Spy School Alias Generator

Spy School Alias Generator

Before you enrol into Spy School you will need an alias. All members of your team can have Spy names on the day of your event and if you send them to us with a passport photo we can create Spy ID cards for all participants, complete with special skills such as Chinese Burns and evesdropping.

Sometimes names do not stick. We still have clients who can tell you their Spy School name several years after it was given to them.

Spy Themed Events

We have several events that suit a spy theme. They are most popular when James Bond or another major spy movie is released. Every company has times when it is necessary to engage in espionage.

We have a few events that will suit all your espionage needs here at The Teambuilding Company.

Our Spy School event will have your team take on a series of challenges, from air rifle shooting to hand to hand combat, you will be truly ’00’ status worthy by the end of the event!

Crossbowman Stage fighting Pulse Ranger

Our state of the art iPad game software will guide you through a James Bond Themed Treasure Hunt. Your teams will need to explore the area you choose and find out specific questions and challenges as they go.

007 Treasure Hunt clients discussion 007 character points 007 Treasure Hunt slider puzzle brief

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