The 10 most beautiful streets of Spain you must go

Every street and road around the globe reflect their city’s identity. Strolling through them gives you the opportunity to know the people, the traditions, the gastronomy and so much more. For this reason, we believe that it is important to tell you which streets in this beautiful country enclose the real Spanish values. Here are the most beautiful streets of Spain.(*10*)

Calle de los ciegos, Jerez

If you are looking for the most authentic Andalusian experience, then this is the perfect street. It is narrow and pedestrian-only, and entirely white. Everything is crowned by the branches of the amazing trees that are housed here, making it a perfect cover for summer days. Its simplicity is what makes it beautiful. Make sure to stop and visit the González Byass winery headquarters.(*10*)

Pasaje de Lodares, Albacete

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries many commercial routes were built throughout the entire country. But none of them is comparable to the one that connects Calle del Tinte with Calle Mayor of Albacete. A skylight of crystals delights all the people that pass through this road every day.(*10*)

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Pasaje de Lodares (Albacete), most beautiful streets of Spain(*10*)

Calleja de las Flores, Córdoba

Considered also to be one of the most beautiful streets in the world, Calleja de las Flores is a real beauty (even more during spring time). If you allergic to pollen, make sure the take the necessary precautions before walking through this street. It is a dead end street where neighbours adorn the white walls and balconies with the most colourful flowers.(*10*)

Paseo del Borne, Palma

Undoubtedly this street is the most representative in Palma. It’s a beautiful boulevard that resembles the Paseo del Prado in Madrid. It is a vivid street with excellent weather, very usual in the island of Palma.(*10*)

Paseo del Borne (Mallorca), most beautiful streets of Spain(*10*)

Paseo de los tristes, Granada

In reality this street was baptized as Carrera del Darro. Because it is the road that funeral procesions traveled on their way to the cemetary, this street has been given the name Carrera del Darro. Not surprisingly this street evokes a certain feeling of melancholy, due to the high presence of cobblestone, the river next to it and the majestic Alhambra on the background.(*10*)

Paseo de los tristes (Granada), most beautiful streets of Spain(*10*)

Rua do Franco, Santiago de Compostela

Other the most beautiful streets of Spain and well-known street of Santiago de Compostela is the Rua do Franco. This street is highly popular for two different kinds of “pilgrims”: those who make their way to Santiago and other “pilgrims” who hop from bar to bar tasting the delicious traditional Galician cuisine. This charming street leads you to Plaza del Obradoiro, the cathedral.(*10*)

Gran Vía, Madrid

Surely the most iconic street of Spain. The main artery of the capital that recently turned one century old. It is the commercial, touristic and leisure epicentre of the city, full of cinemas, theatres and musicals: the real Spanish West End.(*10*)

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Gran vía (Madrid), most beautiful streets of Spain(*10*)

Binibeca, Menorca

Binibeca (Binibequer) is a small fishing village south of Mahón und Considered also to be one of the most beautiful town in Menorca. Its charm lies in its uniformed houses, all white, forming a very picturesque streets and passageways. We recommend you to stroll through any of these streets.(*10*)

Binibeca (Menorca), most beautiful streets of Spain(*10*)

Calle del Ángel, Toledo

Walking through Toledo is like travelling back in time. This is a perfect example. Walking down these streets gives you the feeling that anytime people from the past would walk by.(*10*)

Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona

One of the most representative streets of the city. It is the perfect example of the modernist era that ruled the city throughout the 19th century. In this street you can find buildings by Gaudí, Domenech i Montaner, Puig i Cadafalch and many other great architects of the time. It is the perfect luxury for architecture lovers.(*10*)

Paseo de Gracia (Barcelona), most beautiful streets of Spain(*10*)

You have to know that it was quite difficult to choose only 10 streets. We are happy if you can tell us any other streets that we missed out. But make sure to visit all of these ones before!(*10*)

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