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From the time the very first SMS text was sent in the far 1992, the technologies has evolved worldwide and grown into a marketing strategy: 5 billion individuals worldwide send and get SMS mails. Regardless of new modes of advertising and communicating, brief phone messages remain effective. Especially when text sms marketing compared to marketing emails, the average conversion rate for SMS is 98%. Such an outcome is a compelling reason to use text marketing for real estate.

What exactly is SMS marketing

Sms marketing service is the advertising of a firm’s goods or services using short text messages related to mobile operator solutions.

SMS mailing creates affective interaction with the client:

  • Special deals, promotions, and advertisements are used to sell.
  • Gives a clear overview of the progress of their purchases, modifications in prices, and upcoming events.
  • Provides engagementoffers you to take part in competitions and activities, as well as give your thoughts on the firm.

SMS messaging can be used as a component of a marketing plan or as the sole method. In any event, SMS marketing should be kept to a minimum so that the consumer does not ban the firm’s cell number. Combining texting dissemination with various channels seems to be more successful with best people search.

In case you are launching a startup, consider an option of implementing sms marketing strategy as is still one of the shortest ways to reach customers in marketing. After all, smartphones are our constant companions. Communicating with customers via SMS allows you to maintain long-term relationships with them, constantly stimulating purchases and other targeted actions.

Smarter Contact’s unique and userfriendly text marketing platform has transformed the methods companies communicate with their current clients and potential ones. Nevertheless, there is a narrative, a lengthy background of resolve as an immigrant to the United States to a corporation that hires 30+ people worldwide.

The Smarter Contact chapter starts in 2019, when Adam Nasir, the company’s creator, began investing in property. Nasir had recently entered the business and thought that something was missingSMS marketing software to effectively interact with customers and stimulate purchases. Thus his decision was to implement using sms for real estate marketing. 

About Smarter Contact

Smarter Contact takes great pride in the careful focus to detailed information and the user-friendly design of its SMS platform. “I wish to observe our consumers making progress,” says Nasir of an innovative approach to the greatest performance and revenue generation. Additionally, Smarter Contact has a useful and user-friendly CRM. According to Nasir, their mission is to support companies that already have clients but wish to increase their involvement, constructive criticism, and conversion rates.”

Despite having started out exclusively serving the property market, Smarter Contact now provides options to a wide range of markets, which contains sales, event endorsement, loaning, staff resourcing, wellness, and the auto sector, to name just a few. Thus CEO of the business  changed the image of Smarter Contact from a specialized program using sms marketing for real estate  to an SMS marketing platform that supports all other businesses.

This is designed to provide other spheres of business with the best solution possible, one that can help businesses develop and get the performance they appreciate via text while also providing unbelievable opportunities for development.

More than 30 people are currently employed by Smarter Contact worldwide, and it has expansion plans for the coming years. Property investors who work with the company report a 3–4 times increase in bargains per sales process.

What benefits does Smarter Contact offer its clients

Companies that feel the necessity to deliver large volumes of marketing communications to potential clients or existing ones and maintain the advertisements from a simple interface can use the Smarter Contact solution as a universal SMS marketing technique.

Consumers of Smarter Contact can have constant communication with their customers in just a several clicks by utilizing the user-friendly framework. Smarter Contact was created from the beginning with the customers in mind, to be user-friendly and effective, to perform consistently and simultaneously without having to give up on visual beauty. The system is beautiful for an eye at and fun for using.

What distinguishes Smarter Contact from the competition

Smarter Contact’s most appealing feature is its high hit rate. It has been proven to be the most effective in this sphere, allowing its users to interact with more prospects in far less period than the competitors on the market. Those who use this solution are able to  add more connections per listing and customers to the CRM flow path in the quickest time.

However,  that is not the only thing that turns Smarter Contact a game changer in the real estate market. The system analyzes information from various sources, such as credit agencies, and offers one of the sector’s most exact contact information confirmation characteristics. This enables them to fit clientele with genuine prospects that are the most inclined to be involved in their deals.

Complying is still one of the largest and toughest challenges in sms marketing for real estate investors nowadays. Smarter Contact seems to have an advantage in that it is one of the very few SMS technology companies that is TCPA able to comply. As a result, users can concentrate on delivering their texts across without being concerned about meeting complying standards.

The more notably, whenever it comes to transforming leads into sales, time is of the essence. Using  Smarter Contact as an SMS marketing companion, users can reach out to potential customers more quickly and effectively. Even more, this arises without being expensive or requiring a lengthy educational process. They only have to post their address book, submit the SMS, and wait for responses from the relevant stakeholders.

What Can Smartercontact Teach Ambitious young Business owners

Smarter Contact’s strategy fix all the occuring issues is more than just performing more effectively than other 

services. According to Adam, the business is prepared to go the extra mile to provide clients with a an ideal solution that is specifically tailored to the SMS marketing sector’s troubles. Consumers can achieve a 10X to 50X Return on investment by utilizing personalized notification SMS when using an sector-specific alternative.

Company’s CEO observes that creating a profitable business like Smarter Contact necessitates tenacity and ultimate competence. In addition to creating high quality services, adherent businessmen can gain knowledge about the value of skilful,  teams. All the team of Smart Contact  are of naturally gifted, energetic, and positive people to assist the company in setting and achieving desired objectives.


It is impossible not  to recognize the great future possibilities of SMS in advertising. Most people believed that the period of SMS had ended with the invention of e-mail and social networking sites apps. Even so, SMS marketing now has the maximum clicking ranking of 6.16%, especially in comparison to 2.80% for e-mail and 0.05% for social media marketing. This tries to teach us that as soon as you have a concept, do not spend time anymore and begin it as quickly as you can.


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