15 Incredible Lyrics That Totally Saved 2016

15 Incredible Lyrics That Totally Saved 2016

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28 December 2016 Updated: 26 March 2021, 17:26| Updated: 26 March 2021, 17:26

Matty is the better choice for your good hair…

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That is something we can all agree on. 2016Although the music was terrible, it was enjoyable. It may have been the only redeeming aspect.

This is why #LyricsThatMade2016 trended on Twitter last night. Some of the most memorable lyrics were shared by fans, and some were truly amazing.

Although this doesn’t make complete sense, we understand what you mean.


This lyric made me scream when it first came to my mind.

“He should call Becky with the great hair” #LyricsThatMade2016

It was at that exact moment that everyone started to say’savage’. Thanks Rihanna.

#lyricsthatmade2016 @rihanna

Here are some of our top lyrics. 2016. Comment your favorites and we’ll add them!


1. “And then, you took a photograph of your salad/ And put it online.”

– The 1975, “A Change Of Heart”

It would have been easy to choose a line from I Like It When you Sleep… its lyrical prowess is impressive. Healy’s best line is this one, where he burns his ex while making a funny comment on the absurdity of social media.

2. “Boy, I’m walking side-to-side!”

– Ariana Grande – ‘Side To Side’

We are still blushing over this line, tbh.

3. “Our love is strong like Mufasa or Simba / You don’t need to download Tinder.”

Skepta, Text Me Back

Skepta, the UK’s grime icon shows his soft side with this love letter to his wife who waits patiently at his home while he travels (or that’s what he hopes)

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4. “I want to fuck you, you want the WiFi”

– Death team, ‘Jump.

Are you tired of your partner being boring? This song is for you.

5. “So gather all the rebels now/ we’ll rebelrouse and sing loud / We don’t care if they say any other way.

– Alessia Carta, ‘Wild Things.

In 2016This was the ‘New Americana’ you needed.

6. “Take my hands, Joanne. / Heaven is not ready for me”

Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne.

Joanne, her aunt, died before Joanne was born. Gaga displayed real heart and depth in this title-track of her latest album.


7. “She said I look fat, but I look great”

– Glass Animals, “Life Itself”

It is quite the fire, and it gets worse when you consider Dave Bayley, lead-singer, is talking about his mom.

8. “My boyfriend saved and I was saved by my mother / I am homophobic / I live in the closet / It’s so claustrophobic.”

Kevin Abstract, “American Boyfriend”

Abstract isn’t subtly abstract, and we should thank God for that otherwise we wouldn’t have such beautiful and jarring lyrics.

9. 9.

– Carly Rae Jepsen, ‘Store’.

It’s one the lyrics that are so ridiculous, it’s almost genius.

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10. “So baby, let’s turn down the lights and shut the door. / Ooooooh I love this dress but it won’t be needed anymore.

Bruno Mars, “Versace On The Floor”

It is absurdly absurd. It makes me feel swollen just by thinking about it.

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11. “Who the fuck do ya think I am?” You’re not married to an average bitch boy.

– Beyoncé, ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’.

The angriest Beyoncé has ever sounded. We became so mad that we immediately lost our hair.

12. “Let’s me cover your shit with glitter / I can turn it into gold.”

– Rihanna, ‘Consideration’.

Rihanna declares that she is so talented, powerful and successful that any song can be turned into gold with this line. And she is right.


13. “I’m the Greek economy for cashing intellectual checks.”

– The 1975, “Loving Someone”

It might seem pretentious to compare your intellect with the crumbling economy in a foreign country. 2016It’s one of the best.

14. “I feel like Taylor and I might still have had sex. / Why? “I made that bitch famous.”

– Kanye West, ‘Famous’.

This lyric dominates, whether you like or not 2016This scandal gave rise to Snakes on a Phone. Damn, son.

15. “I lost my bet to a man in a chiffon gown, but I make these high-heeled heels work.”

Panic! The Disco: “Don’t Threaten My With A Good Time”

Although the bachelor may have died, he sure went out with a bang and some lovely heels.

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