your baby girl.

Whether you’re looking for just a bit of international inspiration, or you’re hoping to honor family roots or a favorite piece of German culture, look no further. We’ve got all kinds of German names, from traditional favorites to today’s most popular hits.

The most popular girl name in Germany, as of 2020, is Emilia. It is an Italian name that dates back to Roman times. It’s a beautiful name that makes for a unique twist on the English Emily.

Perhaps this is not your style? No stress. There are plenty more popular German female names where that came from.

Top 10 German girl names

In Germany, it’s the GFDS’s job – the Association of the German Language – to track the most popular names in the country every year. These are the top 10 German girl names for 2020.

  1. Emilia
  2. Hannah / Hanna. Once at the top of the list of German names for girls, Hannah (or Hanna) comes from the Hebrew word for grace, beauty, or favor.
  3. Emma. A name that’s popular across Europe and beyond, as it means whole or universal.
  4. Sophia / Sofia. It is a beautiful name, straight from Greek. It stands for wisdom.
  5. Mia. It could be short for Maria, a variation on Miriam, or a name meaning “my” in Italian.
  6. Lina. Lina. You can even use it as a standalone name.
  7. Mila. A recent addition to the popular German names list, Mila may come from the Slavic Miloslava or Ludmila.
  8. Ella. Short for Eleanor, Elisabeth, or Isabella, Ella is an incredibly versatile German baby girl name.
  9. Lea / Leah. Leah, a Biblical girl name, speaks of wisdom and nobility.
  10. Klara / Clara. Clara means “clear, bright, or distinct” in Latin.

What are typical German names?

In no particular order, here are some more of the most “typical” German girl names. But remember: Germany’s a country with lots of regional differences, to the north, south, east, and west – and some names are much more popular in some regions than others.

  1. Ida. It is a common name in the north and means hardworking or industrious.
  2. Frieda / Frida. One of the best-known old German girl names, Frida means peaceful.
  3. Charlotte. Another north German hit, Charlotte is the female equivalent of Carl, meaning free man.
  4. Anna. Anna is most popular in south Germany. However, it is also a winner all over the world. Anna is an original Hebrew name meaning grace or favor.
  5. Marie. Imagine Mary or Maria with a twist. Another pretty German girl name popular in the south.
  6. Lena. A common Russian girl name, Lena is popular in the German-speaking world too.
  7. Mathilda / Matilda. Matilda, which means “battle-mighty”, is the perfect name for your brave little girl.
  8. Lia. Perhaps a form of Leah, Lia is a name typical in German-speaking Switzerland.
  9. Lara. Lara means protection. She’ll be the little guardian of the household.
  10. Laura. This name is derived from the laurel tree which is a symbol of victory. Laura is a well-known name in Germany and around the globe.
  11. Johanna. Joanne with a European twist.
  12. Leonie. From the Latin word for lion, Leo, Leonie is a popular name in Lichtenstein, a teeny-weeny German-speaking country in the Alps.
  13. Valentina. Another popular German name for girls – this time from the name for Saint Valentine.

You’ll see many Arab names on any list of popular names in Germany. Why? Germany has a large population of Turkish and Arab peoples. This is despite their long history in Germany dating back to 16th century.

These are the top-rated German Arab names right now.

  1. Layla / Leyla. Layla, which means night or dark in Hebrew, is a Hebrew name. A beautiful name for your little brunette baby.
  2. Amira. It is a title that means princess.
  3. Elif. Meaning slender
  4. Aliyah. From the Hebrew meaning ascending or rising
  5. Amina. From the Arabic meaning honest, it’s also popular in many Latin countries.
  6. Zeynep. Precious rock
  7. Meryem. A variation of the biblical Miriam
  8. Ayla. Deer or gazelle
  9. Medina. The name of the Saudi city important in Muslim culture
  10. Azra. Maiden

Traditional German Girl Names

And now for some classic traditional German girl names. With a strong and proud history that dates back thousands of years, there are plenty of old German girl names to choose from.

Happy name hunting mama! We hope you find a name that’s just as beautiful as your little baby girl.

And if German baby girl names aren’t right for you, there are plenty of other countries to choose from. Try Russian baby names for girl? Oder Italian baby girl names.

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