75 Awesome Quotes on Authentic Strength

Have you ever wondered how strong you really are? Perhaps you are wondering how to increase your strength. Have you ever thought about our inherent strength? The difference between people who are stronger in so many aspects and the people who aren’t is that they always go for it. They’ve learned through trial and error and experience how to pick their battles. They know what to do if they choose the wrong battle and are defeated.

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If you think some people are naturally born stronger than others, I can’t say you’re wrong. If this is your belief, I can assure you that it can be changed. You can increase your strength. There are many choices. Living is all about choosing. Take advantage of it.

I know the change doesn’t happen overnight. But it won’t happen at all if you won’t start shifting your mentality. Instead of focusing, onOthers or onFocus on the good things in life, despite setbacks onYou are the most important thing in your life. Your strength. Be confident in your strength. Sometimes all you need is some motivational quotes to remind your self of this.

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Only we can save ourselves. ~ Buddha

StrengthContinuous struggle is the only way to grow. Napoleon Hill

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Make sure you place your feet in the correct spot and then stand firm. Abraham Lincoln

Keep your faith in the small things, for it is there that your strength lies. Mother Theresa

The world can break everyone. But, afterward, there are some who are strong in the broken places. ~ Ernest Hemingway

There are two ways to exert strength: one is pulling up and the other is pushing down. Booker Washington

Silence is a source great strength. ~ Lao Tzu

The luck of the draw is what shallow men believe. Strong men believe that cause and effect are true. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

StrengthIt is not a matter of physical strength. It is a result of an indomitable will. Mahatma Gandhi

Believe in yourself even when others don’t. This is what makes you a winner. Venus Williams

She was stronger alone… ~ Jane Austen

An authentically strong person doesn’t need approval from others the way a lion needs approval from sheep. ~ Veronica Howard

I am not allowed to be hurt by anyone. Mahatma Gandhi

Some of us believe that holding onIt makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting things go. ~ Hermann Hesse

There are better starters than me but I’m a strong finisher. ~ Usain Bolt

Although tough times don’t last forever, they do last for those who persevere. ~ Robert Schuller

The human spirit can only grow through conflict. William Ellery Channing

You don’t know how strong you really are until you decide to be strong. Bob Marley

Never be ashamed to have a scar. It is a sign that you are stronger then anyone who tried to hurt. ~ Anonymous

A smile that has fought through tears is the most beautiful thing. ~ Demi Lovato

Gentleness is only to be expected of the strong. ~ Leo Buscaglia

There is no struggle where there is no strength. Oprah

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness. Susan Gale

You have to do what you don’t think you can do. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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