200 Stay Humble Quotes To Keep You Down-To-Earth

Humility is a key ingredient in making the world a better place.

Being humble is the best thing in the world. Humility is what makes us better people.

People who are humble will be kind because they have a good heart. These people expect nothing in return, not even thanks. Humble People are warm, kind, and compassionate towards other people.

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Being Humble Quotes

There are many benefits to being humble. It encourages us to be more open and helps us build stronger relationships. Here are some inspiring quotes about being humble.

1.”Greatness is to remain humble when the entire world calls you great!”

-Mehmet Murat Ilda.

2.Stay Trust your gut instincts and be humble Act first. Take the fork at the end of the road.

-Yogi Becerra.

3.”Jesus, the God we can approach without pride, and before whom it is possible to humble ourselves without despair,”

-Blaise Pascal.

4.”I can be humble because God has truly blessed and I cannot say enough.”

-Heather Headley.

5.”Always enter as a kitten and depart like a lion.” However, you should never enter the room like a lion but leave as a kitten. Always be humble.”

-Carlson Gracie.

6.”A man who walks in light is humble, it’s not to walk in darkness; one doesn’t have to project himself to be honest.”

-Mike Norton.

7.Stay Keep your head down and be humble in the face of the craft.

-Nicole Nielsen Hirani  .

8.StayBe humble, don’t be too excited and you will see good things.

-Mark McMorris

9. “The greatest challenge after success is to not talk about it.”

-Crises Jami.

10.StayAlways be humble. Do not forget to answer the phone, no matter where you are.

-Jack Lemmon.

11.”The most humble person is the best.”

-Prophet Muhammad.

12.”I am… humble enough know that I am not better than anyone, yet wise enough to recognize that I am different.”


13.”Be a winner. Stand up for something. Be humble and have class.

-John Madden.

14.”I have got to be humble. “I’m just a normal person with a job that’s televised.”

-Jai Rodriguez.

15.”If you are not humble, your life will bring humility upon you.”

-Mike Tyson.

16.”It is always those who are humble that are secure.”

-Gilbert K. Chesterton.

17.”Think light of yourself, and deep of the world.”

-Miyamoto Mousasi.

18.”As an honest scientist, I have been proven wrong so many of times that I am humble.”

-Kip Thorne.

19.”I feel like I’m just another woman like all women.” We all have our doubts. This is okay because I prefer to remain humble about everything.

-Bianca Balti.

20.”How can you keep humble?” Because I’m the best at being modest.”

-Dave Groh.

21.”There’s no need for you to brag about who you are.

-Maxime Lag ace.

22.”Take the fame and wealth, be humble, keep your family close, do crazy things, and never forget to enjoy it.”

-Rob Dryden.

23.”A great man is always willing and able to do little.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

24.”One cannot be both humble and aware of oneself simultaneously.”

-Madeleine L ‘Engle.

25.”A mistake that humbles us is better than an accomplishment that makes us arrogant.”


26.”True knowledge comes from knowing that you do not know everything.”


27.”Talent is God-given; humble yourself. Fame is man-given. Be thankful. Be careful with your conceit.

– Harvey Mackay.

28.”I think Aussies try not to be humble.”

-Teresa Palmer.

29 We should be humble and realize that we may not be the only ones who are truthful.

-Jawaharlal Nehru.

30.”I am a humble and normal person. I go out and do the job as best I can.”

-Daniel Sturridge.

31.”My family taught me to keep my feet on ground and to be humble,”

Carlos Vela.

32.”I won’t forget where I came from.” It’s important to keep learning and being humble.

-Freida Pinto.

33ToTo superiors, it is your duty to be humble, to equals courtesy, and to the nobleness of inferiors.

-Benjamin Franklin.

34.”Being famous can give you many illusions of false self, self-importance, and grandiosity. It becomes difficult to remain humble and real.” You “See so many people who fail.”

-Lili T Taylor

35″Knowledge is proud to know so much, wisdom is humble to not know more.”

-William Cowper.

36.”We are humble and gracious, and we play the game a certain style, no matter how we win or lose.”

-Megan Rapinoe.

37.”Humility is the key to success, but you don’t have to compromise your beliefs.

-George Hickenlooper.

38.”Just by growing up, and seeing the hardships that life has dealt me and my family through, I am humbled.

-Giannis Antetokounmpo.

39.”I am humble, but very earnest in my search for truth.”

-Mahatma Thandi.

40″I was born in humble circumstances and have remained there all my life.”

-Abraham Lincoln.

41″The proud man keeps his newspaper clippings; the humble man has his blessings.”

-Fulton J. Sheen.

42HumblePeople don’t get offended easily.”

-Raghunath Swami.

43″Be humble, don’t be proud and don’t think you’re too good at anything.

-Angela Yee.

44″A man who is true to his word feels humbled by the inability to help others.”

-Robert E. Lee.

45″Don’t let pride get to your head. Always humble yourself.”

-Henry Johnson Jr.

46″I am a simple person. Born in a small community. I came from humble beginnings.”

-Robin S. Sharma.

47People always say to you to be humble. Be humble. Never have you been told to be extraordinary. Be great! Be great Be amazing! Be awesome!

-Kanye West.

48″Success does not make a good teacher, failure makes you humble.”

-Shah Rukh Khan.

49.”It’s better to remain humble than to be humble.”

-Lawal Daniel.

50Stay true in the dark & humble in the spotlight.”

-Harold B. Lee.

51″If humility is your virtue, no one will touch you, praise or disgrace.

-Mother Teresa.

52It’s flattering for people to stop you and tell you that they’ve helped others. You have to be humble, because you can always come back as fast as you went up.

-Joel Osteen.

53ToTrue humility is a person who takes vows and words seriously.

-Filipino proverb.

54Blessed are those who see beauty in places that others don’t see.

-Camille Pissarro.

55″Humbleness is important. There is more to life than pride.

-Kristen Butler.

56StayWrite on toilet paper to be humble.

-Jonas Eriksson.

57ToTo share your weaknesses is to be vulnerable. To make yourself vulnerable, it is to show your strength.

-Criss jami.

58YouYou have to be humble and hungry. You can still work hard and be grateful for the chance to play in NBA.

-John Wall.

59.”The real problem isn’t why some religious, humble, and believing people suffer but why others don’t.”

-C. S. Lewis.

60″He is humble and does not think he is better than others.”

-Joseph Hall.

61″I’ve learned how not to lose my humility. I don’t want to get too much in my head. That will make it difficult to stay on top of your game.

-Gabby D.

Do not be afraid to work hard Stay Humble Quotes

To You can’t be successful unless you work hard. It would be better if you were also humble and considerate of others. Employers look for humility in employees to create a positive work environment. Here are some short quotes that will concisely and easily explain humility.

Work hard, attain great ranks but be humble quotes.

62.”It is important to remain humble, keep level-headed, and work hard.”

Harry Winks.

63″Let your work speak. Stay Keep it simple. Just do the work.


64StayKeep your feet on the ground, remain humble and be humble. Remember what got you there–and that was hard work.

-Tim Howard.

65″Be kind, hardworking, humble, smile often and be loyal. Travel when you can. Never stop learning. Love always.”


66″What’s the secret of success?” is a question I’m asked all the time. There are no secrets. Be humble. Be hungry. Always be hungry.

-Dwayne J.

67.”It is important to work hard, be humble, and not allow the compliments or criticisms to go to your head.

-Jessica Sanchez.

68.”It’s vital that I keep my feet firmly on the ground, remain humble, and continue to work hard.”

Steph Houghton

69″Work hard, but don’t be silent. Let your success be your sound.”

-Frank Ocean.

70″I just want keep working hard, keep humble, and win as many games as possible.”

-Damian Dillard.

71″Sports are such an amazing teacher. They’ve taught me so much: camaraderie and humility, how to solve differences.

-Kobe Bryant.

72True humility requires opposites. The true humble work in silence.


73.”I write about humility, because it’s something that I hope to one day possess.”

-Michael McDonald.

74.”Success makes a poor teacher. It lures intelligent people to believe they can lose.

-Bill Gates.

75StayCool, be humble, remain beautiful, and do the work.”

-Merry Clayton.

76″The world tells people to strive for success, power, and money. God tells them to seek humility, service, and love.”

-Pope Francis.

77.”My view of football is to remain humble, work hard and everything will come.”

-Nuno Esparto Santo.

78.”Great leaders don’t need to be tough to succeed.” Their toughness is accentuated by their confidence and humility.

-Simon Sinek.

79KeepKeep your head high when you fail, and your heads down when you succeed.”

-Jerry Seinfeld.

80″It takes big people to do small things.”

-Joel Osteen.

81″Humility is a great leadership quality that generates respect, not only fear or hatred.

-Yousef Muneer.

82.”Where there is humility there is more success and lasting happiness.”

-Patrick Lencioni.

83.”Humbleness is the greatest freedom.” If you feel the need to defend your imaginary self, you will lose your peace of spirit.

-Thomas Merton.

84″Humility, knowledge and humility in poor clothes are better than pride and ignorance in expensive attire.”

-William Penn.

85″Ego kills knowledge” because knowledge requires learning and humility.


86″Humility can’t be replaced by a strong personality.”

-Fran L. Leibowitz.

87″There’s nothing noble about being superior than your fellow man. True Noblety is being better than your former self.”

-Ernest Hemingway.

88″Self-confidence can be very important. It’s arrogance without compassion and humility.


89″Uncertainty is a sign that you are humble, and humility is simply the ability or willingness to learn.”

-Charlie Sheen.

90″Have humility to learn from the people around you.”

-John C. Maxwell.

91.”All streams run to the ocean, because it is lower than them.” Humility is what gives it its power.

-Lao Tzu.

92.”I am not here to speak as a prophet but as a humble servant for you, the people.”

-Nelson Mandela.

93.”The restaurant business is one of the best ways to instill humility in your life.”

-Anthony Bourdain.

Stay HumbleKind Quotes

Being humble will make you more compassionate and kind. This encourages you and others to think beyond yourself. There are many kind words and quotes that can help you stay humble.

Be kind and humble quotes.

94.”It was pride which made angels into devils. It is humility that makes angels out of men.”

-Augustine, Hippo.

95.”Audacity gives you the courage to set big goals and humility allows you to be open-minded to learning the best thinking possible to help you reach those goals.”

-Ray Dalio.

96.”Being humble” means being aware that we aren’t here to be the best we can, but to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

-Gordon B. Hinckley.

97″Humility will unlock more doors than arrogance ever can.”

-Zig Ziglar.

98.”Humility is a combination of gentleness, kindness, and helpfulness that opens doors you couldn’t imagine.”

-Ann Tran.

99.”When I look at someone, I see them as a person. Not a rank, class, or title.”

-Criss jami.

100″Humility can be the best quality a man can possess, while arrogance is undoubtedly one of the worst.”

-Maulana W. Khan.

101.”Never be proud, but be humble towards others. True wisdom is in being humble.”

-Shri Radhe Maa.

102.”Pride is concerned about who is right, while humility is concerned about what is right.”

-Ezra Taft Benson.

103.”Don’t look down on anyone unless you are helping them.”

-Jesse Jackson.

104My strength is my humility People will like you if you’re humble

Mohammad Azharuddin.

105″True humility doesn’t mean less thinking about yourself; it’s more thinking of yourself less.”

-Rick Warren.

106″The soft wins over the hard.” The slow conquers the fast.

-Lao Tzu.

107″The only way to gain wisdom is through humility.”

-T.S. Eliot.

108″On the highest throne of the world, we still only sit on our bottom.”

-Michel de Montaigne.

109″Only humility understands how to appreciate the positive qualities of others.”

-Sri Chinmoy.

110″No matter what happens in your life, be kind to others.”


111.”I think a great pastor is someone who is honest, humble, has a real caring heart, and is trustworthy.”

Robert H. Schuller.

112.”Early in my life I had the choice of honest arrogance or hypocritical humility. Since then, I have not seen the need to change my honest arrogance.

Frank Lloyd Wright.

113YouThese Christians are humble and you have to love them.”

-Stephen Baldwin.

114.”What are the most important things that you can’t even see?” I would choose justice, truth and humility. YouYou can’t always see all of them, but they’re the guiding light of your life.”

-Jimmy Carter.

115.True humility is not a groveling, self-despising spirit. It is merely a right estimation of ourselves as God sees it.

-Tryon Edwins.

116.Jesus Christ was humble while He walked on this earth. He had all power and yet was humble.

Monica Johnson.

117.”Everyone you meet knows something that you don’t know; learn from them.”

-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

118″The proud man can learn humility but he will still be proud.”

-Mignon McLaughlin.

119″I will continue to fight for my targets with humility.”

Keylor Navas.

120″Humility is clearer-eyed than ego — and that’s important because humility always works harder than ego.”

-Ryan Holiday.

121″If I ever see Hulk Hogan and Donald Trump, then I break their back. It makes them humble.”

-The Iron Sheik.

122.True humility doesn’t know it is humble. It would be proud to have seen such a noble virtue, if it could.

Martin Luther

123.”My parents are good at keeping me humble. They raised me well.”

Taylor Lautner.

124″It’s all in humanity, humility, integrity.”

-Debra Wilson.

125″We can learn humility when we accept humiliations with joy.”

-Mother Teresa.

126Time is the greatest friend of truth, prejudice is her greatest enemy, and humility is her constant companion.”

-Charles Caleb Colton

127″There’s always a place where nobody is anybody; there’s always a spot where somebody can be somebody and there’s always a place where nobody is anybody.”

-Ernest Agyemang Yeboah.

128″One might be humble out pride.”

-Michel de Montaigne.

129″It is best to be humble and true to oneself.

-Rich the Kid.

130″I believe humility is the first sign of a true great man.”

-John Ruskin.

131″Humility, the low, sweet root from which all the heavenly virtues spring, is humility.”

-Thomas Moore.

132.”Whenever I see someone modest, I think, “Run like hell, all of fire!” YouDo not desire modesty, but humility.”

-Maya Angelou.

133″It is better not to be arrogant or lonely than to be humble and happy.”

-Darlene Bennett.

134″Humbleness is the best way to feel embarrassed.”

-Simon Sinek.

135.”All the richest people in America seem to feel the need to boast about how humble they really are.”

-Craig Brown.

136Humility is essential because it keeps you young and fresh.

-Steven Tyler.

137″Remember your roots no matter how high-up you go.”

-Beeru Singh.

138″Be simple, be humble, love with love, and hug with kindness.

-Debasish Mridha.

139″All God’s promises are subject to humble obedience.”

-Ellen G. White.

140Humility is the ability not to be proud and yet keep your dignity.

-Vanna Bonta.

141″Humility, the most reliable sign of strength is humility.”

-Thomas Merton.

142.”I feel that being true to oneself is going to keep your humble, it’s always going make you remember who and what you are.”

-Lil Tjay.

143″We need to be humble and serve other people.”

-Tim Tebow.

144″Personally, I believe humility is a prerequisite for being truly empathic.”

-Christopher Stanley.

145″Whoever exalts themselves will be humbled and whoever humbles itself will be elevated.”

-Matthew 24.12.

146.”If you’re truly humble, you’ll put yourself first when you have to take care of others.”

-Bryant McGill.

147″Humility is the foundation of all virtues.”


148″It is easy for me to remain humble. I believe that there is always someone better than myself, and that’s what keeps my humble. It would be easy for many people to learn how to remain humble.”

-Kevin Owens.

149Honesty is grounded both in humility, humiliation and admitting where you are powerless.

-David Whyte.

150Humility is nothing but a right judgement of oneself.

-William Law.

151″Humility is only truth, pride is lies.”

-Saint Vincent de Paul.

152.”Let’s not confuse humility and false modesty or serviility.

-Paulo Coelho.

153Humility is the essence and foundation of intelligence and love; it is not an accomplishment.

-Jiddu  Krishnamurti.

Always Stay Humble Kind Quotes

Self-centered people may not see the value in others and think that nothing is worth their time or effort. An humble person has an open heart and always puts others before themselves. These quotes will help you stay humble and kind.

154″I like people who are passionate, have persevered, are humble, not arrogant.

-Daniel Schwartz.

155″True humility means being able accept criticisms as graciously and accepting compliments.”

-Sabrina Newby.

156Accept all that happens, even though it seems disagreeable. It leads to the well-being of the universe.

-Marcus Aurelius.

157″Do not set out to seek pride. In humility, let pride remain lost.”

-Tony Cleaver.

158″My dad’s the most humble man on earth.”

-Bryce Dallas Howard.

159″Humility in oneself is the only way to respect others.”

-Henri Frederic Amiel.

160″True humility is understanding that even though we may be a small part, we are still an important part in the bigger plan.” We are not the master planner.

-Tanya Copprue.

161.Confidence is important, but ego can be false. Humility is the key to building confidence.

-Frank Shamrock.

162.”I want to be humble and keep climbing,” I say.

-Jon Pardi.

163.”Real genius can only be described as the supernatural virtue that humility is displayed in the domains of thought and speech.”

-Charles Caleb Colton

164″Don’t take your dog’s admiration for you as proof that you are amazing.”

-Ann Landers.

165″It’s difficult to be humble when you’re as amazing as I am”

-Muhammad Ali.

166″Thank you” is the greatest prayer anyone can say. This one is something I repeat often. “Thank you” is a way to express extreme gratitude, humility and understanding.

-Alice Walker.

167″Don’t be worried about the responsibility or pressure. You can just live in it and have fun. When everything seems to be going smoothly, you should keep your family in mind and remain humble.

-Roman Reigns.

168″Never be proud of the humble, or humble before the haughty.”

-Jefferson Davis.

169″It’s the desire for success that stops humility. Without humility, how is there understanding?”

-Jiddu Krishnamurti.

170″We should praise God, not ourselves. God hates people who praise themselves. We should be commended by others for our good works.

-Pope Clement I.

171.”Success is for those who give everything to their passions in life.” ToIt is possible to be successful but it is equally important to be humble. Never let fame and money get in your way.

-A. R. Rahman.

172″A wise man is humble because he knows that he doesn’t know all.”

-Eraldo Banovac.

173.”Only the person who has overcome the gate to humility can rise to the heights and the spirit.

-Rudolf Steiner.

174″Rome has grown from its humble beginnings to the point that it is now overwhelmed in its own greatness.”


175.”Would you like to climb? Start by descending. You Design a tower to pierce the clouds. The foundation of humility must be laid first.”

-Saint Augustine

176″My goal is to be as humble and godly as possible.”

-Letitia Wing.

177″Being genuine, humble, and being myself have helped me to succeed in my career.”

-Poo Bear

178Humility doesn’t negate your strengths, it’s being open about your weaknesses.

-Rick Warren.

179″False humility” is the pride in not being proud. Real humility does not include the recognition that there is pride.

-Michael Bassey Johnson.

180″A sarcastic person is a superiority-compliant person that can only be treated by honesty and humility.”

-Lawrence G. Lovasik.

181.”I would rather go through what will humble me than what will elevate my pride to an unsustainable level.”

-Ernest Agyemang Yeboah.

182.”Be like the bamboo, the higher you grow, the deeper your bow.”

-Chinese Proverb.

183.”I am proud enough to know something that I can be modest about not knowing all.”

-Vladimir Nabokov.

184″Even if my name is all-star or Rookie/of the year, I will still be humble Giannis.”

-Giannis Antetokounmpo.

185″Every day, I feel humbled when I feel the vibrational essence my world offers me.”

-Debbie A. Anderson.

186″Pride makes us artificial, and humility makes our real.”

-Thomas Merton.

187″Selflessness equals humility.” Humility is the key to freedom. Only the humble can be free.

-Jeff Wilson.

188″No amount or praise should go to your heads. You”Should always be humble.”


189.”Humility” is not a figment of laziness.

-Susan Glaspell.

190″Teach humility but not to be timid.”

-Franklin A. Ohiozebau.

191.”We are closest to the great when our humility is great.”

-Rabindranath Tagore.

192.”It is not the truth you know but the truth you follow that matters.”

-Johnny Hunt.

193.Humility is the only true wisdom that prepares our minds to handle all possible changes in life.

-George Arliss.

194.Humility is the key for moral excellence. It is the highest quality a person could possess. […]It is the mother of all options.”

-Venerable Master Hsin Yun.

195″Perfection without humility is impossible.” If I’m already capable of perfection, why should I try to achieve perfection?

-Leo Tolstoy.

196″If I had to choose my greatest strength, it would be my humility. My greatest weakness could be that I am a little too amazing.

-Barack Obama.

197″Humility, without a crown, is royalty.”

-Spencer W. Kimball.

198″Pity those who are poor because they will inherit the Earth.”

-Don Marquis.

199″True humility” is when you are able to surprise yourself more than others. The rest is shyness or marketing.

-Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

200.”Humility, the first step in learning, is humility. YouYou can’t learn unless you are humble enough recognize that there is always something to learn.”

-Robert Kiyosaki.

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